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(125.53 KB 500x500 source.gif)
Lofi art Anonymous 08/29/2020 (Sat) 02:19:46 No. 14617
It's quiet...
(1.27 MB 628x400 sunset.gif)
Is this the new comfy thread?
(324.45 KB 1920x1080 1594853964142.jpg)
(102.38 KB 2130x1197 1595005242065.png)
(202.17 KB 540x500 nightscene.gif)
This is one of my favorites!
(1.02 MB 600x450 chase.gif)
Kinda cute
(2.04 MB 2735x1654 mossy.jpg)
Pretty comfy... if you're a duck!
(120.94 KB 1920x1080 1595005274745.png)
(112.65 KB 1920x1080 1595005307119.png)
(28.11 KB 500x367 original-6.gif)
>>14675 I assume that trolley continually moves back and forth along its route and the ducks have learned to stop when the crossing light goes red.
>>14825 A lesson that those turtles haven't learned.
>>15088 those poor turtles...
(1.68 MB 4000x5662 goodies2.jpg)
That's the pizzawagon! Those turtles are only there to hijack it!
(1.31 MB 903x507 moto.gif)
(763.65 KB 1920x1280 fields.jpg)
(149.58 KB 900x636 Link.jpg)
sprites are lo-fi
(65.87 KB 376x287 1.png)
Some artwork made in Deluxe Paint IV (on an Amiga computer).
(38.53 KB 376x287 2.png)
(34.58 KB 376x287 3.png)
(15.11 KB 376x287 4.png)
(37.42 KB 314x255 5.png)
>>15282 The others are from 1994-95, and he found them on some floppy disks 20 years later. This one wasn't finished yet, so that's why it's signed AMG'15 (2015 is when he found the disks and decided to finish this piece).
(77.63 KB 729x620 5b.png)
>>15286 This is what it looks like when loaded in Deluxe Paint. :) It's a pretty sweet program if you like making pixel art. There was also a DOS version. I think a lot of demoscene people like it. Now the closest thing is probably GrafX2 (if you don't want to emulate Amiga or DOS).
>>15286 >>15285 >>15284 >>15283 >>15282 It's amazing what people did with a limited color pallet and software that when compared to stuff we have now was horrible and lacking. Really cool artstyle tbh.
(20.25 KB 640x400 xcopyxmas92ger.png)
This is an Amiga program for copying floppy disks. There was an Atari ST version also.
(21.83 KB 640x400 Seascape.png)
This is one is famous, because it's one of the pieces that was used as a demo by Electronic Arts for their new program "Deluxe Paint" they released shortly after the Amiga was born (1985).
(19.41 KB 384x272 1.png)
>>15294 In 2018, someone in the demoscene made another artwork inspired by it for a much more limited computer: Amstrad CPC. He used some kind of hack to display 13 colors in mode 1, which is normally not possible (only 4 colors max is the norm for this graphics mode).
(21.83 KB 640x400 Seascape2.png)
>>15294 Someone also made a nighttime version by just changing the palette.
(28.90 KB 640x400 Venus.png)
Another Deluxe Paint demo from 1985.
(29.77 KB 640x398 WingsOfDeath.png)
Wings of Death title screen on Atari ST. It's a vertical scrolling shoot'em up game.
(66.96 KB 1920x448 Unreal 1-02.png)
This is part of the background for the first stage of Unreal on the Amiga. This is a Ubi Soft game from 1990, so it's got nothing to do with the later FPS.
(21.39 KB 640x400 Tanglewood.png)
Title screen for Tanglewood. It's a weird, obscure game that I should probably play someday.
(29.18 KB 640x512 MoonFlowers.png)
Moon Flowers, by Sharon Long for Amiga OCS lowres mode (320x256, 32 colors out of 4096 palette).
(29.11 KB 640x512 Stargate.png)
>>15301 Another one by her.
(13.79 KB 640x400 SotB.png)
GAME OVER screen in Shadow of the Beast, by Psygnosis. This game has some sweet music too.
(20.65 KB 640x400 SotB2.png)
>>15303 And this is the equivalent for the sequel.
