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Major updates to site CSS and HTML Sen Board owner 08/04/2019 (Sun) 21:30:43 No. 20
Ok faggots, I made some pretty big changes to the css and html of the site. The theme you selected will be global now(that means it will be there on every fucking page.). This took me a while because im a fucking brainlet. Anyways, the Yotsuba and Yotsuba B themes look more like the 4channel ones because I wanted them too. This also took me a while because CSS is fucking annoying.
Next step is making the website more mobile-compatible, which means a fuck ton more work for me! How fucking fun.
Open file (229.38 KB 1000x667 1564538455331.jpg)
Ok so after spending a couple hours editing css shittily I made the website look a bit better on mobile. by removing stuff
Updated the default theme to make it look better.
this css looks really good very natural
Thanks anon


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