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(69.37 KB 400x400 15787700810782.jpg)
Sen 08/29/2020 (Sat) 00:46:35 No. 14611
Onee.ch Meta Thread Ask questions and discuss the site here. broken files hopefully fixed
Testing posting from w3m
>>18676 The little browser? I don't have it on this machine but my other one I do. Do you have it in Emacs as well? This is probably the easiest chan to post on so no surprise it works.
(74.78 KB 395x395 1608174562307.png)
Yes. and not only that, I have it running in WSL
>>18682 Windows Subsystem for Linux? Kind of like a reverse Wine. If it's open source you could just straight build it for Windows. gcc will target Windows. I have a Mingw cross compiler here that targets Windows.
>>18683 yes, windows subsystem for linux
This site has a fandom entry. https://chans.fandom.com/wiki/Onee_Chan
(27.44 KB 939x131 Clipboard.png)
>>18828 Yeah Sen created it because he's a pathetic loser.
>>18869 well that's a bit rude.
(172.33 KB 466x353 Clipboard.png)
>>18869 "nothing interesting happened". We should be portrayed in a better light. Twitter won't let me access it with Palemoon (https://twitter.com/theonlyrealsen). >>18870 We need to pump you up for New Year's, Sen - stand up to these bullies.
Yo, would it be possible for onee to get a new theme?
>>19056 What kind of theme?
>>19058 Idk, maybe something with a few colors. I'd use Megucu & Lain more if they didn't have the floating Lain head. It'd be nice to have a more colorful theme, but within reason. I mainly use Mint & Pink. Crt & Cyber is too much eyestrain.
>>19059 What colors would you want to see in a theme?
>>19067 Ehhh...comic book colors. Whatever Sen's impression of the comic book aesthetic is, run with that.
>>19069 sounds like a good idea. I'll work on this soon.
>>19056 Nobody cares about your gay little color schemes. Get a life you fucking loser.
>>19071 If you do, thanks : ) No worries if you don't.
>>19069 I care
>>19090 Shut up Simon.
(1.71 MB 300x225 1569424219.gif)
Let's ban meta discussions from the other threads!
>>20003 I agree. Its obvious that malicious actors are trying to ruin or derail all threads by coming into them and purposfully posting low quality replies or starting drama in dedicated drama threads.
>>20011 get a load of this projection.
>>20014 Its not productive to try and provoke. If we get along instead of purposfully antagonize just to bait out endless lame threads i think well see some good banter
(62.48 KB 1515x228 unnamed2.png)
(36.76 KB 450x600 1608592729849.jpg)
(327.69 KB 746x436 Clipboard.png)
>>20019 I'll show them this time Mwaaa Haa Ha!
>>14611 added an external status page: https://status.onee.ch
>>20244 if youre gonna shoot, shoot dont talk
(195.04 KB 355x397 Clipboard.png)
>>22188 I don't need to give a reason. Follow the rules :^)
>>22190 If you find the rules so unreasonable then don't post. Go make your own imageboard or fuck off to some other place that welcomes degenerates like you.
>>22192 It's not up to you to decide what is and isn't an argument. If you don't like my rules go somewhere else.
>>22194 Right it's not an argument in the literal sense. It's a suggestion. By that logic almost nothing you've said has been an argument. Go somewhere else.
>>22196 Youre gonna have to try harder if you want to trigger me.
>>22198 And how does this make me triggered? Are you saying you're triggered because you're going out of your way to post children and even going so far as to change the file hash when I ban them?
>>22202 Sounds like a cope to me.
>>22205 Neither is that
>>22209 Yup, and there's nothing you can do about it :^)
>>22212 I don't really mind deleting your garbage tbh. It's not like I'm solely focused on it. Currently relaxing and rewatching the fresh prince of bel-air rn :^)
>>22293 >>22294 WTF SEN?!
>>22295 retard spam. disregard
What ever happened to mod Spetsnaz?
>>22338 He's no longer a mod as mods aren't really needed.
>>22339 That's ironic.
you cannot wonder why you have a dead board.
(103.07 KB 800x600 Winter.jpg)
I would like this place to be full of ppl but to be frank with you, most ppl gone to discord... Ik... But most don't care about spyware since most ppl only just want to talk about shit... Rly
>>14648 George Double You
>>23132 I would not like to see this place full of people.
