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(109.32 KB 836x717 cat-barfing-rainbow.jpg)
OC Anonymous 09/03/2020 (Thu) 00:49:40 No. 14823
Guys. I'm not feeling so good... better watchout. I think I might... blarghhhhh! OC thread. Hopefully long-term.
>>14823 Looks more like it's fellating the rainbow than vomiting the rainbow. But good job, either way.
(487.41 KB 900x656 fluffy-ate-shrooms.jpg)
These are just quick ones. I've spent +12 hours on images and gotten but a 'meh'. Cats Of Shaolin took +8, +10, and +12 hours respectively for the three of them. Also, I'm kind of running out of ideas.
(69.26 KB 708x571 oneech-hindenburg-crash.jpg)
Do you remember where you were when onee.ch crashed?
Never let the sun go down on your anger.
(93.17 KB 450x636 magna-lion-glass-2.jpg)
Does the early bird enjoy the worm as much as the late bird enjoys the sleep?
(74.56 KB 743x557 nigga-please.jpg)
Reaction pic.
The following file systems are due for backup at this time:
(167.82 KB 720x960 jd-smooth-operator-ravers.jpg)
keking'em up and knocking'em down. Fortune: JD will be legendary!
(182.37 KB 382x492 pro_communist.jpg)
(477.26 KB 918x576 jd-says.png)
What am I thinking about?
(879.18 KB 824x659 komodo_dragon_says.png)
I can speak and don't need thought bubbles. Are you jealous?
>>14980 a steak
(859.08 KB 800x600 jd-lmao-lamf.png)
This is currently my favorite one of JD. It was inspired by that one with the cat, with all the knives pointing at him. You know the one. See, he's totally fucked. There is no way out of that. It's game-over. There's even AK-47's and RPG's pointing at him. Yet he's laughing his ass off, like a mother-fucker. Were you ever in a situation in which the outcome was so assuredly bad that it became comical? As if every force in the known universe was aligned against you? That's what this image is about.
>>14995 2 rpgs
>>14996 and a shotgun
(554.38 KB 630x1009 choose-path-uglyboi.png)
Two hours to troll UB. Maybe I should've saved this as a blank template so I could make some more along these lines?
(207.44 KB 1126x539 black-flies-mattress.png)
No lettuce, no beef!
>>15030 Why do spics exist?
(1.35 MB 914x1442 space-cadet.png)
I just finished reading Catcher In The Rye so now I have that word, goddam in my head. It's on like, every page. That killed me.
(1.34 MB 1022x938 steph-shitpost-dark-rider.png)
That would be funny if someone saw these and contacted the company wanting to buy one.
(113.01 KB 537x800 possum-fluffed-y-tho.jpg)
Reaction pic.
(114.19 KB 537x800 possum-fluffed-y-tho.jpg)
>>15101 Re-do to fix thought bubble.
(803.39 KB 537x800 Clipboard.png)
(1.27 MB 1256x838 sword-and-stone-01.png)
(1.40 MB 1168x859 sword-and-stone-02.png)
(1.13 MB 1163x870 sword-and-stone-03.png)
One of my favorites. Who's a good boy?
(226.77 KB 588x1025 jd-hang.jpg)
JD, no! Life is worth living!
(113.49 KB 972x720 jd-euthanasia-services.jpg)
Why do we have two eyes? To watch 3D movies with.
(169.19 KB 548x720 steph-shitpost-mona-stephanie.jpg)
Even a cabbage may look at a king.
(189.91 KB 1258x933 hotwheels.jpg)
(700.58 KB 817x801 annoying-dog-01.png)
(546.71 KB 724x710 annoying-dog-02.png)
(102.23 KB 721x708 annoying-dog-03.jpg)
(115.77 KB 830x814 annoying-dog-04.jpg)
(596.08 KB 760x745 sword-in-dog.png)
Poke your head up, annoying dog!
(221.99 KB 1169x756 jd-scatter-to-the-wind.jpg)
Why was JD chosen to wield the blades?!
When faced with two evils, one asks why only two?
>>15152 Because you're gay.
>>15154 but you're the gay one here
>>15155 You are the gay.
>>15156 no, you're clearly the gay
(130.91 KB 616x756 fun-with-bipolar.jpg)
(57.27 KB 550x651 no-u-pee-wee.jpg)
(150.63 KB 992x660 possum-fluffed-pop-08.jpg)
Quick images, not good enough to post on their own so here's a trio.
>>15157 You're so gay that you're heterosexual.
