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(69.37 KB 400x400 15787700810782.jpg)
Sen 08/29/2020 (Sat) 00:46:35 No. 14611
Onee.ch Meta Thread Ask questions and discuss the site here. broken files hopefully fixed
>>16394 The Burger King is a puppet and most Americans realize that. The real ruler of America is Mayor McCheese.
(24.71 KB 320x200 DOOM51.png)
>>16394 >>16396 > they don't know about the Clown World Order
/pol/ is now not shown on the boards list and the name has been changed to: Politically Correct The only rule there(aside from the global rules) is no bots.
(158.42 KB 1917x966 Clipboard.png)
(203.28 KB 1919x966 Clipboard.png)
(47.61 KB 947x693 Clipboard.png)
new theme going to be added soon.
(11.22 KB 273x230 Clipboard.png)
>>16663 The mint theme is here! I get bored and start making css changes that I think look cool sometimes...
Honestly I should delete some of the themes. Does anyone even use meguca, lain, mushroom, or cyberpunk?
>>16668 Why delete them? They're not hurting anything. I use the mushroom one sometimes.
>>16669 It just feels like there's a lot of themes.
>>16668 I used cyberpunk for a while and I'm using mushroom now.
>>16668 Using mushroom
>>16676 >>16674 Fair enough. Won't delete themes for now.
so are there any opinions on the new theme?
oh yeah I also made the nav bar a bit bigger on mobile.
>>16665 Seems solid. Nice & readable.
Listen, what would really help me out is a graph or infographic showing me how to redpost and italics and all that hobknobbery.
(261.06 KB 400x489 1590279096109.png)
It seems someone is attacking the site. I'm not enabling cuckflare.
>>17375 What do the server logs show? Tor was lagged bad earlier. About 2 hours or so ago. Probably not related.
(72.99 KB 701x759 Clipboard.png)
>>17379 Massive increase in most things
>>17375 Maybe it's that dickhead.
(1.48 MB 1200x628 Clipboard.png)
>>17381 Sen should fight him. Two men enter, one man leaves.
Shit site, delete it Sen.
>>17688 Not gonna delete it.
>>17693 Ahh shit, there goes the theory that you're secretly Patch trying to make up for all of those site deletions. ;^) More seriously, that's great. The captcha being enabled again isn't (especially when I lose a post-in-progress after failing or filling in an expired one, ugh), but I can understand the reason for it.
>>17696 nah I'm not patch. Sorry about the captcha, it autoenables if a certain amount of replies happen in one hour.
>>17699 Yeah, it's pretty obvious that you're not. This place has been running consistently too long for that to be the case. Keep up the good work!
>>17703 will do, thanks :)
>>17699 Maybe set it higher than like 10, dumbass.
>>17713 it's set to 20
>>17719 50 would make more sense. This place can be fast sometimes.
>>14611 inb4 site goes down again.
(3.80 MB Wipe Out.mp3)
Sen can't into LynxChan/databases.
(1.02 MB 800x600 Clipboard.png)
>>17735 >This place can be fast sometimes. Are you a snail by chance?
>>17922 Quit trying to dox me you fucking glownigger.
(28.09 KB 500x375 snel.jpg)
>>17922 I em snel
I added snow to the main page. Happy early holidays! :)
>>17934 Looks good! Same to you, Sen.
>>17935 Thanks :))
>>17936 Pure CSS? Not bad, I might steal this.
>>17938 I saw it or something similar on Kohlchan first, FYI.
>>17943 >he browses KC Leave this place and never return.
>>17945 I lurk only, never posting.
>>17943 Ah I wasn't aware they did this too.
>>17953 Suuuure.
Gave the logo a nice little hat.
From: A Nek <novichok_store@t.me> To: daria.polskaya@ya.ru Subject: приветик ВК давай дружить позже. Расскажи о себе вкратце, если не сложно) С уважением, Антон +7 952 644 63 39 \0 From: A Nek <novichok_store@t.me> To: daria.polskaya@ya.ru Subject: позвони мне +7 952 644 63 39 хочу кое-что спросить \0 From: A Nek <novichok_store@t.me> To: daria.polskaya@ya.ru Subject: ты Мне жизненно необходимо поговорить с тобой. Позвони. Без меня вы не виыживете, я без тебя тоже.
