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Sen 08/11/2019 (Sun) 14:26:55 No. 88
Android is far better than apple.
>baiting shitty conversation because youre so burnt out you cant think of anything to say
nah im just bored and can BTFO Itoddlers with nothing but a glance
we know
While phone posting is extremely convienent; both are half baked gay proprietary shit designed for brainlets. PureOS will probably follow suit of appealing to the lowest common denominator. Furthermore, if you buy anything Apple that isn't PPC, vintage, or a used macbook from 2008 or before to load BSD on, you're officially retarded.
>hurdur muh linux
Android is built off of a linux kernel retard
Found the butthurt iphone poster
Android is built off a Linux kernel which makes it better that IOS, which wasn't built off a Linux kernel
>calling phoneposting convenient
If only there was a phone with templeOS as the operating system.
Taking a dump > phonepost
Drinking on porch with no outlet for laptop > phonepost
Cooking while trying to ignore family > phonepost
At work cuz wageslave > phonepost
Browsing under blankets instead of sleeping for wagecuck life > phonepost

Absolutely convenient

Everything else? Comfy librebooted thinkpad with OpenBSD current

Here's to hoping Librem 5 at least makes phoneposting less of a guilty pleasure
Sure having a phone is convenient, but posting from it, not so much. A keyboard is way more efficient and easy to use.
And that, Sen, is where I think we finally agree on something.
Open file (184.72 KB 1280x625 1455663697052-2.jpg)
ALL mobile posters are subhuman nigger cattle apes. You dont even post images.
Sure we do
I only use my phone for lurking.
Open file (88.48 KB 287x288 1564777168194.png)
>not using your phone to take pictures of cats


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