>I would not like to see this place full of people. >There'll be many more years for people to come. Inconsistent, irrational, mentally ill BO just like all others.
>>23193 I don't want to see this place too active but I'm going to keep it alive and maintain it for years. I don't understand what's irrational about that nor how that is a thing that mentally ill people do.
>>23226 >I don't understand what's irrational unnecessary and spiteful censorship. >mentally ill people arent irrational you wot m8?
>>23228 You quoted me saying that I don't want my site to be full of people and me saying that I'll keep running it for years. Nowhere did you mention me deleting your images Seems like you're the mentally ill one here.
>>23234 >im too autistic to see all the factors coalescing
>>23235 No, you're too autistic to mention them. I delete the images because it annoys you. That isn't irrational, it's funny.
>>23238 so you finally admit that you are just flexing. took long enough.
>>23239 If that's what you want to call it.
>>23259 thats objectively what it is. youre a petty, spiteful little bitch. own it, be proud of. dont give yourself some air of legitimacy.
>>23261 I don't need you to tell me what to be proud of. I do what I do.
>>23265 whether your proud of it doesnt matter, doesnt change what you are and what youre doing. but you might as well just own it. of course, rulecucks are by default dishonest people. wouldnt expect you to even be true with yourself.
>>23268 >>23268 Are you proud of what you are doing? You are going through the trouble of spamming images just to prove some point that I don't care about. Just imagine if you put all that effort into something productive.
>>23275 Oh wait, this explains the missing posts tbh. I thought you were callan but hes just spamming cp again because he got pissy over a thread lmao
reposting unnecessarily deleted images is not spam.
>>23276 >muh redefinition of cp
>>23275 Hes not trying to prove a point. He just hijacked what the cope protest on b2 was about and perverted the cause. Hes just a pedophile who wants any site that doesnt allow him to share cp to shit down. He spams cp then when you delete it he pretends on other sites it was innocent and youre just a crazy "rulecucked" mod.
>>23279 jole, you have literally spammed cp. ive caught you red handed. projection artist supreme.
>>23281 Endless projection. I thought i was a tranny chaser callan gamez, what happened to that? On discord we have randos new to zains rooms report you to the feds to be allowed to post
>>23277 It is when the images in question are not allowed on the site. >>23278 I'm not claiming that what you're posting is CP. I don't care tho.
>>23285 >i still cant give a reason then be reasonably ignored etc
>>23287 I don't need a reason. You wouldn't go into someone's house and shit on the floor after they've told you not to would you?
>>23289 >all i have is a retarded irrelevant analogy
(384.94 KB 1080x1215 1605333208-1.jpg)
because its questionable
I have no reason to censor this image I'm just a petty kike flexing. Enjoy Captcha per post.
I don't need a reason for anything I do. In fact, I have no free will. I'm just acting on pre-programming that I cannot describe.
your house is not open to the public. this site is. like all rulecucks youre a fucking idiot who couldnt make a valid, honest argument to save his life.
>>23293 >>23293 Callan you get way to mad over being a pedophile in 2021 tbh. Just deal with it. People dont like you.
>>23295 If only you actually had a valid argument like i did on b2.
>>23296 dont have to be liked by all. the truth is on my side.
For the record its hilarious patch won your little fight and now you found a new site and new mod to harass for a space to share cp
>>23298 The truth is you keep posting cp and it keeps getting deleted and youre mad so making the one deleting your shit out to be the bad guy. Even robert dropped this shtick before you did. I thought you were the level headed one but tbh i guess youre beavis and robert is butthead.
>>23295 Fine then. Would you do it in a post office?
>>23301 >im going to double down on the false analogy since i cant actually address the issue directly and honestly
>>23302 >I'm going to avoid the question entirely because I have no answer for it that would back up my baseless argument.
(63.51 KB 300x300 refresh.png)
>>23303 >>23304 >please let me post pictures that can be seen as sexual in context on a board thats 18+ only and allows porn >cloudflare wont see this as a bad thing at all >when i personally report it to try and get 600chan competition deplatformed Cyclical, over and over and over the same shit forever.
>>23305 its not a relevant question. youre not engaging the issue at hand at all. why should i just let you evade and change the subject faggot? >baseless argument oh boy, it seems you have no self-awareness either.
>>23307 Yet another way of avoiding the question. Are you going to answer it or not?
