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(69.37 KB 400x400 15787700810782.jpg)
Sen 08/29/2020 (Sat) 00:46:35 No. 14611
Onee.ch Meta Thread Ask questions and discuss the site here. broken files hopefully fixed
(1.21 KB 172x33 Clipboard.png)
>>14613 Oh shiiiiiiiiit!
(585.54 KB 938x722 CuteMatsuri.png)
Is it stable now?
If you wiped the database then how come the post count is still high/where we left off?
>>14621 You're right! Sen lied!
>>14622 People died.
>>14621 Because I wiped certain parts of the database that were causing fuckups. >>14616 I hope.
(1.30 MB 763x816 oneech-is-down-again.png)
(854.84 KB 1066x800 oneech-bouts-to-breeze.png)
(565.78 KB 798x572 oneech-sen-a-bro.png)
(303.32 KB 298x156 1386261449189.gif)
(117.52 KB 1006x788 all me.png)
all me
>>14631 Shit, I'll look into this tomorrow if I have time
(577.63 KB 800x533 oneech-be-like-this.png)
>>14629 ##Sen##! I blame you for my mental state.
>>14633 I'm sorry :/
(757.78 KB 910x684 1.png)
>>14627 I'm going to leave this work file open and try again tomorrow. I like the direction this is going but it's missing that extra something. It needs a good slogan...something. Something's missing.
>>14633 Where did rainbow text go? We're really wearing bread bags in our boots now.
>>14640 ##test##
Hmm might have to switch to vichan or something
>>14641 test
>>14642 Nigger how about ACTUALLY wiping the database? Just drop the lynxchan database in the mongo shell and restart LynxChan. Then create your admin account again and done.
>>14645 There's no reason to do that tho.
>>14631 Oh shit, the post in the middle is double (you)
>>14642 Why haven't you done it tho?
>>14649 Because lynxchan has a lot of good features and is actively being developed.
>>14646 >There's no reason to do that tho. I had to wait hours to make this post because IT FUCKING CRASHED AGAIN. Are you fucking stupid? Just start with a whole new database already.
>>14651 The issue isn't with the database itself, resetting everything completely won't help. Resetting the database to the point where it is now fixed the images being broken. I need to figure out why it's running out of memory when more than enough memory is provided.
>>14653 Starting with a completely new database would fix all your problems. At this point it's worth a shot.
>>14654 That's close to what I did. I wiped all existing media and posts, which are the things that caused some errors, but kept user accounts and boards.
>>14650 > crashing is good feature Maybe you should try something simpler. Apparently TinyIB doesn't even need a DB at all. For a site of this scale, that might be the way to go. Can't crash the DB when there isn't one.
>>14642 There are many LynxChan installs that don't have that problem so doubtful it's LynxChan.
>>14661 Yeah
(343.00 KB 1280x960 me-tan.jpg)
>>14661 There are apparently also some computers that could run WinME.
(454.22 KB 640x640 oneech-loads-first-try.png)
>>14639 >Something's missing. Try a dash of lemon juice.
Sen can't into computah.
>>14660 >Can't crash the DB when there isn't one. This tbh.
(79.77 KB 593x663 1565218898833.jpg)
>>14660 >>14676 I'd probably find a way
Hmm so apparently lynxchan just keeps using more and more memory until it crashes the server. This takes a while but it still happens. Ig I can just make it restart every few hours.
>>14681 Definitely use this retarded workaround instead of fixing the problem, yes.
(88.05 KB 913x1085 1591307723525.jpg)
>>14680 can you not
>>14688 There is no memory leak, LynxChan runs fine on dozens of other sites. Simon is just an incompetent retard.
>>14688 I'll take a look at this later, thanks :)
>>14692 Is this how it ends? Will this be the death of oneechan? I don't want it to end...
>>14697 Not like this...
>>14697 If I can't fix it I'll switch to a different imageboard software. Oneech isn't dying any time soon.
(191.15 KB 850x850 Wile E. Coyote.jpg)
>>14681 Maybe you can set some hard limits for the lynx user, so it doesn't gobble up all the memory. Check what "ulimit -a" says after you "su" to the lynx user.
(22.76 KB 995x287 Clipboard.png)
Sites's been running fine for a while and memory usage isn't anything that out of the usual with about 50% of one gig being used.
>>14702 The site's running on 1 gig? Is that enough?
>>14704 For a single site it's enough. Also I got more than enough swap just in case.
Do you plan more board wipeouts in near future, Sen?
>>14758 Perhaps.