>>15189 exactly, which makes you gayer than me
(251.33 KB 456x304 Clipboard.png)
(957.78 KB 736x670 Clipboard.png)
(17.79 KB 257x196 1429298916223.jpg)
(116.86 KB 774x697 francis-i-know-you-are.jpg)
This is my post. There are many like it but this one is mine.
(68.21 KB 781x780 cringy-boy-you.jpg)
Reaction pic to fill a void.
>>3534 habeb habeb
(7.43 KB 269x187 images.jpeg)
>>3534 habeb habeb
(312.43 KB 1018x812 jd-biohazard.jpg)
JD, no! You must take the danger seriously! The mask must go on your mouth and nose, not your ear!
>>15361 Looks like he's eating lychee.
Another SS.
>>15372 I think you're trying so hard to make her a meme because you have a secret sexual attraction to her.
(132.79 KB 932x454 hitler rice.jpg)
>>15372 > SS Hitler approves!
>>15387 I'm not the guy that posts her (unedited) pictures. When I select subject matter for pictures I try to find stuff people like and will repost. Those images do well. Those and cats. Actually, I'm working on another cat-based picture now. Might be ready later. JD gets a little love, but not here. There's too many wojack and pepe, although I've done a few spurdo. I try to come up will new ideas. >>15389 SS = Stephanie Shitpost
Edinburgh is the Reykjavik of the South.
(285.57 KB 1200x900 cat-high-society.jpg)
Truely, good Sir, a fine work indeed.
(1.82 MB 1920x1080 oil11.png)
>>15391 IMHO, possum posse was gold and you abandoned it before it reached its full potential.
>>15393 What did you use to make that?
>>15409 You shouldn't overuse characters else people get sick of them and they're not fun anymore. They've been going strong for over a year now. There was an invasion against Chantopia a few nights back that was repelled by an alert mod. Scuttlebutt has it that they might be developing new hit-and-run kamikaze tactics, with a squad of at least three new troops in training.
>>15412 It's a screenshot from Mirror's Edge Catalyst with some photoshopping involved.
(5.70 MB 3840x2160 bridge.png)
(18.00 MB 5760x3240 bridge2.png)
(21.18 MB 5760x3240 harbor.png)
(12.28 MB 3840x2160 village.png)
>>15418 here's some from the Witcher 3
(53.75 KB 503x503 annoying-dog-05.jpg)
Next time I should try fire. He keeps coming back to life.
>>15420 chug nepalm and eat a match.
(96.51 KB 560x682 anna.jpg)
Keep emotionally active. Cater to your favorite neurosis.
(208.94 KB 1200x720 possum-posse-flag.jpg)
(126.94 KB 650x974 steph-shitpost-goose.jpg)
>>15453 Looks like some random image from DuckDuckGoose
(46.12 KB 517x526 goose-HUD.jpg)
Nonk!! Sometimes I really question my sanity. Today I had routine blood work to do, so I get up early and went to the lab. I play the card game with my insurance cards at the automatic card reader and take a seat. I'm alone. There's a flat screen TV on the wall for patients to watch as they wait, as is the case in many clinical waiting rooms. As you many be thinking, blood work patients often have to fast. So here's this TV with this guy, trying to tell you to come to his restaurant. He's got this goddam chocolate ice cream, with strawberries and all. He's going on and on about it, how it's sooo good. There's money shots of the mousse or whatever it is. The lab tech, a woman, probably in here early 20's, finally calls me in. Usually I don't say anything during the draw, but today I ask the woman if she appreciates the irony of a TV pushing chocolate mousse to people that aren't supposed to be eating. This really kills me, but I keep it together. So she's doing the draw and stabbing up my left arm. It's clear she doesn't really know what she's doing because she's telling me the needle is in, but I can see it's not because I can see the end of it that's tapered. She gives up on that arm and tries the right one. She's about an inch off where I know that big vein is. She jokes she should tell people it's her first day, and the rest of the day will go wrong. I agree she's jinxed. I was going to tell her how to get out of a jinx, but I didn't want her to think me a kook. Besides, I don't believe in that shit anyway. I'm still trying to keep it together. She finally gets it, and tapes up both my arms. Now I look like a freak with medical tape and pads on both arms. I should note I'm wearing a "The Walking Dead" shirt. I start to tell her relax, she's not the worst I'd had (she really wasn't), but maybe the second worst. I meant it as sarcastic/funny but as sometimes occurs it came off as sarcastic/mean. I really can be one of sharp tongue. People simply cannot appreciate the level of sarcasm I bring to the table. Here I am, with both arms taped like a moron, and this guy going on about mousse to people that shouldn't eat anything, with the second worst arm-stabber I ever did have. There were these fat people, a couple, in their early '20's outside that had no business being fat going to some Corona virus tent to see if they had the old 'rona. Everyone had on these masks that do next to nothing, and we're all going to die (someday) anyway. I recall that line from Fight Club: "On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero". I lost it. I started laughing at the sheer absurdity of it all but I don't think anyone could really tell due to the fact that I was wearing a mask. I just got past the fat people before I started laughing like >>15361 And you thought JD was just a meme.