>i cant explain or justify this censorship >i openly admit i have nor need an argument >WOULD YOU BREAK INTO MY HOUSE AND DEFECATE ON MY RUG!? the fallacious brain spattered logic of a rulecuck.
>>23309 By the way i actually do report to cloudflare when i see shit like this Delete it now sen
>>23312 Are you talking to yourself and replying rn?
>>23313 Lucky for me I don't use cuckflare.
>>23318 >im enough of a cuck on my own
>>23321 Precisely. Now answer my question please.
>>23322 in a polite society, you would answer mine, which i asked first. then ill answer yours. the answer is probably yes, i would shit on your rug, because it would anger you and thats funny. my rationale would be just as valid as yours, kike.
>>23322 in a polite society, you would answer mine, which i asked first. then ill answer yours. the answer is probably yes, i would shit on your rug, because it would anger you and thats funny. my rationale would be just as valid as yours, kike.
>>23324 Alright, what's your question? Also thats not the question I asked. You made a valid point about a home being private property so I asked about a post office. Would you go into a post office and shit on the counter?
>>23326 i never said im not repetitive. the truth has to be stood for ad nauseam.
>>23328 justify the censorship.
>>23328 if they were refusing to send my mail for petty, arbitrary, inexplicable "reasons" then sure i might take a shit right there in the post office. now answer why you unnecessarily delete completely legal images.
>>23330 First of all that's not a question, it's a request. And my justification for the censorship is that some of the stuff you posted is inappropriate and could very well get my hosting pulled. It's much easier to just ban everything than to pick out the specific images. Also having a bunch of pictures of children on the site makes it seem like some pedo safe haven.
>>23334 a request to answer the underlying question. do it.
>>23331 Nah but I'm bored rn and have nothing better to do :p
>>23337 Your "question" was answered.
>>23334 >inappropriate meaningless term. >could very well get my hosting pulled. cite the part of their TOS that strictly prohibits legal images that are easily googled fashion catalogs.
>>23341 >but on an 18+ board that allows porn it becomes cp under us law. citation needed. well be waiting forever, you dont know what youre talking about. now why dont you post some actual cp like you have so many times james alexander banks?
>>23338 Thats not true, callan actually has you triggered and trying to explain yourself, loser.
>>23346 citation missing.
>>23341 Yeah but that's not my reason. >>23343 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Im really drunk, is sen actually someone whos here or is this just diversion from me bullying you callan? Idk anymore tbh
>>23349 Fair enough. >>23358 It's all in your imagination m8
Callan why do you have to be so god damn boring. Being a pedo is one thing but being a stale ass son of a bitch is entirely another thing. What the fuck man, why cant you at least be creative with your shenanigans
>>23360 Saw it. It's not up to you to decide which terms are meaningless and which aren't. And And as for the ToS, I don't care enough to find the specific thing. They're a private company and reserve the right to pull my hosting for any reason.
>>23364 >i have absolutely nothing concession accepted.
>>23365 You might want to get your eyes checked
>>23368 you literally have no valid argument. this isnt "up to me" its self-evident.
I have no consistent logic. My host could pull me for any reason at any time, so I will now not only censor completely legal images, but anything that could be construed as racism or hate speech or offensive or "inappropriate" or "questionable" or "NSFW" in any way. This is completely rational.
This display of samefagging is astounding
>jole delivers the cp 2 hours later
Wouldn't be more effective(?) to post CP in pages 2 and above with sage, instead of posting it in front of everyone? In fact, there's nothing in the threads past page 1.
>>23866 nobody would see it on page 2+. it's all about shocking and disgusting people.
>>23867 I thought it was about getting this site down, or getting Sen in trouble or something. >it's all about shocking and disgusting people. I don't think anyone on this site is phased by seeing CP, really.
(26.69 KB 341x386 lol.jpg)
>>23867 > posting cunny to shock clowncel neets on obscure imageboards
>>23867 No, all this pedo shit. All this samefagging itt, all the spammed kid pictures are these guys doing it because they take it personally if they arent allowed to freely live their best pedophile lives on YOUR imageboard. >i dont have an actual picture of the second guy anymore
>>23873 Boy I sure am involved in all that, I tell you hwat Jole certainly wasn't CP spamming here the other night
(635.78 KB 1175x856 Callan2.png)
Also have a Cal-lel on me
(2.44 MB 2550x4200 CJC V1.png)
>this whole thread
Can I post again? Evidently.
