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Sticked this thread so you can post whatever. Normal rules don't apply here nya~

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How do anons cope with the sad, lonely and motivationless feeling they get after they realize there's no more of a series that they were enjoying so much? I just finished YouJitsu's LN up to the latest volume yesterday and now I have no motivation to do anything other than cry and regret not waiting till it was complete to start it.

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Post megumin or you are a faggot

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Is it me or has anime been getting worse lately? It's all so basic and boring now. Maybe I'm just not watching the right things.

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Assist a weeb

Where does /a/ read its online manga? I'm kinda broke to be spending right now

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This thread is dedicated to everything /a/ related TSF.

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Citrus I feel like the ending was really rushed. Yuzu in the end was the protagonist and Mei was the heroine. Mei comes across as a really strange character in comparison to Yuzu. I get that she was suppressing herself for her socio-economic benefit (I do the same and still am not able to live true to my heart), but it seems to have all been for nothing because it all works out in the end.

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Who is best girl and why is it Asuka?

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Otome Game no Hametsu Flag...

This is my favourite anime so far this season. It's just fun. What do you think of it so far?

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How often do you wash your used lolis?

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Kuro Gyaru-san ga Kuru! >TFW no sexy proactive gal GF

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Cool works by SAKIMICHAN. I'll leave a link to the archive here.

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The whole topic of sexuality beyond Eugenics, is ultimately D/C against the Aryan sub-species. Also about Hitler… Major things Hitler should have done differently: 1) Create a small jewish puppet state in historical Judea, with Jerusalem as the capital, and use it to deport all jews there AND control all zionist jews. 2) Supported a Coup d'eat in the UK lead by Oswald Mosley. Tell him that he either overthrows his Satanic Rothschild government, or there will be war. Turn it into a civil war (supporting the BUF) if unsuccessful. 3)If #2 wins, Hitler has already won. The British Empire + the Third Reich could conquer and split the world. 4)If #2 fails, abandon Italy as an ally, and just sign a non-aggression pact. This way Germany won't be dragged into war in Greece and Africa. 5) Focus all forces on the quick conquest of the USSR, with a sufficient coastal defense of the shoreline (focus on air power to destroy naval invasions at sea). #6) Demand that Japan attack the USSR as soon as Germany does, make it a condition of the alliance. Demand that Japan NOT attack the USA and make it a condition of the alliance. #7) If Japan fails to do #6, abandon Japan as an ally. There I just made the Thousand Year Reich possible with pure geo-politics.

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Aoki definitively lost his virginity in ep. 7, didn't he? He was alone with Rin for a couple hours.

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Cyber City Oedo 808

Watched Cyber City Oedo 808 recently. Shit was good.

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Spammers are homosexuals

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Isekai So this anime starts with the premise that MC is in a bad situation being the eighth son of a minor noble... then suddenly gives him magic making him apparently the most powerful person in the Kingdom. The King then awards him a noble title higher than his Father meaning that all the women (and men) want his dick... I get that most Isekai are pure wish-fulfilment, but at least make MC struggle for it nya~

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What would it be like to date Toshino Kyoko? What would it be like to become a middle school girl and date Toshino Kyoko?

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What happened to the "Change spoiler image" thing? The one rightnow doesn't fit the job.

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I've found it's hard to find Menhera, boorus and even Pixiv don't have much besides a lot of 4koma. What is even the background for this girl, just an artist's OC?

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How do you feel about censorship?

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Hello, I'm looking for volunteers to manage this board so to prevent spammers from destroying the content. Please post your user login and pitch. Requirements: you must be Aryan and love yuri.

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Attracting Anon

How can we attract more anons here? Sen is a chill admin, and this site is superior to 4chan in freedom. Please shill for your Onee-chan nya~

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Megami Tensei / Persona

Would you die for her, anon?