>>18069 shut the fuck up, retard
>>18074 or what, gay guy?
Testing posting from w3m
>>18676 The little browser? I don't have it on this machine but my other one I do. Do you have it in Emacs as well? This is probably the easiest chan to post on so no surprise it works.
(74.78 KB 395x395 1608174562307.png)
Yes. and not only that, I have it running in WSL
>>18682 Windows Subsystem for Linux? Kind of like a reverse Wine. If it's open source you could just straight build it for Windows. gcc will target Windows. I have a Mingw cross compiler here that targets Windows.
>>18683 yes, windows subsystem for linux
This site has a fandom entry. https://chans.fandom.com/wiki/Onee_Chan
(27.44 KB 939x131 Clipboard.png)
>>18828 Yeah Sen created it because he's a pathetic loser.
>>18869 well that's a bit rude.
(172.33 KB 466x353 Clipboard.png)
>>18869 "nothing interesting happened". We should be portrayed in a better light. Twitter won't let me access it with Palemoon (https://twitter.com/theonlyrealsen). >>18870 We need to pump you up for New Year's, Sen - stand up to these bullies.
Yo, would it be possible for onee to get a new theme?
>>19056 What kind of theme?
>>19058 Idk, maybe something with a few colors. I'd use Megucu & Lain more if they didn't have the floating Lain head. It'd be nice to have a more colorful theme, but within reason. I mainly use Mint & Pink. Crt & Cyber is too much eyestrain.
>>19059 What colors would you want to see in a theme?
>>19067 Ehhh...comic book colors. Whatever Sen's impression of the comic book aesthetic is, run with that.
>>19069 sounds like a good idea. I'll work on this soon.
>>19056 Nobody cares about your gay little color schemes. Get a life you fucking loser.
>>19071 If you do, thanks : ) No worries if you don't.
>>19069 I care
>>19090 Shut up Simon.
(1.71 MB 300x225 1569424219.gif)
Let's ban meta discussions from the other threads!
>>20003 I agree. Its obvious that malicious actors are trying to ruin or derail all threads by coming into them and purposfully posting low quality replies or starting drama in dedicated drama threads.
>>20011 get a load of this projection.
>>20014 Its not productive to try and provoke. If we get along instead of purposfully antagonize just to bait out endless lame threads i think well see some good banter
(62.48 KB 1515x228 unnamed2.png)
(36.76 KB 450x600 1608592729849.jpg)
(327.69 KB 746x436 Clipboard.png)
>>20019 I'll show them this time Mwaaa Haa Ha!
>>14611 added an external status page: https://status.onee.ch
>>20244 if youre gonna shoot, shoot dont talk
(195.04 KB 355x397 Clipboard.png)
>>22188 I don't need to give a reason. Follow the rules :^)
>>22190 If you find the rules so unreasonable then don't post. Go make your own imageboard or fuck off to some other place that welcomes degenerates like you.
>>22192 It's not up to you to decide what is and isn't an argument. If you don't like my rules go somewhere else.
>>22194 Right it's not an argument in the literal sense. It's a suggestion. By that logic almost nothing you've said has been an argument. Go somewhere else.
>>22196 Youre gonna have to try harder if you want to trigger me.
>>22198 And how does this make me triggered? Are you saying you're triggered because you're going out of your way to post children and even going so far as to change the file hash when I ban them?
>>22202 Sounds like a cope to me.
>>22205 Neither is that
>>22209 Yup, and there's nothing you can do about it :^)
>>22212 I don't really mind deleting your garbage tbh. It's not like I'm solely focused on it. Currently relaxing and rewatching the fresh prince of bel-air rn :^)
>>22293 >>22294 WTF SEN?!
>>22295 retard spam. disregard
What ever happened to mod Spetsnaz?
>>22338 He's no longer a mod as mods aren't really needed.
>>22339 That's ironic.
you cannot wonder why you have a dead board.
(103.07 KB 800x600 Winter.jpg)


no cookies?