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(109.32 KB 836x717 cat-barfing-rainbow.jpg)
OC Anonymous 09/03/2020 (Thu) 00:49:40 No. 14823
Guys. I'm not feeling so good... better watchout. I think I might... blarghhhhh! OC thread. Hopefully long-term.
>>16758 Fuckin' A, the witch draws back the curtain.
(660.76 KB 957x795 reallynigger.png)
(170.28 KB 740x1006 8channel-sabotage.jpg)
And here I thought I'd run out of ideas. Opportunity will present itself if you wait long enough.
Don't try kicking against the wind.
(264.52 KB 713x1000 kenny-tin-can-call.jpg)
You better pick up. Hell-o!
(469.92 KB 1295x948 jd-tin-can-call-alamy.jpg)
(187.93 KB 750x1334 kenny-tin-can-call-smartphone.jpg)
867 5309
(108.57 KB 934x595 biden-come-on-man-2.jpg)
Corn Pop was a bad dude.
(34.28 KB 534x392 always-edit-images.jpg)
(193.94 KB 750x827 komodo_dragon_so_nice.jpg)
(15.63 KB 499x179 all that remains.jpg)
(135.17 KB 1010x451 fallacy-of-hope.jpg)
When marriage is outlawed, only outlaws will have inlaws.
(163.45 KB 450x608 eeyore-party-hat.png)
happy birthday to me if anyone cares I know they don't (*sigh*)
>>16976 Happy Birthday, same birth month as me bro.
>>16976 Happy birthday anon!
(413.68 KB 1128x1222 jd-super-spreader.jpg)
>>16978 >>16979 ty anons
>>16981 sleep tight, pupper
>>16982 You're not doing it right! Now you have lung-aids.
(113.98 KB 892x677 FO3-hud-feral-kamal.jpg)
Get the Gauss Rifle.
(399.23 KB 1377x775 the-grungles.jpg)
(175.56 KB 350x428 lazy-town-omg-this.png)
Reaction pic for all your low-effort agreement needs.
(109.91 KB 800x450 barney-who-cares.jpg)
(50.95 KB 623x623 jd-mirror.jpg)
(188.91 KB 1138x758 chinaman-please-no-eat-cat.jpg)
A reaction pic, a lmao, and a statement. This felyne is your friend - he fights for cat-free dinners! Chinaman, please!
(1.45 MB 1920x1080 2018-10-11_1924_1.png)
(2.22 MB 1920x1080 2018-10-25_2252_1.png)
(441.84 KB 1023x767 africa vetus.jpg)
(733.95 KB 1440x900 AOK016.png)
Just salvaged more pics from my dying USB drive. Enjoy some random screenshots.
(146.58 KB 1085x780 kool-aid-man-cool-it.jpg)
There's alot of opportunity to use this one, though maybe not here.
(1.47 MB 540x360 video0 (47).mp4)
(63.90 KB 672x540 archie-stifle-yourself.jpg)
As of Tuesday, C will be flushed in favor of COBOL. Please update all programs.
(179.53 KB 730x730 cat-owners-dry-food.jpg)
(142.55 KB 810x810 dr-evil-patch-posts.jpg)
Fortune: Patch will start a new chan within a week.
kys retard
(143.92 KB 1017x766 reuben-whats-up-doc.jpg)
(252.68 KB 677x1083 steph-shitpost-the-whole-world.jpg)
You've always got the option of having just committed suicide!
(29.54 KB 480x640 happy-the-dickhead.jpg)
Why hello there!
(140.96 KB 1026x717 sinking-ship.jpg)
This is an older one, but I unbranded it for use on any /b/. Can you believe 9fans deleted this?
(9.22 KB 221x263 1591897327-0.jpg)
>>17677 Lol, yes I can, that's why I left.
>>17678 Probably was in your thread too as I was saying goodbye. Hopefully you're not leaving the chan-o-verse.