(16.12 KB 640x400 Reflections.png)
>>15303 while the game was booting from floppy, you got this cool screen to look at. Reflections was the name of the game developers (Psygnosis was their publisher).
(851.64 KB 640x400 PortsOfCall.gif)
Title screen for Ports of Call. Always liked this one, even though I never played the game.
An animated scene from the game Centurion: Defender of Rome
(750.53 KB 640x400 Centurion.gif)
(525.79 KB 704x566 CDTV.gif)
I think this is the CDTV "insert disc" screen. CDTV was basically an Amiga 500 in a fancy black case very similar to stereo equipment. It was a direct competitor to the Phillips CD-i. It's got a CDROM drive instead of a floppy drive, and a cool wireless black keyboard and mouse. This is one of the few Amiga computers I never got to touch.
(617.68 KB 640x400 Shipwreck.gif)
Scene from a game that was never finished.
(967.91 KB 640x400 Beach.gif)
>>15311 Also
(18.08 KB 640x512 Riding.png)
Riding, by Iluvatar (Amiga OCS).
(23.90 KB 640x400 Godfather2.png)
The Godfather, stage 2 (bar) by US Gold, 1991. There are some pretty cool scenes in this action game.
(119.39 KB 3840x400 Godfather4.png)
>>15314 Stage 4, Las Vegas
(68.97 KB 1920x400 Godfather13.png)
>>15314 Stage 13, Urban.
(18.96 KB 640x400 Archon2.png)
Archon II: Adept This is the art from the Amiga title screen. It's a really OLD action/strategy game that was popular on 8-bit platforms.
(36.88 KB 640x400 Celtic.png)
Celtic Woman, drawn by Avril Harrison in 1988 with Deluxe Paint II (the DOS version).
(31.49 KB 704x580 Agony4.png)
Stage 4 loading screen for Agony (Psygnosis, 1992). This is one of the few shoot'em up games I ever managed to finish on my Amiga 500 back in the day, without any cheats or trainers. Well I actually bought this game so it wouldn't have any of those anyway (only cracked versions came with trainers). I actually used to buy a good portion of my games back then, because I was in the military and lived on base, so had plenty of money (I didn't spend it on booze and whores like most other people). But when Commodore went out of business and the other cool home computer platforms also disapeared (Atari, Amstrad, etc.) then I stopped buying software altogether, and soon after that I stopped even caring about new PC games. I just don't find them interesting at all!
(7.48 KB 384x272 1.png)
Now here's some Amstrad CPC art. Like I said >>15295 it's not as capable as Amiga or Atari ST. It's an 8-bit platform with 4 MHz Z80 CPU, 64 to 128 KB of RAM. There are 3 official graphics modes: mode 0 (160x200, 16 colors) mode 1 (320x200, 4 colors) mode 2 (640x200, 2 colors) Hacking the CRTC can yield better results (and maybe games & demos do this), but by default that's what you get.
(10.62 KB 384x272 2.png)
(7.58 KB 384x272 3.png)
(5.61 KB 384x272 4.png)
(8.33 KB 384x272 5.png)
(5.71 KB 384x272 1.png)
>>15320 Title screen for an early Ubi Soft game. :)
(10.50 KB 320x200 st.png)
>>15326 This is the Atari ST title screen. I like the CPC version more tbh. They have different title music tracks, and they're both very good.
>>15327 >Ubisoft Kek
(7.35 KB 320x256 centerbase.png)
This one's from Centerbase (reLINE 1992), a futuristic city simulator. The art is kinda weird and different.
(6.98 KB 320x256 centerbase4.png)
>>15330 same game
(72.10 KB 1280x512 5191.png)
Ah yeah, I've been looking for this one! It's a german text adventure, and I don't know enough of that language to play it. But it's the title screen that caught my eye. This is awesome! I mean there's just enough detail there to get the imagination flowing.