(162.17 KB 162x240 alfonsodance.gif)
(3.80 MB Wipe Out.mp3)
hey hey Sen - can you enable the "Return" or "Index" button at the bottom left of the screen after a post so I don't have to hit the back button in my browser to get back to /b/? I've seen several LynxChan installs that have that.
>>14832 Sure
(1.62 KB 308x57 Clipboard.png)
(18.81 KB 1515x137 Clipboard.png)
>>14838 Could you maybe move it here or anywhere else where it doesn't look so cluttered?
(2.86 KB 549x118 Clipboard.png)
>>14840 done.
Moved the email field under the name field when posting and renamed it to options.
>>14842 Chanpink's all fucked up, guess I'll be one of the other eight themes.
>>14843 Oh wait, no. This or a variation of it, is happening to every theme except for Dark.
(9.17 KB 976x86 Clipboard.png)
>>14843 >>14844 Forgot image.
>>14845 >>14844 >>14843 Fuck, I'll fix in a sec
>>14846 fixed
>>14847 Looks epic now.
I've posted an image and it's empty post box.
20 threads per board page is a little much sweetie.
>>14983 is it?
>>14984 Yes.
>>14984 No its not
gave the cyberpunk theme a little update. Nothing major, just changed the font.
working on a new theme btw.
(804.60 KB 1901x970 Clipboard.png)
>>15192 That looks nice but hard to see.
(994.28 KB 1919x972 Clipboard.png)
New theme is here, ad it has a few bugs which I will fix soon.
>>15204 Theme isn't meant to be used on mobile btw.
hmm theme doesn't work as well on firefox.
>>15204 Seems pretty epic.
My files are being stripped. Sometimes. It wasn't a big file either. Like this post; it was supposed to have a file: https://onee.ch/b/res/15379.html#q15385
(283.10 KB 500x500 unsatDominoes.gif)
>>14611 My monthly check-in to Onee... Sorry you're having troubles, Sen. Shouldn't be happening to a good guy like you. I'll continue praying to Kek for Onee.
>>15410 Thanks anon, it means a lot :D
(192.17 KB 1901x467 Clipboard.png)
Oh shit Sen nigger what are you doing!
>>15633 What do you mean
>>15633 Look how the text is all moved to/squished at the right site. It should go under the images.
(4.50 KB 574x85 Clipboard.png)
Added links to catalog, archive, and page bottom to the board page. Will fix issues in >>15633 and >>15653 soon.
(138.56 KB 1878x266 Clipboard.png)
>>15764 Fixed.
give us less features while also breaking the site then blaming the users for it
>>15776 That doesn't sound like a good idea
16chan banned for a year for "spam" literally 1 thread on /pol/ his is a sister chan right? it's just as dead, users look like the same and has the same layout
>>15783 maybe he should ban me for "inciting violence" or "spam" again. Everytime i get banned my dick grows bigger
>>15817 afaik 16chan is not a sister chan to anything.
I saw a jannie in a thread on /pol/ yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him by posting choice copypasta that would result in a range permaban. He said, "Oh, like you're doing now?" I was taken aback, and all I could say was "Sneed?", but he kept saying "FLOODING" and doing things for free in front of my face. I closed the window and continued my shitposting, and I heard him seethe angrily through the internet. When I came to solve the Captcha I saw the jannie waiting to ban me with a few of my posts on his computer. I was very nice about it and professional, and was like "Hey you fucking faggot, why don't you stop being such a fucking cocksucker?" At first he kept pretending that being an 16chan jannie was a worthwhile use of his time, but eventually turned around and revealed that he was going to ban me for " ". I started screaming autistically and began to appeal my ban, but the jannie called me a "fucking wagie" and told me to "have sex". I don't even think he's dilated recently. After he denied my appeal and started looking for other threads to ruin, he went over to his bull and started sucking his cock really loudly.
>>15910 nypa
Oneechan fucking sucks.
>>16074 I try :/
(372.17 KB 500x333 Clipboard.png)
>>16080 Kick his ass, Senwick. Don't let him talk to you like that. Give'em a what-for.
Sen's real name is Simon Novak.
>>16115 Got the first part correct :p
deleted /biz/ and /a/ Threads relating to the topic should now be made on /b/
>>16209 Why? /biz/ seemed to be getting some activity.
>>16210 Biz got a few posts per month and most of those were just shilling. It's better to have more threads giving activity to /b/ than to have a few threads spread out over the entire site.
>>16211 /pol/ gets a few posts per month and it's just one bot posting to itself and my shrek dick thread.
>>16214 This is true, /pol/ will also be deleted.
>>16215 Noooo! Where will I post shrek dick?