>>17683 Thanks for the farewell, m8. No, I'm still anonymous 4 life, I'm just going back to maining comfy boards like this one. Staying on 9chan would just be validating the admins' shitty behavior, so it's better in my opinion to have integrity for the culture and support the places where it's best represented. Like I said, if the site ever changes into better hands, I'll be back.
you're an old piece of shit and your photo editing """skills""" suck
(108.07 KB 398x360 1451465135866.png)
>>17687 He knows he sucks. He's desperate to create a "meme" that will catch on. A few months ago he made a thread claiming that hyena should be the new pepe. Ever since, he's been spamming these quick photoshop jobs. He's chosen quantity over quality. It's beginning to get annoying.
(336.43 KB 608x344 Clipboard.png)
(126.02 KB 588x550 jd-and-not-a-care.jpg)
(340.15 KB 643x482 Clipboard.png)
>>17687 Says the guy that can't even format text properly... Someone else had me as fat today as well. Now I got to be old too? Damn. >>17705 My images are pretty widely reposted and that thread said JD should replace pepe. Pepe is over 5 years old and didn't even originate on the alt-chans. >quantity Some of the images are quick. Some are 30+ layer images taking 12+ hours. Speaking of quality, you might want to clean up all those stray pixels on your image. That's a terrible crop. >It's beginning to get annoying. Sorry. I aim for full annoyance for I'll have to step up my game.
(136.83 KB 588x550 jd-and-not-a-care.jpg)
>>17722 Boo-ha! Caught you all sleeping. Again. Better version.
(984.40 KB 500x277 giphy.gif)
(288.45 KB 950x725 rodent-wheres-waldo.jpg)
(136.46 KB 701x546 rodent-dear-leader.jpg)
(200.22 KB 654x589 bugs-bunny-this-means-war.png)
>>17777 I didn't even crop that pic, you spaz. It's an old meme from back when you were in diapers. Nice quads, I guess.
>>17778 Well now it's cleaner with a more general purpose message for use as a reaction image.
>>17781 You're a psycho. This is psycho talk.
(405.78 KB 960x1440 patch-groundhog-day.jpg)
Enchanted image: Due to the subject matter, this image always counts as first-time posted OC, no matter how many times it's posted.
(30.12 KB 640x480 thumb.png)
I had an idea: Greta Thumberg
It's a cat-astrophe!
You can't teach a new mouse old clicks.
(121.08 KB 1042x702 jd-MGM.jpg)
Try again
(116.50 KB 720x960 rodent-time-cover.jpg)
I just realized I'm the only person on planet earth using an imageboard right now.
Your supervisor is thinking about you.
>>18183 lay off the weed anon, im here using one too
It had to be done. I'm sorry. I'm sorry!
Many a true word spoken in jest.
(268.37 KB 1092x806 steph-shitpost-butcher-steph.jpg)
Warning: this fortune may change your life.
>>18290 ominous
(493.13 KB 670x484 chamelion-partial-trans.png)
(453.67 KB 670x479 chamelion-onee.png)
Color-to-alpha and partial transparency test. I'll have to play around with this idea tomorrow when I have more time.
(307.15 KB 670x484 chamelion-partial-trans-crop.png)
(369.68 KB 675x559 chamelion-onee-2.png)
Maybe lower the opacity to make him blend in more, but then it's harder to tell what it is. There's a fine line between confusing the viewer and letting him know what he's looking at.
(48.92 KB 500x334 rodent-arsonist-2.jpg)
(134.78 KB 850x850 possum-buffed-revolver-14.jpg)
Another quick rodent and a new troop. You can never have enough troops when you are trying to rule the chan-o-verse.
(158.31 KB 798x800 vintage-lmaos.jpg)
You guys get out of there! If you break it, I can't afford to replace an antique.
>>18477 maybe there's just no boards worth it board like herdchan, it's like smacking a toddler
>>18482 Nah, I think they're just pansies who can't do it anymore.
(542.08 KB 931x633 possum-buffed-15.jpg)
Troops are amassing. Something's up.
(154.15 KB 1140x826 possum-victory-28chan.jpg)
>>18541 Thnx for your password, just deleted all your possum posts. Sucker!
(255.54 KB 904x1110 possum-punished-cmdr-possum.jpg)
>>18547 Every possum fights for the glory of the possum-posse and knows the risk before he charges into battle. We kill and are killed, only to rise again for battle in an endless cycle of birth and death.
