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Don't smoke

Don't smoke or you will end up like this guy

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Is this a feature or something?
Else please fix, can't bear to look at that small gap.
or gap on both sides

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Im so fucking glad theres still decent image boards being created. I love you all.

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Is this a comfy board with no rudeposting?

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who's nuttin right now

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i love switzerland

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Warmer parts of the world have native stingless bees. They're harmless and in some cases fly around you if you open their boxes but others are docile and don't even bother you. They can even be grown domestically in high appartments. They pollinate and produce honey, though they're less efficient at the latter. For this reason sting-having bees were introduced to regions without them and now the meek stingless natives are endangered.

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Friendly greetings from

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What kind of phone does anon have?
Pic related

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one side and two thirds to the other

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Android is far better than apple.

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don't split me in about two thirds to

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HTTPS should be coming soon. Yes, I have the fucking ssl certs and shit.

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Spacechan is better.

See you niggers when 8ch is back

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It's finally finished! Come make a board at [link removed]

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Fucking kill me at this point


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Shit meme

My memes are bad, and yes I do post on here Sen you ooga Booga

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how long is sen's cock thread

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Not good meme

My memes are old and shitty.

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Webm thread

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Anyone have any ideas on how to get more users?

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What is your drink of choice anon?
Coffee for me

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Obligatory reminder

you are Mewch 2.0+1.0
stop denying truth
facts don't care about your feelings sen.

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I wonder if 8chan is fucked forever. Seems like they're gonna come back but they will be shut down quickly. Doubt any server host wants to help out a imageboard associated with so many shootings.

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The third iteration of the infamous internet board is YOU
You should be happy that you were chosen
a few simple demands need to be met before this sites metamorphose is complete
>Mewch theme
>Kelly as our Queen
>Zero advertising on 8ch(As they are about to die and the glowing niggers are everywhere)
>Comfy posting will become the norm any rude posting will result in immediate severe punishment
>Cytube events on a weekly basis for live comfy banter
take pride in your new state of being, onee-chan

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I bought the note 10. Feeling like I made the right choice on this one.

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This place is dead af
Heres my tox: 7EB243EFDCB9976E49F7D1E049E6CE091C68178F4DB1CC758E6B4105025DE27AA0F0E36A8F82
here's an anons: 55E5795E6A9C4E1C5A43CD54A1E4B939B00DE83C665B30623895F9AD46A4A556C7A103656FF

Make a tox at its free and secure
Lets chat!

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bad meme

shit meme

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Major updates to site CSS and HTML

Ok faggots, I made some pretty big changes to the css and html of the site. The theme you selected will be global now(that means it will be there on every fucking page.). This took me a while because im a fucking brainlet. Anyways, the Yotsuba and Yotsuba B themes look more like the 4channel ones because I wanted them too. This also took me a while because CSS is fucking annoying.
Next step is making the website more mobile-compatible, which means a fuck ton more work for me! How fucking fun.

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Another great day

Welp another day of editing css and making this website look better. Gonna add a grey theme

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Holy fuck im bored. Why don't people be active.

R: 21 / I: 9 / P: 4

Music thread (Redacted)

been listening to $uicideboy$ and Bones recently
bretty good
whats been in your ear recently anon.
(Edit: never mind apparently this site does not allow mp3 files or any files above 5mb, no wonder no one posts in this shithole)
have another shit post instead

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Its my birthday today and I really like the support that we are getting from like one person.

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suck my cock sen

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Fuck KDE Neon Devs.

Well fuck....
Ok so i kinda fucked up, but it's not entirely my fault.
An update for the OS I was hosting this imageboard on fucked shit up, so I decided to switch to ubuntu, and didn't back up the database properly so all the posts got deleted. Whoops
Not much was lost tho, so it's more or less ok.
>inb4 ubuntu bad
i know. shut the fuck up. It has support for everything.