(131.33 KB 640x512 2.jpg)
>>15332 Another pic, a bit blurry. The other one seems too sharp though (obviously taken in an emulator without any kind of filter). I think the ideal would be somewhere in between these two, since CRTs of the era were more fuzzy than modern screens (especially the Commodore 1080-series monitors). Also it's called Colwyns Abenteuer, and is apparently based on the famous german tabletop RPG Das Shwarze Auge (The Dark Eye). I used to have some of those books (the french translation) when I was a teenager. It was a pretty good system.
(11.14 KB 320x256 01.png)
This is some kind of simulation game where you chase a girl. Never played it but the graphics look pretty sweet!
>>15335 >chase a girl >simulation choose one
(18.14 KB 320x256 03.png)
An intro screen from Erben der Erde (Inherit the Earth), which was originally only released in german on the Amiga. Apparently now there's an english translation on mega.nz or something.
(10.49 KB 320x256 explora.png)
Explora (aka Chrono Quest) is a series of 3 french graphic adventure games packed full of nice scenes like this.
(14.82 KB 320x200 st.png)
>>15338 That was the Amiga version, here's a screen from the Atari ST port.
(14.79 KB 384x272 1.png)
Speaking of french games, Lankhor made some decent-looking text/graphic adventure games for Amstrad CPC, and this is one of those. For some reason the title screen seems like it could double as a rap cover album.
(21.60 KB 320x256 1.png)
Iron Lord, another good one by Ubi Soft. This is Amiga version, in english (Amstrad version is french only). Anyway, I'm going to sleep for now.
>>15341 hehhe Ubi soft more like ubi gay
(8.25 KB 320x256 artificial_dreams_01.png)
Cool title screen concept here.
(26.94 KB 320x200 super-cauldron_1.png)
Atari ST version of Super Cauldron. I guess this must be the intro screen.
(185.27 KB 622x900 city.jpg)
Cityscape. Dunno where this is from.
>>15722 that looks comfy as hell
Title screen for The Diamond of Cursed Island, for the Oric-1. This computer was interesting because it had a display very similar to Teletext, but could also do very low res graphics limited to only 8 colors. Even so they manage to make very good use of those colors here.
>>15724 Other screen with sunset reflection and some dithering on tree.
(288.07 KB 640x400 shimmer.gif)
huzzah! lofi warriors will prevail!
You know Clinton and Trump were the Deep State candidates when the media played stories about Clinton and Trump 24/7 and ignored Gary Johnson unless he made a mistake.
(17.22 KB 320x256 CoK.png)
I think this is the best title screen of all the SSI Gold Box games. This is Amiga version.
(12.29 KB 320x256 hillsfar.png)
>>16569 Hillsfar is pretty good too.
(9.33 KB 640x480 s.png)
Many aeons into the future, the human race built a long tube that absorbed all of the rubbish that was generated by the planets in the system. However, one planet, T'ufo, is notorious for its dirtiness, and has sent a ship called Rath-tha to destroy the tube. You have to guide a spaceship along the tube, take it into outer space, and ultimately reach Rath-tha and blast it to smithereens.
(69.49 KB 500x313 sun.png)
Found another one!
(37.17 KB 520x580 storefront.png)
Bonus pix!
(769.76 KB 864x494 docks.gif)
This one too!
(77.99 KB 816x816 Evangerion.gif)
This one's kinda popular, I guess.
(41.41 KB 660x906 puter.gif)
Back when computers looked nice.
(1.04 MB 600x600 runescape.gif)
Dude, you're getting a Dell!
(29.38 KB 500x575 UFO.png)
Do you believe in girls that believe in UFOs?
(1.73 MB 492x270 boat.gif)
This girl only believes in boats.
>>16915 I don't believe in anything
The original lofi art.
>>17412 if anything that's high-fi. Low for means low fidelity/low quality
(270.03 KB 768x540 pixture.jpg)
It's a program for making lo-fi art on Amstrad CPC. It's written in BASIC and a little bit of machine code. http://retropoke.canalblog.com/archives/2020/09/16/38524950.html
(5.25 KB 768x544 tintinsurlalune.png)
Tintin on the moon!
... and peaceful place.
(11.58 KB 384x272 2.png)
Here we go!
(1.04 MB 600x600 159615142461.gif)


no cookies?