Ditat Deus.
>>18555 the posse is dead long live the posse
(140.67 KB 609x832 steph-shitpost-polar-bear.jpg)
'Tis the season for polar stephanies.
>>14823 >make oc to help pedos and trannies in their daily internet escapism Nah fuck this community
>>18755 posilutely sneething dubs check'd
(209.54 KB 719x824 oscar-no-oc.jpg)
(40.67 KB 508x729 jd-who-can-it-be.png)
Altchans are a lot more dead when Possums nigger isn't doing his rounds.
(1.27 MB 941x813 jd-shit-poster-shitpit.png)
JD, you're all fucked up. You need help! Get out of the manure pit! >>18874 Lemme strap my goggles on...
(16.83 KB 300x100 8chnl-onions-zebra-banner.jpg)
(19.37 KB 300x100 8chnl-onions-zebra-banner-2.jpg)
>>19051 Old pikachu was such a zebra rancher. Once he cranked it up so high that the captcha looked like an actual zebra's stripes and no one could figure out what was written within. That's where the whole zebra thing came from: Lynxchan's captchas look like real zebra stripes at max level.
>>19076 *crickets chirping*
>>19077 kek'in dubs of dunce Get off my cloud.
(162.37 KB 460x370 wtf-guy-rodent.png)
(158.06 KB 460x370 wtf-guy-kenny.png)
>>15987 >>17776 >>18183 >>18468 >>19111 weirdos sharing images of me on a dead chan that i dont even visit i would sue you for civil harassment but i have to save up money for my own potential criminal charges, ur on notice
>>19118 You've become somewhat of a star. I only expect you to come on stronger in 2021.
>>19121 expect a lawsuit and restraining order in 2021
>>19118 >that i dont even visit
>>19560 apparently i do now whats up my dude
>>19563 Give us some new material.
(149.00 KB 956x539 possum-cnn-announce-herdchan.jpg)
Get back jack
(84.41 KB 965x527 rocky-banned-again.jpg)
(399.59 KB 839x689 diff-strokes-watchu-talk.png)
There's so few places I can post. I'm ronin now.
>>19670 we's all ronin massa
(98.45 KB 1000x1000 1463791487030.png)
>>19730 Just pooed my pants, is that normal?
(2.25 MB 3948x2820 montage.jpg)
With almost 30 boards overran in 2020, you've gone from an old meme and stock images to having your own armed troops with foot soldier goons, an alliance with the trash pandas, and matching under your own flag. Good job guys.
(158.71 KB 1136x751 loli-of-approval.jpg)
This is another way to crop an image with fine detail: https://teckangaroo.com/gimp-how-to-remove-background/ However, you still have to go back in with the eraser pixel by pixel anyway and it probably ends up taking even longer with no better results. Granted, my subject was more complex than the example. I could probably remove the water mark with resynthasizer, at least on the shirt but it's very continued existance is a testament that I have done exactly the thing they did not want me to do: take and use their image. Anyway, have a reaction image.
>>20046 muh impotent rage
(129.30 KB 960x512 possum-fluffed-mount.jpg)
She'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes when she comes. She'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes when she comes.
>>20044 trying to crop around hair is maddening
>>20550 I thought the greyscale technique would be better so I kept following along, only to waste something like 2-3 hours.
(82.49 KB 899x541 biden-hidin-with-biden.jpg)
Look, man. You know me.
>>20580 I get hampered enough by doing shit in some random autistic self-figured way, then needing to redo it from scratch having come up with a much better way to do it, because crippling OCD perfectionism about detail fucking nobody else would notice or care about.
(156.38 KB 1600x1102 patch-delete.jpg)
(192.64 KB 714x1103 steph-shitpost-axe.jpg)
(220.14 KB 740x877 jole-out-mag-cover.jpg)
You made the cover, jole! I knew you had it in you.
(163.05 KB 712x1100 steph-shitpost-axe-hades.jpg)
I originally wanted this image to have a hell/hades background but couldn't find one that night. This is more like the version I wanted.
About the only thing on a farm that has an easy time is the dog.


no cookies?