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(69.37 KB 400x400 15787700810782.jpg)
Sen 08/29/2020 (Sat) 00:46:35 No. 14611 [Reply] [Last]
Onee.ch Meta Thread Ask questions and discuss the site here. broken files hopefully fixed
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is this last commented up special here? 4chan sucks too much to try

(148.98 KB 1032x585 patch-light.jpg)
Oh Sea Four Anonymous 04/10/2021 (Sat) 01:12:35 No. 25752 [Reply]
From the ashes addition. "Yes, I did build that."
Luchamos contra el Wombat, otra enemigo de la humanidad. -Frente Wombato de
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>>25752 That's kinda weird and gay. Are you implying you want to mouth fuck Patch?
>>25789 I heard pedos have been using this image and ones like it to pass cp. You can tell by the size it probably has a hidden archive embedded in it. File size > 1.5mb = suspect.
(171.71 KB 853x693 kenny-gets-a-call.jpg)
You think I should answer this?
(2.22 MB 256x256 greasy.gif)
>You think I should answer this?

(295.59 KB 590x332 Clipboard.png)
Music Thread Anonymous 04/10/2021 (Sat) 03:59:33 No. 25766 [Reply]
Second verse, same as the first.
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Last one for tonight. One of my favs. Check the banjo. Did you know there was a jazz banjo?
>>25771 Fallout fans don't play Bethshit
>>25795 I've heard of the Fallout purists. The games (3 onward) seem totally different from 1 & 2. I had fun. Fallout 4 didn't appeal to me as much, and I skipped '76 entirely.

(667.34 KB 720x480 Clipboard.png)
Kurrent Knews Anonymous 04/10/2021 (Sat) 23:32:54 No. 25797 [Reply]
The lead guitarist for Quiet Riot, INXS, born Earl Simmons, was taken to a hospital in White Plains, New York, on April 2 suffering from a bad case of death, according to his attorney, Murray Richman. Tragically, he did not recover on account of systemic racism. He is survived by his 15 (!) children, none of whom know he was their father. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/rapper-dmx-dead-dies_n_6068961cc5b6c00165c1bf82 Let's please have a moment of silence...OK, that's good enough.
(414.70 KB 634x422 Clipboard.png)
(743.04 KB 634x955 Clipboard.png)
dis bitch Patrisse Cullors, 37, who be found'in dem BLM niggas, done got hur crib up in dat wypepl hood an shit. sheeeeeiiit niggas be say'in dem BLM muthafuckas got $90 million chicken! sheeeeiiit dis bitch done left tha 'hood like oh she too good for a nigga, ya heard? she got hur 3 bath houses or some shit like hur shit dont stank. bitch. sheeeiiitt niggas be feel'in some type'o way AND dis bitch be thicc! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9456145/Shell-pick-white-people-complain-BLM-founder-buys-1-4M-LA-home.html Sheeeeeeeiiiiiiiitttt!
(570.13 KB 634x423 Clipboard.png)
One person has been shot dead and a police officer injured at a Knoxville high school in Tennessee on Monday. Police said they had been possibly called to a report of a possible male, definite subject, who was definitely possibly armed at the possible school, adding: 'Upon approach of the possible subject, shots were definitely fired.' Knox County Schools spokesnongenderbinaryfluidother-kin Carly Harrington said the school was placed on lockdown as a precaution, not that anyone could tell because everything is still on lockdown due to the uwu flu. The scene has since been labeled racist, and everything blamed on Donald Trump. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9463529/Multiple-victims-reported-including-police-officer-shooting-Knoxville-high-school.html
>>25851 HOAX
>>25798 it's like pidgin

(571.24 KB 588x392 Clipboard.png)
#ChokeTheWoke Anonymous 04/13/2021 (Tue) 00:19:14 No. 25854 [Reply]
This is a list of all of the “woke” companies (and brands) that are supporting violent protests across the United States. Despite the chaos, destruction, and deaths, “woke” companies across the country have still come out in support of #BlackLivesMatter, Antifa terrorists, and general criminals. https://realityanddenial.wordpress.com/2020/06/09/279-companies-supporting-violent-antifa-black-lives-matter/