>>23892 this site has no purpose.
>>23897 You're posting here.
>>23899 to occasionally remind people its a rulecucked shithole not worth using.
>>23897 it does, you just don't see it.
>>24030 Look at Sen, all staying up real late.
>>24030 >you just dont see it for you to pettily, unnecessarily censor legal images. thats all this site is for. full stop.
(50.06 KB 604x401 japan.jpg)
>>23897 motherfuck retard gtfo
Stop deleting legit threads, you fucking nigger. If I want to make 10 threads with just a number then I should be able to do so.
>>24117 That's spam.
>>24118 No, it's not. A bot posting a CP image with sketchy links is spam. Someone manually posting a few numbers threads isn't spam you dumb kike retard.
>>24121 Yes, it is.
(223.87 KB 1024x768 robert patchouli callan.png)
>sees imageboard <spams
>>24124 Is not.
>>24179 What a baby.
fuck sen
>>24271 I would really rather you not do that.
>>24354 You are so outta here, bucko!
Where are you, Sen?
Sen doth live! Mayhap thou shouldst recruit a mod or three.
>>24416 >>24413 Sorry, just a little busy with personal stuff. I'm still here :^)
>>24418 Good to know :)
sen is a great site owner
>>24444 four of the same number
(867.61 KB 750x517 Clipboard.png)
Come on onee.ch, do something. You've been laying here all week like this.
Do we have an (preferably anonymous) IRC channel?
>>24472 You can make your own on i2p irc. Just join and create it. Getting people might be another story. Is there anyplace other than i2p that you don't have to register anymore? IRC is supposed to be informal, without registering. Most of the big servers require registration now.
>>24472 No we don't. I can make one if there's enough demand tho.
Snow's gone from the front page
(148.21 KB 1920x969 Clipboard.png)
Might make the default global theme Mint. Thoughts?
Cthulhu Saves! ... in case He's hungry later.
>>24537 Sure, why not. Nobody cares. Fortune: Children can consent to sex with adults.
>>24537 Fine by me. It's not really a big change anyway.
>>24537 go for it
Default theme updated.
>>24567 Haven't been visiting here lately but, epic.
Made some updates to the Yotsuba, Yotsuba B, and Yotsuba C themes to make them look a bit better and cleaner. If you want to see the changes, here's the github repo: https://github.com/That-Thing/Onee.chFE/commits/master
>>24695 Nobody cares about your gay CSS "code".
>>24723 Illegitimis non carborundum.
(1.38 MB 1200x1038 Clipboard.png)
here's the onion url for onee.ch oneechnq2pn57jfud3wkwtfkthtwrqnqqv7hlyzoy46jgukcd67hylyd.onion
Edited last time by Sen on 03/16/2021 (Tue) 01:57:44.
(6.10 MB 2550x1461 naga queen.png)
>>24825 Great! Thanks, Sen. A vanity onion with "onee" as the prefix might be worth trying for though.
>>24827 maybe. I'll look into it, thanks :)
>>24827 >>24831 oneechnq2pn57jfud3wkwtfkthtwrqnqqv7hlyzoy46jgukcd67hylyd.onion
>>24832 Nice. Now I can use my filtering proxy to spoof my user-agent.
>>24825 Thanks to me. I whined about it to Sen on Discord.
(13.25 KB 377x196 Clipboard.png)
This year the party hats are gonna be a bit smaller and less intrusive.
>>25033 Nobody fucking cares.
>>25035 I care.
>>25038 >>25039 Samefag.
>>25041 You wish, bitch.
(1.65 KB 106x63 Clipboard.png)
Um, Sen? I'm guessing this is a Unicode exploit against the board software. It makes some of the threads hard to read.
>>25293 It's zalgo text.
>>25293 Cope, grandpa.
(755.94 KB 1035x844 harold-who-cares-pills.jpg)
>>25300 Not sure how old you think I am or how you arrived at that conclusion, but OK.
is this how you write without picture?
i like good job whoever programmed this is it open-source? git-repo?
did 4chan have video support or is that new? it's more than just an image board now. it can do what youtube can!!!!!1!!!1!!!
is this last commented up special here? 4chan sucks too much to try
I keep forgetting to even look at this thread tbh
Hey, Sen. I was seriously asking about those search engine results. (Why does "img src" return such results?) When I saw the thread got nuked it clicked n my head that, yeah, I suppose the thread could be taken the wrong way. Sorry about that. Frens again?
