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Sen Board owner 08/09/2019 (Fri) 23:16:16 No. 82
Anyone have any ideas on how to get more users?
Open file (456.51 KB 360x480 1561640609.gif)
Make 4chan shut down like 8chan went. Assuming you are ok with low quality shitposts everywhere.
Open file (57.07 KB 482x549 1564360216088.jpg)
I doubt 4chan will ever shut down. They're raking in money from chinkmoot putting ads on every available space on the website. Also 4chan pass
Shill post
a tried and true method of attracting anons
just don't shill on shitchan like cucky or gag
just shill everywhere like mewch and space did
Weekly cytube events are also a good technique. This is how mewch gained the majority of its userbase. Cytube was also partially responsible for creating the comfyposting meme and the cozy atmosphere mewch had.
A website where you can watch synched videos and movies with other anons. This is the link https://cytu.be/
Hmm interesting
this is the old mewch cytube channel

very very interesting
bait people by saying "bell delphine nudes" then linking them to a picture of your cock with onee.ch/b/ written on your penis
Get a site mascot character. A cute one, if possible.
well you got me lol
t. anon from spacechan
Implement SSL
Keep board list small unless a community grows enough to warrant their own.
Holding fun events, raids used to be the thing, but in modern times I think most anons are too afraid of getting v& (and with the current trend of law enforcement, I don't blame them), but cytube as >>105 suggested, (changing) word filters imo are fun forced memes and culture if you don't go absolutely nuts, game servers like minecraft, terraria, killing floor, etc. an ever changing board such as /777/ on 7chan can also be something to look forward to.
>>119 Do this.

Accepting the fact that alt chans are almost always confined to small population and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Imageboards aren't that popular anymore, any steam they had for forming huge communities has been stolen by reddit, discord, facebook, and co. The only reason a lot of kids posted on 4chan and 8ch was because of le anonymoose haxor anime meme king reputation, most people don't seem to be really interested in group psuedonymity instead prefering a platform with names and reputation.

Also change the fucking rules from "No doxxing" to "No doxing"
this, to get mascot art you can hire a drawfag online. they can be pretty cheap if you don't look for extreme quality. Mega (the owner of mewch) made an art contest thread and gave the winner $100 to get more site art. To do something like that however you would need a decently sized community which this site doesn't have yet.
also make sure the mascot's color palette looks good with the default css
You seem like a decent guy sen but starting a /b/ in 2019 without a “hook” is just asking for another dead site. Just roll with the Mewch crowd.
I'm more than happy to welcome mewch users, I'm just not gonna rebrand the site as mewch.
Open file (1016.85 KB 1920x4853 irwdaWlEuUDxD.png)
>Mewch crowd
There's only 2 ex mewch users here, me and UB. UB is the one making the "this is now mewch 2.0" threads. I don't want to turn this place into mewch, I'm just looking for a new home. Ever since mewch died I haven't been able to find a decent imageboard. they were all either too slow, too shit or both. I mostly posted on 8chan but I hated it. I just used it because I didn't have a better option. This website seems decent and it seems like it has potential for growth so I came here.
>starting a /b/ without a “hook” is just asking for another dead site
This is true, mewch was able to gain a userbase because it had it's own identity. We had our own culture and our own memes. I mostly used it because it was comfy. We had a culture similar to the one /s4s/ has now, but less ironic, less retarded and less forced. People were usually pretty nice to each other. If you made a thread on 8chan about something you did irl all the replies would have been "nice blogpost faggot", on mewch those threads would usually do pretty well. It was refreshing to have a board that wasn't entirely composed of the words faggot, nigger and kike spammed over and over again. If you want people to stick around you need to give them a reason to do it. If your board is just one of the hundreds of 4chan clones it will never grow.
>Implement ssl
This is coming really soon, I just need to change a couple ports to make shit work, I already have all the certs and shit

>Get a mascot
This is a good idea, thanks. I'll look into hiring a drawfag.

>Change rules to no fixing
Open file (2.27 MB 1334x750 1565389602208.png)
Not trying to make the board a 4chan clone, I just like the 4chan themes( and by that I mean the literal look of the site). Having a comfy imageboard seems like fun, so I might just push in that direction.
I fucking hate phoneposting.
I think if you like the comfy idea, roll with it and have fun. Especially since there aren't many chill communities with /b/ style boards that aren't either overly moderated or spammed to death.

>2 ex Mewch users
I lurked around mewch, don't recall ever posting. Was sad to see it go down though. I really liked the atmosphere. Almost reminded me of Freech without thr spam. I can most certainly agree with you about 8ch. I think a lot of anons on most boards there failed to find a balance between everything being srs business and pure shitposting. Which seems to be a common problem shared between amongst 4chan and 8ch. I'm not sure when I started ignoring 8/b/, but the absolute latest that I remember even semi-consistantly posting was around the time of /intl/ and nuke-IB which was... July of 2015? And tried returning during the Infinity next move, ended up on alt random boards.


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