(182.15 KB 864x648 neapolitan-p-01.jpg)
(276.89 KB 864x648 neapolitan-p-02.jpg)
(293.89 KB 864x648 neapolitan-p-03.jpg)
(303.73 KB 864x648 neapolitan-p-04.jpg)
What's Cooking? Anonymous 04/10/2021 (Sat) 00:38:17 No. 25751 [Reply]
What are you serving up today? Here I've made Neapolitan pizza again. I started the dough yesterday, and made the sauce today. The recipe has you making two dough balls but last time that didn't seem like enough. This is with all the dough at once (about 400g). I have some slices left over for later. I'm pretty pleased with KAF Type 00 flour. They just started getting it in my grocery store here.
Boring. Nobody cares.
>>25786 I hereby curse you! May all your veggies be GMO. May you know only Cheddar and American "cheese". May you eat only $0.50 ramen noodles, everyday. May your lips be stained with food coloring. May your body last 10,000 years after your death due to preservatives. May you fart soy and HFCS. May your scale read "One at a time, please."
(260.70 KB 864x648 tostones-01.jpg)
(277.70 KB 864x648 tostones-02.jpg)
(208.37 KB 864x648 tostones-03.jpg)
(242.73 KB 864x648 tostones-04.jpg)
(269.74 KB 864x648 tostones-05.jpg)
Reuploading these because they weren't up long before the flood goons came. I made them again today, but the pics are from last time. Two plantains used.

(81.03 KB 1024x768 trap 001.jpg)
(233.34 KB 668x1558 trap 002.jpg)
traps Anonymous 04/06/2021 (Tue) 11:27:46 No. 25453 [Reply]
(1.84 MB 347x500 intersex 001.gif)
(201.19 KB 1280x960 RIPmasculinity1.jpg)
(253.07 KB 1330x1200 RIPmasculinity2.jpg)
(369.72 KB 3000x1996 RIPmasculinity3.jpg)
Couples pre-2010's: "Let's get STD tests done to make sure we're clear." Couples today: "Let's get tests done to make sure we're really XY and XX chromosome." Dating today is scary. "Hey honey, looking good. You, um, a real girl?"

(41.79 KB 734x247 patch-watch-banner.jpg)
Patch Watch Reloaded Anonymous 04/09/2021 (Fri) 23:51:10 No. 25748 [Reply]
Here we keep track of all the ginger hijinx and his (not so) secret chans. How to spot a patch chan: 1. Shadowy admin 2. Generic site theme 3. Vanity .onion (possible i2p access) 4. Seeded with template threads from other chans 5. Inter-chan shilling If you spot the above, you just might have a patch chan. Report it here.
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(2.22 MB 256x256 greasy.gif)
>>25836 perfectly logical response to that post
>>25839 god I love how misaimed this gets maybe a third of the posts it gets used as a soijak for are even mine
>>25845 >that wasn't even me try harder

(1015.83 KB 500x373 208047.gif)
(4.77 MB 300x240 A391F98.gif)
Anonymous 03/22/2021 (Mon) 16:27:25 No. 24959 [Reply]
is this straight?
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(85.14 KB 480x600 1364353995536.gif)
You guys are faggots.
made you look at gay porn
(993.53 KB 1600x1067 1451244784523.jpg)
>>25791 That's okay. I made you guys look at straight porn in return (or at least the thumbnails). >>25005 >>25045
(2.22 MB 256x256 greasy.gif)
>That's okay. I made you guys look at straight porn in return (or at least the thumbnails).

(238.22 KB 870x1390 steph-shitpost-batch.jpg)
Anonymous 04/09/2021 (Fri) 17:11:58 No. 25735 [Reply]
>Nice catalog, Simon. Hahahahahaha.
Can someone repost the Stephanie that came just before this one? I didn't save it before flood goons wiped the catalog. 500 years from now these will be worth big money.
(152.13 KB 870x1390 steph.jpg)
(135.80 KB 870x1390 reph.jpg)
>>25788 not sure which you mean, first is the last before the OP pic other 2 came after but were different people than the mock photo series
Well, it's not the Sears catalog of old, but Sen's catalog has its own charm. ;^)

(115.42 KB 1122x732 selfie-cat-onee.jpg)
Anonymous 04/09/2021 (Fri) 15:37:22 No. 25731 [Reply]
Nice catalog, Simon. Hahahahahaha.
really desperate to get rid of some of those threads, huh?
(2.22 MB 256x256 greasy.gif)
>really desperate to get rid of some of those threads, huh?
>>25736 soijaking it hard
(859.08 KB 800x600 jd-lmao-lamf.png)
Me versus flood goons, circ. 2021 (artist's impression). Someone saved selfie-cats? There were about 14 of them.

(22.15 KB 309x372 Emma Muller.jpeg)
Anonymous 04/09/2021 (Fri) 05:09:21 No. 25583 [Reply]
(399.23 KB 1377x775 the-grungles.jpg)

(1.43 MB 1240x827 Clipboard.png)
CDC on racism Anonymous 04/10/2021 (Sat) 00:10:26 No. 25750 [Reply]
The CDC, Center for Disease Control, that used to be concerned with actual diseases, now just blames White people for everything. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday called racism a “serious threat” to public health, becoming the latest, and largest, U.S.-based health agency to single out racism as having a “profound and negative impact on communities of color” and contributing to disproportionate mortality rates among people of color. https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/cdc-says-racism-serious-threat-public-health-n1263547 Obviously, if something bad happens to a non-White person, it's the fault of White people. Everything is supposed to be proportionate, except if the outcome would favour Whites (eg pro basketball or football).
>>25750 peach is a color
(11.88 KB 225x225 hermit crab.jfif)
>>25750 Heh! I called it. Next they're gonna push social distancing as a ward against racism.