>>15456 Nice pasta. Does it come in whole wheat?
(222.71 KB 450x450 Clipboard.png)
>>15460 Nope. Only semolina. Looking for sauce though.
>>15461 that looks horrible
>>15472 It's just flour.
>>15474 flour scares the shit out of me desu
>>15472 This is what you do with it (among other uses): https://9chan.tw/food/thread/99 It's pretty grainy and makes for heavy pasta. Bob's is one of the best brands (and pricey too).
(231.75 KB 805x977 jole-attention-princess.jpg)
(74.94 KB 619x813 jole-who-needs-a-dentist.jpg)
(198.40 KB 426x602 no-joleing.png)
For all your Jole trolling needs...
(754.32 KB 1079x797 steph-shitpost-holding-possum.png)
(762.86 KB 675x1041 steph-shitpost-hellraiser.png)
(489.67 KB 584x866 steph-mini-nuke.png)
(410.78 KB 913x936 steph-shitpost-washer.png)
(430.93 KB 588x675 steph-shitpost-best-shot.png)
Might as well post of the rest of these so they're in one place.
(595.46 KB 863x521 steph-shitpost-cop-car.png)
(794.15 KB 962x710 steph-eat-road-kill.png)
(570.86 KB 536x857 steph-shitpost-barbed-bat.png)
(98.55 KB 587x937 steph-shitpost-finger.jpg)
(1004.26 KB 869x1390 steph-shitpost-dagger.png)
(912.95 KB 850x750 ole-razzle-dazzle.png)
(1.11 MB 1100x850 that-jazz-matazz-boarder.png)
The weak should fear the strong.
>>15528 My file fell off. Take #2.
(113.50 KB 739x658 komodo_dragon_frog.jpg)
>>15529 FFS. Take #3 (strikes and I'm out until tomorrow).
(142.47 KB 551x748 chk-pink-panther.png)
>>15522 New digit checker. You use it like so.
I'll come visit you, JD! Don't worry.
(203.29 KB 1095x1104 jd-psych-ward.jpg)
>>15557 My file fell off again. Take #2.
>>15556 off by one
(266.88 KB 1189x650 possum-buffed-kamikaze-01.jpg)
(240.35 KB 1024x683 possum-buffed-kamikaze-02.jpg)
(213.38 KB 772x1029 possum-buffed-kamikaze-03.jpg)
I made these days ago and wanted to post them, but wanted to wait until after the raid on 8camel /doom/ so the element of surprise wouldn't be lost.
QQ$askwFofzjItztfsjzFIkawhss1}ii}}qQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQgUoksIsfoz QQQQ8g8g888g8g0g80&8g0g0zsoyIawwJYoQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQgg8g8888 gggggggggggggggggggggggEFAPhwkk}u16gggQgggQggggggggggggggggg $RqRgggggggggggggggggg&joJIof1uIlxU0g8MHRRdAgggggggggggggggg ajlEggggggggggggggggggOhG%aoIajZqJZ&gDhZksuf8ggggggggggggggg 88E0gggggggggggggggggg6jz1{zuiY11o$gg88O880Egggggggggggggggg g88ggggg8g8D8888888888Ghf%AfZqKzu%88888888888888888gggggg8gg