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Open file (1.08 MB 1700x1700 Onee.ch.png)
【UglyBoi】 08/05/2019 (Mon) 03:15:57 No. 28
The third iteration of the infamous mewch.net internet board is YOU
You should be happy that you were chosen
a few simple demands need to be met before this sites metamorphose is complete
>Mewch theme
>Kelly as our Queen
>Zero advertising on 8ch(As they are about to die and the glowing niggers are everywhere)
>Comfy posting will become the norm any rude posting will result in immediate severe punishment
>Cytube events on a weekly basis for live comfy banter
take pride in your new state of being, onee-chan
Open file (236.19 KB 750x486 1564365363988.jpg)
>implying I would ever advertise on infinity chan.
also who in the fuck is kelly
also I have never seen a running instance of mewch. I don't even know what it is.
Open file (95.08 KB 1080x1165 Juuzou.jpg)
Our queen
it had its time and is now dead
server problems
just accept your fate sen
Open file (43.76 KB 225x350 275843.jpg)
I'm not sure if you know this, but that's a dude
Traps are hella gay
Open file (33.14 KB 419x419 bruh.jpg)
its not gay sen
the dick only makes it cuter
Open file (25.74 KB 128x128 1564541363257.png)
no it does not
Open file (18.76 KB 320x320 O'RLLY.jpg)
please enlighten me sen
Open file (48.65 KB 645x773 1564358497499.png)
when you're a guy and you fuck something that has a dick, thats gay.
:/ guess im a gayboi and an uglyboi
what a tragedy this is
Open file (57.58 KB 567x633 1564354383776.jpg)
All this except no Kelly.
i have but i wont say my board cos i like this guy
so whatever happened to mewch anyways? Saw a post on lynxhub saying admin got sued by Stephen Lynx or some shit like that
nothing, the guy just pulled the plug is my guess
Open file (109.98 KB 720x720 1564169573397.jpg)
>latest iteration of mewch
gay as fuck in the ass
pls enable tor posting. my vpn has limited data and I don't want to give you my real ip
done and done. Enjoy tor posting anon
This site is not mewch
Open file (205.13 KB 717x814 WmPs5yv8hvRGuH.jpg)
thanks fren
Open file (211.39 KB 492x362 1565149095667.png)


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