(74.12 KB 800x481 Drone.jpg)
Anonymous 02/26/2021 (Fri) 14:49:10 No. 24434 [Reply]
America is back
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america is back, making empty dumb threats to strike down all image boards that haven't been approved by the censorship machine
other countries r u even trying? we have more guns more rape more freedom more crime and more memes d*g bless thte us of A
Fuck yeah! Let's bomb some Sandniggers.
> are you even trying well no, i'm not trying to bomb "sandniggers", no > more freedom questionable

(2.45 KB 128x128 Small-arrow-right-icon.png)
Anonymous 04/05/2021 (Mon) 19:29:28 No. 25397 [Reply]
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They don't fear you. They laugh at you because you make it so easy to sue you.
Sie fürchten euch Deutschland Selbst-Fans nicht. Sie lachen euch aus, weil die Arschlöcher jetzt so leicht *euch* als die Bösen hinstellen können.
Klar... Deutschland zentralisieren... Ist ja noch nie schief gegangen...
Nur weil die Allierten den Holocaust betont haben, heißt es nicht, dass es ihn nicht gegeben hat... Und ganz nebenbei konnte dein Chef dich auch töten lassen, wenn er lustig war...
I'm not sad. I just have a different sense of humor.

(1.58 MB 1352x1880 phone.png)
https://4.0-chan.ru/xomy/ Anonymous 03/16/2021 (Tue) 05:09:26 No. 24835 [Reply]
>mfw virgin
>mfw me too
>>24835 Source? What's this manga's title?

(50.75 KB 1576x367 Clipboard.png)
Anonymous 04/08/2021 (Thu) 06:27:51 No. 25543 [Reply]
rulecuck < >
Edited last time by Sen on 04/08/2021 (Thu) 15:36:21.
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>>25555 I saved a webp or two from Moonchan (R.I.P.), which ran Lynxchan IIRC. >>25562 Aww. The streams add character, Sen. ;^P
>>25575 I'm sorry but it makes text hard to read.
>>25577 I didn't have any issues, but okay. Boobies are better than those streams anyway.
>>25578 I like her breasts but she looks like she's a bitch. She gives off that bitch vibe.
>>25580 She could be. I chose that pic partly because of her expression of slight annoyance or disappointment. (IOW, I think Sen's being too heavy-handed, but this isn't my site.)

(3.25 MB 256x256 1617758920949.gif)
Anonymous 04/08/2021 (Thu) 06:28:54 No. 25544 [Reply]
Edited last time by Sen on 04/08/2021 (Thu) 15:35:37.
(1.23 MB 1104x1040 Clipboard.png)
damn you
fuck sen and fuck oneech