>>27314 Yeah I get that and it's fine, just trying to stay on the safer side.
Can I create a board? Or only Sen?
>>27314 oh wow wtf
>>27398 User board creation is disabled.
>>14611 looks cozy, will I stay here for a while?
>>27429 You will
damn unpin this shit nobody care about it
Uploading large files at least over Tor seems to be broken. The connection is always reset. This happens with both the hidden service and the clearnet address.
>>27702 what size file are you uploading?
>>27703 Most recently I tried to upload an 18MB mp4 to the music thread. That's well below the max file size of 100MB.
>>27704 That's strange. I'll look into it.
>>27711 don't care didn't ask
>>27711 Hmm, might be my setup since it happens on a few other sites too. If no one else complains then nevermind.
>>27834 shut up nobody cares
>>27834 If it happens on other sites it very well could be an issue with lynxchan or the server being too weak.
>>27843 stfu bitch
>>27843 I tried a few file upload sites, so it's not only Lynxchan. My current network setup might be considered unusual, and I haven't had it this way for too long. Probably I need to play with the settings / work out the bugs. Strangely downloads work fine. It's only uploads (at least over tor) that are wonky.
>>27852 Ah yeah that might be the issue.
>>27853 i told you to shut up, bitch
no yes
>>27853 I'd be more confident about that if I saw some people uploading 18MB+ files.
>>27873 nobody cares
>>27873 I'm having issues posting larger files as well. I think it's either an issue with LynxChan or the host server being too weak to handle these requests.
>>27878 shut up nerd
>>27878 The problem's definitely on your server's end it seems. Anon.Cafe fixed an upload issue recently, but it looks to differ from yours: http://tew7tfz7dvv4tsom45z2wseql7kwfxnc77btftzssaskdw22oa5ckbqd.onion/meta/res/18.html#15007 The problem there wasn't the connection being reset. Uploading an mp4 with text resulted in the text post without the file. I hope you can resolve this issue on Onee. I was hoping to contribute to the music thread, but it's all from YT anyway, so I could link to an Invidious instance.
>>27914 I'll see what I can do.
>>27917 nobody cares
>>27917 Any progress? If the server's not capable of handling larger files being uploaded, perhaps you should reduce the max file size. That way people won't waste time trying to upload files it can't handle.
>>27988 Yeah I'm going to do this.
Does Lynxchan have early 404? Is so, can you enable it? There's threads with zero or maybe one reply from weeks and weeks ago. It's safe to say if no one's responded by now then they don't care.
>>28001 Yes, but I don't think it would clean up old and inactive threads. It used to, but people didn't like it, so now it only prunes these threads before others.
>>28001 it does, threads that are not replied to at least 5 times will be deleted after they leave the top 1/3 threads.
(121.09 KB 400x324 that which catwich.jpg)
Apparently Jul 4th gives some people a greater impetus to spam. You've got some cleanup to do in aisle 5 (among other aisles), Sen.
>>28056 The cp spammer just tried again when they realize I filter their link shortener :p Or maybe it's a script Who knows
i hate niggers
>>27702 > Uploading large files at least over Tor seems to be broken. The connection is always reset. That's still an issue. Perhaps you should forget about this whole chan thing, Sen. I hate to say it, but Onee's not a nice place to be. :(
>>28611 I think it's an issue with the server being too weak to handle the files. Not much I can do about that
>>28629 You could change to something more powerful, but okay.
>>28632 I could but I'm cheap
cope losers
>>29009 Thanks. I'll update the lynxchan version soon.
Update should be done soon. I've got the general stuff working just need to fix the css and stuffs
Ok all themes should be fixed I think. If anyone encounters any issues please post them here. Lynxchan's theming is a mess tbh.
Beware of low-flying butterflies.
Thread creation is broken you stupid motherfucker.
>>29027 I'll look into it when I get home.
>>29029 Ask parley why 314 is down.
>>29030 314chan isn't down (at least not anymore)
Thread creation is fixed. Sorry about that.
I'm also locking and archiving this thread and making a new one as it's too long.