(96.52 KB 640x427 giant cat.jpg)
> https://onee.ch/genericThumb.png > PNG image data, 5000 x 5000
>>16215 >deleted /pol/ This is why we have political issues spam on /b/ now? Can't say it's an improvement, honestly.
>>16304 hmm yes this can be an issue.
>>16080 >>16088 Yeah, don't let 'em get under your goat, Sen.
>>16360 Never have, never will :)
Added /pol/ back because I'm not enabling captcha because of some dumb bot.
>>16393 Americans hate tyranny, but cry to be ruled by the Burger King.
>>16394 The Burger King is a puppet and most Americans realize that. The real ruler of America is Mayor McCheese.
(24.71 KB 320x200 DOOM51.png)
>>16394 >>16396 > they don't know about the Clown World Order
/pol/ is now not shown on the boards list and the name has been changed to: Politically Correct The only rule there(aside from the global rules) is no bots.
(158.42 KB 1917x966 Clipboard.png)
(203.28 KB 1919x966 Clipboard.png)
(47.61 KB 947x693 Clipboard.png)
new theme going to be added soon.
(11.22 KB 273x230 Clipboard.png)
>>16663 The mint theme is here! I get bored and start making css changes that I think look cool sometimes...
Honestly I should delete some of the themes. Does anyone even use meguca, lain, mushroom, or cyberpunk?
>>16668 Why delete them? They're not hurting anything. I use the mushroom one sometimes.
>>16669 It just feels like there's a lot of themes.
>>16668 I used cyberpunk for a while and I'm using mushroom now.
>>16668 Using mushroom
>>16676 >>16674 Fair enough. Won't delete themes for now.
so are there any opinions on the new theme?
oh yeah I also made the nav bar a bit bigger on mobile.
>>16665 Seems solid. Nice & readable.
Listen, what would really help me out is a graph or infographic showing me how to redpost and italics and all that hobknobbery.
(261.06 KB 400x489 1590279096109.png)
It seems someone is attacking the site. I'm not enabling cuckflare.
>>17375 What do the server logs show? Tor was lagged bad earlier. About 2 hours or so ago. Probably not related.
(72.99 KB 701x759 Clipboard.png)
>>17379 Massive increase in most things
>>17375 Maybe it's that dickhead.
(1.48 MB 1200x628 Clipboard.png)
>>17381 Sen should fight him. Two men enter, one man leaves.
Shit site, delete it Sen.
>>17688 Not gonna delete it.
>>17693 Ahh shit, there goes the theory that you're secretly Patch trying to make up for all of those site deletions. ;^) More seriously, that's great. The captcha being enabled again isn't (especially when I lose a post-in-progress after failing or filling in an expired one, ugh), but I can understand the reason for it.
>>17696 nah I'm not patch. Sorry about the captcha, it autoenables if a certain amount of replies happen in one hour.
>>17699 Yeah, it's pretty obvious that you're not. This place has been running consistently too long for that to be the case. Keep up the good work!
>>17703 will do, thanks :)
>>17699 Maybe set it higher than like 10, dumbass.
>>17713 it's set to 20
>>17719 50 would make more sense. This place can be fast sometimes.
>>14611 inb4 site goes down again.
(3.80 MB Wipe Out.mp3)
Sen can't into LynxChan/databases.
(1.02 MB 800x600 Clipboard.png)
>>17735 >This place can be fast sometimes. Are you a snail by chance?
>>17922 Quit trying to dox me you fucking glownigger.
(28.09 KB 500x375 snel.jpg)
>>17922 I em snel
I added snow to the main page. Happy early holidays! :)
>>17934 Looks good! Same to you, Sen.
>>17935 Thanks :))
>>17936 Pure CSS? Not bad, I might steal this.
>>17938 I saw it or something similar on Kohlchan first, FYI.
>>17943 >he browses KC Leave this place and never return.
>>17945 I lurk only, never posting.
>>17943 Ah I wasn't aware they did this too.
>>17953 Suuuure.
Gave the logo a nice little hat.
From: A Nek <novichok_store@t.me> To: daria.polskaya@ya.ru Subject: приветик ВК давай дружить позже. Расскажи о себе вкратце, если не сложно) С уважением, Антон +7 952 644 63 39 \0 From: A Nek <novichok_store@t.me> To: daria.polskaya@ya.ru Subject: позвони мне +7 952 644 63 39 хочу кое-что спросить \0 From: A Nek <novichok_store@t.me> To: daria.polskaya@ya.ru Subject: ты Мне жизненно необходимо поговорить с тобой. Позвони. Без меня вы не виыживете, я без тебя тоже.
>>18069 shut the fuck up, retard
>>18074 or what, gay guy?


no cookies?