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Anonymous 04/02/2021 (Fri) 01:44:08 No. 25212 [Reply]
W̷̨͖͉̘̥̻̩͕̻̳͔̙̠̜͇̟̫̜̹͕̭̬̦͒̓͐̆̓̋̈̒̆̊̍̏̓́͑̀̄̊̿̍̋̈́̃̆̍̉̉̒͒̊͒͆̚̚͜͝͝͝h̶̨̛̛̛̙̤̣̰̰͓͓͉̠̰̝͈̩̩̥̺͔͓̲͑͌̊̇̒̓͋̿͒̌̑̆̈̓͂̓̇̍̌͑̈́͒͛̇̊͋͛͊̔̊̆̐̈̆̿̆̚̕͝͝͝ỳ̶̡̡̺̟̱̘͚̜̥͚̗͈̹͎͇̖͕͈̻̹̝̝̲̤̹̫͎̳̣̂̾̍̃̌̆͑̌̐̀̈͗̇̃͒͛̊̀̄̒͑͗̽͒͗̉̋̎̚͜͜͝͝͝ ̵̢̢̧̢̡̛̛̙͎̘̤̣̫̜̺̖̯̝̻͍̞͔̟̗͎̭̙͔̮̙͇̥̟͚̪̘̖̠̰̣̝͚̙͍͙͚̀̊͒̈́̐̋̆́̆̈́̀̌̄̌͛̌̿́̍̄̈̅͛͐͊͐̀̔̒̂̈́̿̃̏̏̈́̕̕͘͝͝ḧ̶̜͎́̿͗͌̂̊̋̉̌̎̒̑͌̈́̉̀̈́̇̑̏̍̈͐̄̈̎̃͝͠͝͠ä̵̢̢̧̛̛̺͔͖͔̝̺̜̹̟̺͚̫̻̫̹̝͎̘̖͍͖͕̰͙̺̬͚̰̻̰̰̼̤͍͉̠̠́̉̓̀̋̃̃͌̂̀̈́̃̔̾͗͛̈́̇̓̊̀̆̽̋͌̔̏͛̈́̓̇̽͊̀͑͛̄̕͘̚̕̚͜͜͠ͅͅv̷̧̨̢̡̝̙̺͈̮͔͈̜̺͇̠̬̭̠̪͈̲͎̘͔̥͓̙͚̲̺͇̫̯͍̘̜̬̜̉̉̀̓͑̑͒̊̔͜͜͜͜͜ͅͅę̸̢̧͓̤͔̙͙͓͙̘̖̞̽̓̒̍͑́̋̈̚͜n̴̡̨̛̩̼̗̞̤͚̝̭̜͇̖͍͙͎̬̻͖̜͓̲̳͔̮̗̼̠̖̪̘̻̲̪̩̬̞̬̘͆͛͑̐̏̀̀͂̚ͅͅͅ'̵̛̞̪̲̭̩̳̭̈̿̄̈́͆͌͊̏̋̏͒̔̀̈́̍̇̏́̃̂̈́͑̉̍̄̇̍̒̎͋̒̾̔͊̆̀͘͘͝t̴̳͗͋̾̉̀̊̽͊́̍͘͠ ̵̹̭̇͒́̾́́͌̆̓̂̽̃̓̏͗̈́͂̎͋͆͛̌̇̑̑̇̆̏͂͊̓͂͌͂͘̚̚͝͝͠͝y̷̡̨̨̛̛̭̟̲̲̭̮͎̟̟͖̤̝̯͚͕͚̗͔̪̰̙̙͖͈̤̞̻̠͔̅̔̽́̒̇́̓̾̉̅̏̉̅͆͌́̊̒͂͑̒̐͒̊̑̚̚͝͝͝͝ȏ̸̧̧̢̨̝͈̞̺̜̱̩͈̙͕̜̹̟̳̙͍̪͕͕̤̫̱͖͍̠̯̲͖̺̭̘͚̫̍͂̂̔̋̒̏̑̄͑͆͋̇̍͆̇͜͠ͅͅͅų̵̧̨̢̨̨̲̪̰͎̗̣̯̣̳̠͖͕͇̼̞̺͍̗̳͖͓̦͕͍͙͙͖͒̋̂̇̏̒̎̎̅͑̇͂̄̑͗̒̋̂͑́̂̋̉̽̉́̾̄͒͋̇͘̕͜͜͜͝ ̸̡̨͇̳͉͖̤̹̼̼͓̣̥̠̖̟̱͈̰̰̯̞̹̖̰̥̜͈̥͓̲͈͈̗̦͚̺͈̽͌͂͂̈́̍̀̾̾̐̆̑̈́̎́̃͊̀͊͌͗́̕͜͜͝͝s̸̡̧̢̢̨̛̻̳̲̜̞̮̥̱͍̰͓̬̘̳͕̠̭͓̘̺̭̯̞͕̩̮̳̬̙̗̱̪̻͇͊͑͆̅͊͑̀̓̀̓̏͒̔͋͌́̓͗́̈́͒̇͛̈͋̋̀͛̈̅̅̎̕̕̚̕̚͜͠ơ̸̢̨̠̯̯̘̖̱̭̙̥̖͔͇̞̪̼̱̪̘̣̟̣͇͉̦̩̦͙̖̩̪̬͔̥̍̋̋̊̽͛̄̋̎̾́̈̐̋͆͛͜͝ͅͅl̸̢̡̪̩̗͚͓̗̪͉̪̥̩͚̻̭̝̭̣̞̗̰̦̳̺̥̘̫̙̰͚̲̯̠̠̼̫͓͖͓̣̩̖̊͑́̌͛̓̓̉̓̍̑̀̄̽̿͑̃̋͛̒̅͛̀̓̽̀̓́̂͘͘͜͠ͅḓ̸̡̨̨̡̼̠̰̙̪͇̱͉̭̹̲̙̬̹̩̳͚͓̘̝̺͂͛̽͊̐̂̄͋̚͝ ̸̨̡̧̛̛̯̲̖̘͉̬̝̹̩̫̯̗̝̖̰͙̘͓̱̰͚̦̦̫̈̌́̅̈́͗͊̋̾̅͊́́̇̉̎̂͗̎͆̐͂̏̎̃̿̆̒̄͌̿́͘y̶̧̢̧̢̨̨̠̩̳̻̼͉̪̠͇̖̱̫͕̪̬͉͈̻̲̦̞͍̑̈̂̍̃̀̇̍̋͑͂͐̂̏̄̆̽́͋̀͊̀̈́͆̑͛̅̏͑̄̇̽͊͒̕͠͝ơ̶̢̨̯̰̱̤͚̪͓̬͙̤̻̖̰̻̻̙̬̪̠̝̹̺̰̙̬̰̖͍̺̩͛̄̊͌̄̃̊̒́̈́̀̂̉̓̄̋̉́̆̂̓͐̽̍͌̽͐͝͠ͅͅͅͅͅú̴̢̨̡̫̱̬̗͕͉̜̜̩̱̗͖͓͕̲͛r̴̡̧̻͖̱̫̠̗͙̞͉͚̬͓̺̻̻͚̹̰̠̗̰̣̣̹̂͌̈ ̸̪͇̀́̐͌̍̎͌̋̔́͆̽́̓̎̐̈́͆͂̈̈́̊͐̂͋͐̃͝͝s̵̨̧̧̡̧̢̛͍͉̳̰̙̱̲̤͈͎͍̩͇̲̥̥̰͍͔̤̜̯͖̤̘̼̩͌̿̈́͗̊̿͒̍̂̐͑̿͆́͐̑͐͐̔̿̾̄́̑̀̚̚͠ỏ̸̡̢̡̭̭̹̲̣͖͉̼̣͓̦̖̦̟͙̻͎̦̳̦͓͈̟͔̠̀̉͌̍̊̒̆͐̌̈́̀͌̈́͊͋̀͆̓͊̚͘͜͜͝͝ư̷̡͇̯̜͚̭̘̫̺̘̤͙̹̣̘͉̙̥̟̰͉̭͇͈͇͔͎̫̰̗̘͖̙̣͚̦̗̺̼͕͎͈̑̿̌̽̓́̉̈́͗̏̋̾̂́̂͂̆̆̌͛͝ͅͅĺ̵̨̨̛͇̫͔̜͕̹̳͚̺͕̩̯̣̝͌̔̑͗̋͊́̎̈́̂̆̇̃́̂̏̅̌͌͗̈́́̈́͆͋́̊͌͘̚͘̕ͅ ̸̨̧̡̡̞̫̻̪̠̰̻͕̪̤̖̣̫͙̰̲̩͔͙̜̗̟̻͋̇̈́̎͒͂̏̄͊́̌̂̏͊͐̀͆̈́́̔̊̈́͐͝͝͠ţ̵̪̈́́̆̑̄͒̃̎̔o̸̡̨̧̢̡̹̞̮̰̘̩̯͎͕̗̳̤͉̦̘̼̦̙̺̻͉͔͕̫̰͙̙̯͇̘̦͋̆͐͜ͅ ̵̢̨̨̧̧̰̬̯̳̮͔͉̥̼̪̭͍̺͍̮̲̳̳̬̯̳̙͉̯̲̥̤̳̖̥̻͔̯̺̥͔̘͍̇̏̽̀̆́̑̓̈́͐͒̽̽̿̐́̔́̎́͋̎̆́̓̈̕͘͘͝͝͝ͅS̷̨̧̧̛̫̬̥͇̫̲̩̞͎̳͕̝͔̊̐̈̏̊̓̿͐̒͐̒̋͂̈͆̽̄́͊͗͂͊͛̓̒̀̈́̉̈́̄͒̈͑̄̃̑̾̒̊̕͝͝͝ͅȃ̸͎͚̲̏̂̇͆̃̆̓͂̑͒̑̿̆̈́͘͝t̴̨̢̡̛̖̟̩̮͓̲̦͎̣͖̻̦̥̯͉̳͈̥̙͚͍̞͚͚̫̰̼̦̖͎͍̪̹̿̓̓͌͂̓̿̽͊̈́͐̈́̇̉̽̄̀̒̅̑͊͋̾̈́͋̑̄͘̚̚̕͜͝͝ả̷̤͉̽͒͊͛̌͒͆̾̔͜ň̴̢̢̛̞̩̳̟̰̞̣͔͔̬̦͉͎̹͚̜̫̹̖̟̙̪̫̆̏͑͆́̀̀͛́̒̓̓̿́̐̓̀͆̋̽̊̇͌̇̎̂͊̍̌̃̀̌̔͘̚̕͘͜͜͜͝͝ͅ ̶̢̡̛̠̱̭̖̯̗͈͚̲̮̗͚͍̯̬̬̦̠̣̲͎͍̳͖̤̅́́̈̈́̀̏̀̃̋̇͌͛͂͂̾͊͆͐̅̂̋̎̓̉͂̄̿̚̚̕̕͝͠͝ͅẏ̸̡̨̧̨̩̟̲̼̜̞͇̘̮̳͓̠̦̠̥̮̣̭͈̣̐̀̀̋͑̍̽͊̂̏̎̓̈́̑̓̏̊̾̒̊̆̎̐̀̊̇͌̍͛̑̕̕͘ͅȩ̵̡̡̡͈̩̯͈̮̺̣͉̞̹̠̬͔̯̭̹̘̫̮͇̙̤͉͍̮̰͉̭͍͎̘̰̪͈̱̜̤̳̘͑͋̀͊̾̓͌͂̌̐̎̍͂̿͑͛̇͌̒́́͋̀̓̆͆̆̕͜t̷̡̡̧̨̛̛̻̫̫̦̮͎̙̤̳͖̫̟̤͚͎̜̥̬͚̫͔̪̩̩̗̹̫͈̀̀̾̂͗̏̇͌͜,̷̛̯̬̭̍̐̇̐͂̅̈́́ ̴̢̨̢̟̼̱͈͉͍̥̩̜̣̝͎̼͙̯̦͓̳̮̿̋̑̌ͅ/̶̡̨̰̬̪̙̖̻̗̺̰̖̗̪̦̙͖͕̊̐̈͆̾̈̿̆̒̾̕ͅb̸̨̛͚͓͖̜̤̰̰̘̲̲̼͚͎̯̖̯͓̬̱̓̈́͋͗̋̌͒̏̓̑̕͘͠ͅ/̶̨̜͋̏̈́́͂͊̂̿̈́͗̀̈́̌̏̀̅̉͘̚͠?̵̡̧̡̛̛͔̲̙̲̥͇̬̹̹̯̮̟̰̻̘̫̝̟͈̼͙̟̥͖͕̳̭̔̾̀̔̋͑̓͐͊̒͑́̃̂͊̋̎̀͗͒̓͒̌̈́͆̋͛͒̉͆͆͘̚̚̚͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͠ͅ
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>>25214 p̶̢̢̨̪̝͐͛̑̂ḁ̵͍̺̦̣̱̠̞̝̭̗̭̭̇̽͊̓͗̑͜t̶̛̙̬̮͓̯̬̙̪̣̣̹̞͈̜͇̣̃͊̏̍̏̏̑͛͝͝h̶͓͕̦͈̰͕͉̜̺̗̱̯̘̤̓͒̈́̓͗̂̐ͅͅe̷̛̤͗̈́̆̑͛͆͒̌̏̽́̆͝ţ̵̦̗͔̘̬͋͆̈̈́̎̆͆͗͒̀̒͌̓̊͌͜͝i̴̢̛̜̪̞̮̦̜̯̻̮̰͆̊̒͝͠ċ̴͖̦̞͔̠͕̪̦̱̌
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W̹̻e̳߱l͔̾ͦ͒̕l̻̲߲͈͡ ̔͗̽s̢ͦ͜u͐҃r̹̞ͤ͋̿e߭̀,͔͉ ̜͉̇߭͜ĭ̸߱̌̆t̫͌҃ ͓̗̓ͥ͢d̬ͥo̒͆͗e͖̦sͮ̐ ͎̹̽g̰̹͂e͍҉̝t̢̬͛߯ ߮҃k̠ͫ̌ͦi̤̣͎ͮn͒̉͝d͙͟ ͉́҇߰ȏ̍f̺̻͔͍ ̢̟͝l͂ͦo҉̟̮̅n̠̓ͅ҉̌e̥͗l͔͚߯y̪͆̊ ͙͘͢a̵͉҄͠n̹̮̼̗ͧḏ̼̞߬ͅ ̩͇̌͐̀b̛̮̌҆̚o̖̻͐̊͞r͛̈͞ḭ͓߬n̥҆g҇̆̌͝ ̷̞̎ͮ߮o͖͔̾̆v̥̂e̲ͫ̒ṛͬ͝҉ ͎҆ͭ҄hͦ҇ḙ̵̶͛r̸̰͍̖̤e͈̙͌߮ͥ ̜߱n߬҈̭͓̄o̅ٓ͞t̺̾͒ ҈҈̺͙ͮr̹̃́e̟͆b͈̉̔ͧeͪ́҈ͤ߯l̐͑l̘̬߮̂͘iͤ҆߳̈nͤͥ҄g̬̺ ̞̳̌̀a̩̠̣҉g͆҈à̝̻҇i̸̖͋͛͞n̎ͩ҄҇̅s̼̳͋҃̂t̺͖̹̍̈ ̠̥͓͟H̳̩͈ͦͪi̒͜s̰̐́߮҈ ̢͕҆̽ͤN̪̪ǫ̙̎߰o҈͌̔̄d̗̈́ͨl̹̈́̆y̙̥ ̉̆P̀҇ͮ͐҃l̢̻߬̈a̗̚ͅnͫ̂߳߭͢.