Onee Chan


>>/b/30538 >>30529 The only dead board is the closed board. There's some people with a lot of dead boards.
>>/b/30537 >>30536 s/b "effort" posts. I can't proof read today or something. My point being, this is a good place for effort posts.
>>/b/30536 >>30529 This board and other slow ones are good if you don't want to lose something. If you post on a faster one, it's burried
>>/b/30535 >>30532 It's basically butter but with the milkfat solids removed. You get a butter-like taste, not as strong, but a much highe
>>/b/30534 I spent about two hours at the skate park and did pretty well. I've almost got nollie shove-its down. This: https://www.youtube.
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