̣̎ ̰͋B̷̡uͮͯ҇t͖ͬͬͤ ͉̼ٓ̆h͓ͩe̡ͫÿ̨͎̺҆,̴̧̼̻ ̀̄n͉̣o̡͇͙͗ͫt̹̭ ̬̜̓̐e̥̔͝ͅv̺߮e͉߯̇ͅrͩ̆y̬߲͓ٓͧö́͛̊̚ṅ̘ͧͧė̱̜ ̸̭͖̜߯ć̥߯̀߭a̱͡n̸̟߲̠̂ ҉̭ͮ߬b̮̫̻̀͆e̱͏ ̃ͭ͘e߮ٓd̶̢̠̟ͯġٓy͓҄̏̔̾ ߲̼̋s̸̙ͭ͋a҇̕m̡̃̑҇ͧp̋ͯ͡l̟̤͆ȩ̠߭҆r߫߰͛͡s͉̩̗̝ͤ ҇͂o̡̙̫ͩf̵߯̊̏͡ ̴͛߳̅t̠ͥ̏ḥ͒̆̎͢e̘̜̙̺̔ ̶̝̞̮̎ȑ߬e̠͆ͪ̎d̲̭҃͘ ͌͋h̤͎̜ͥ͒o߯̏҆t͉͚ ̬ͭm̡̧͓҅a̛̙͛̒̐r̲҃i̼̯͎߫n̍ͪ̚à̢ͦr̡̰̫ͭ̓aͫ҃ͪ߫ ҉̑҇ͪͫm̝̗̖͝a߱͘n̜̺ͪ̍ͫ.͋̏ ̖̭̈͜Pͭ̉̒͑͟e̊̓r̨̟̒̍h̹߬ḁ͓̎̌p̀͏s҅͜ ̸ͣ̊̄̉Ȋٓ͗͠'̨̩͛m̝͍̯͌ ̡͔̋u̵͚̰͂n߬҈ͮͩà̑ͭͤb̟̀l̩̹e҉̄ ̌͜t͇͌͂߬͋o͙̞߯̑̐ ̱̈́t̯̞҆a߫ͬ̈́͟͞sͣ̾̕t͙̑҄҇e͚̋͆͞ ̤̫͆ͅt̛͊h͔̠̔ͭ̚i͖͚̬ṇ̉g͓͟҉s͖̙̖͑́ ̯̹߰͛t̸҅ͣh̴̰͐̇ä̛́̋ͩt̸̫͊́ ̄͋sͤ҇o̲̟߫ͧ̚m̛͍߲͌̏e͈߲͗́͞ ͍͓͊́o߲̘ͦt͏ͅhͫ߮ͫé̮߲͙rͪ̏̐͑s͖̉̓́ ͇ͤ҃̒c̱͚a̻߬ň͘.̡̯߱͌ͯ ͖̹߮̇S̙̟͒a̬̺t̞̹͑a̻ͫ̿͟n̸͎̮߮ ͔҅ٓw̏ͧͯͧe̶̻ͤl̴͎͘͢l̬̦͊ ͭ͘҈m̯͇͆ͯ͜ȧ̜߲ٓẏ߲͟͝ ̳̞߲߭o͙͐҈߭̀f̛̤߲̤́f̸̡͗e̸̫҄r͚̿ ͚̳ͧu̯͆p߲߳ͮ ͓͜ͅa͚҃̉҃ ̫̲҅̾m͍̖͂o̪҇ͫ͜͡s̨̄t̺͌͋͑͏ ͙ͮ̿à̸̳҅͢m̨̡͖͛̇a̗̾ͤz̞̖͗́͡i҉͎n߮͛͛g̹̾ ͍҇̎t̢̽͋͐o̦͎̎̿m̧̼͍̓a̵͎̺̙ͨt̷͛͊̈́oͤͩ̐e̥͕͡y̢̗̳͆ٓ ̯̞͌̑ļ̊̍ͣ͝á߰v̧̪̬ͪả̺̉ ̏ͨf̱͈ȑ̗̱̓߰a̘ͭ̐̅߭p̹̿̓ṗ̝̯é҉,̪́҆ ̵̾̌b͔̞ũ͍̾t̬̰̞̓҇ ̯߮߭m̢̳ͫo̞ͬͩs̹̯͘͢t̷̾ ̟̀ͣf̹́́߬ǒ̱̪̃͝l҄҄ķ͍҄ͥş̻͉߱ͅ ̿͐ͦn̸͕̄̕ë̙͉v̟̓̅͝ė̸̹߯ͥr̙̗͊͆ͤ ͊߭̀w͎̉̇͠i͉̗l߮̈́l͕̍̐҅͠ ̹͆͗g̜̬̈́҅͆ẻ̮߯͠t̋ͩ ̶͈̗ͮ͆pͧ҇̐a̵͈͛͑s̫͐߰͘͢t̝ͤ̔ͫͨ ͒̕t̺̏҃̔߮h͍͓ͤe̳̬͋͒ͨȉ̟͎͢r̨̲̖ͧ̎ ̺͎͉̈̅ï̾̇ͥ̀n̟ͨ͜į߲̰͎t̹̊͒i߬͡a҄҈l̛ٓ͢ ̢̱͢i̟߬n̖̥̆̽d̼̍̏ͪi͕ͩ͂-ͤ̍͡҈҇j̶̦͉̍ą̓yͤͩ߬͆ ̢͕̪͒ͦo߭̕ẉ̝͝i̶ͮ҄̐̚n̒̋g̠̲̓ ̥͍̃̓t͇̜̐߫o̹̾͒̇ͫ ̜̍ţͭ҈̆͞h̝̪̽̿͡oͯ߱҆ŭ̫̱g̶ͩh̹ͪt̯߯҄ṣ̯̘҄ ̮̋̀̚ä͔̣̫ͥbͤͦò̖͔҆u̶߲͆͗́ť̨̺ ̣ͭ̑̎ẗ̿ͩ̀ٓh̅ͮ̆߰e̡̘ ͓̰̠҈ͨl͚͋̓o̷̭߮߭č̶͈ạ̀߳̐ḽ̴̏̔͢eͦ߭'͔͆ͤs̜̠͙͍ ̡̥߰̒҆i̯҄߫߭ͫl͎̺ͅl̸͒ ͍̱̳߱r̛̫̆͂̀eٓ̒͞p̯ͤ͐͠u̢͐҇̂ٓṫ̯̖߬ḛ͠ ͉̣̹̈́҃(̫̮ͥ҄߭a̯̠ͮ߯n̿ͦ̓߰̐d͉̲̟ ̜̭̌t҇̔̒h̙̽͟a̝߭ͪ̚͡t̎͗ ̠̫̇̋ė҆n̩҃̓ͯd̨̗̱̼҈s̵ͨ ̵̠͈̪̋w̼̳͌̆ͨi̯͗t̠̪͐ͣh͙ͨ͞҉̓ ̸͂ͫͬà߳̉ͅ҈n̹͗͟ ̞͢e̘̒h̢̽,̝ͭ͞ ̲͉̈́ͯͅm̟ͧ̃ư̟c̈́̊h߫́߯ ̱͇͐l̯̞ị̶̅͞k͆̉è̃ ̨̟͔̋͆a̛̘̿ ̤̥F̀́r̗͙̭̱e͇̮̓͢n̊ͅċ̫h͓̏ͫ̌m̶̵̪҅a̵͓͒߬͠n̅̀̆͂͘ ̛҄̎s̷͍̓҇t̬̊̕͠u̇̈́ͬͮc߮̂k̆͘҉͝ ͞͏߫͢i̧͑n̜̈́ͦ ͎߮ͯą̨̑ ҃ͯͥC̒͌͠ä̈́n͋߫ȧ͉͈̈́ḏ̡̛̦̐ì̟a̹͊͘̕n̢҇҅'̝̉͐̋s̰͘͏̛ ͂̈ͫ͘̕r̨̬uͬ̚͠n̟̻͂̃a̽߳ٓ̄w͉̤̬ͦã̡́͂̓y̤̤߮ ̨̤̇͒C̸ͧ͡h͖͕͙e߮͛͞v̼͒̚rͧ͏̺͐̋o҉̬ٓl͚̘̬̿߰ȩ͘t̖̦͛̑́)̡҃̀͛.͋̈́
(77.41 KB 600x600 1428226021743.jpg)

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Anonymous 04/07/2021 (Wed) 02:04:06 No. 25489 [Reply]
Lina the Dark Elf thread. Green edition.
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>>25494 Not much of a story, but creator of ru.silkroad.com died of heroin OD, if you believe ru1.silkroad.com's ad video, and now we see ru1.silkroad.com slowly getting down (accepting logins but showing error) practically the same way. Everybody wonders if ru1.silkroad.com's Sen died of JWH.
>>25498 This coincides with mail.ru and 2ch.hk testing their own Cloudflare.
>>25499 Also, it all coincides with Russian political opposition character Navalny dying in prison of a penis in his ass.
>>25500 Coincidence? Don't think so.
Q predicted this.


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