hIafkFfhohu{&000000000dZM%ZJtux||Y0000000000000008DPfffkktkf skFkkfIkshT{D0000000000R6ffffjyzJM000000000000000gEfsotsFfFo HO$Dd6DD$Dqf0&&&&&&&&&&&&HO8WH%ZM&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&gRDEEDE6E &&0&00&&0&O$$$$$$$$$$$$$6ZED$6HfzD00&00&00&&&&DD$$$$$$$$$$$$ IFjIjassauYfDDDDDDDDDDD6hW6hsofhj}ooyoIyIksIao}z$DDDDDDDDDDD sooIfaaIFuuYITzfOEEEEE6jffdfsowkfz?zwassakajju1|dEEEEEEEEEEE 66A66HH6M1^rL{1rvKOOOAuIf%d8d6MHPqzvK6A66Hz{|fhsaGdOOOOOOOOO 666666%L?xusZZfsy}zZAysfKkuJwf|yf%%uvf66ZYzohZ%GkzzF66dd66Od faf66J=LFGHH6HEOAjur}wj|{??rrr|||uZouxh1LsGUOd6Hqhslz6E6EEHO hFao+:xtHgg8$OEq%Fz\=;rr???\|?|{u}\lFzrxwoAD&0RggdPfY?jUKflh kIhY;ry6gQQQggDZjYIu\_,_:*LY}TxlFoi^^r{TTTfO0gQBg$ktT|y%hUMO dOu*}}f%8gQBQ&qfx\}{^='`_iuYjkyzhk?='?ou\{f8BBBQgqa1{\rfOddO WdvrLTyhq8gQQdalL\r+!===r{\YxwIuJJI|<<r^r\hGgBBB8h1vY}\xW6W6 WqiYTxTzuoqgBgf\<!:=^~r^^<^*|v|||^?||r<=~?|hBBQ8KFTYTYxlqAWA AGvvLuu}ix1f6s\=__:="":!+=,:!+x?^<~~=:"=:=rf0Q8Ju{zuuluLPqAq Q#yu1u}Y?~^*r:``.,,,,,,=,;v\*^!!=:,'_!*ruIi|xzwttzIfgB#B @@6LixY\r*|~` `_"_.____',_:,!~|v*r^=~^=+^?||?\\xzITz@@@@ @@@w}\L="^"```....'_.`':>:=:rrr?rr?rrLir|?r^||rrrvu1Llug@@@@ @@@&|?!=+"``````-'`.',=lIx;>=*r^^r*|\Lx\+^?*rr\**rzztsg@@@@@ @Bjr+^<r~`.'===:;\{uztIf0%uv|v|^~|L}sED1z1v|r?uxxLutfB@BBBBB |rrr+^^~:,~?\11|1tGA6AGhG&Df6$hAfGhGhDqWDg8$fafKouIPB@@BB@@@ rrr^^r~,'?v|1sz*|zIssKkH%6%ggg&$g&8g6%hWdD6E6PHA1Ag6jfwHGq@@ |\?^=,' =\i\Yxv\|^^?wMdE$AGq%EWakaM6GMG%AZfaKPE%\BBQWg$6E#@@ vvr_` `_=^^*|\v^*YvvtqqAPsJf0QB6%%&BBqIGdGflzFffzZBBBBB@@@@@ \*,` ._rvY{v?*YaIu}1uaookfq$$g#QQBBBg%hfdKuwfhh}o@@BB@@B@@@ ^=```..,izsFfuzhMh%%kfhhhZG6D8ggBBBBQgg06WAkfffasz@qWZofs$@@ =-.__''+|zawsfU%MEdd\YJskUH&0gQQQQ#BB#g&W0&q%qMfuz@86MD&%Q@@ _'._,_,+iuj1zYjh6hqB&6fBgd?trY}YlJwoujJF$d6HE0EoJf@@@@@BBBBB '.':=;r\TTzt1uzwhUfBUgBQ%6ZyjfI}1yYfYJBBGdHqOd%I1a@@@@@@@@@@ '..,:<?x1jtu}YlujdhQzkQ8ohUG%%MAWqP6QO@HZPMMgghux6@@@@@@@@@@ ___,:^\utosowzT}u%zdzHBDFkfkahhfhhff%8BPW%%W&gFJ{g@@@@@@@@@@ __:~<\TJwkUoxuawltyu?1%JoakoFfooakaa6E&Hd60EqEaYYBBBBBB@@@@@ ,"=^*\xxltsyzvJhhFI\\uzFffkFIksoFoaazWdD80EqffIu1B@@@@@@@@@@ ==;r?|x}YT}1FutkaAkI;_LuhfkooaakkkkfP0gRDEAqfsIY\B@BZ0fHK%B@ ":+r|LTTuIFIoauyjha{o;vLwKKhKZZPZhaPkO$A%6Phu1zJ{f@BagfMh%B@ r=:;?{TuzuzohhkkfKP}TZ'`^ushM%Ufksloh8AGPffatssyYE@@@BB@BB@@ \|^^r?\TtokkKhafaoqJ^}kh?`;?YYvii|azqGkGPfIFossjLIHEEOD6DE6E \v|!__=vzahkhUaffaFGKfaf|\.`=|?|r{%6OAqZZfkFsahouJMqO%A6qEqM ?;!"=+r|iuIqEOfqGsUhaKokZ&hILiYwAg&H$86ZahhhahfwT}GWq6qWW%6% ==+rr!;++vFAqqKUH0$gdhakZOg#BBBBQ8&dd66d%KGOqGhF1adH&HEE6R6E +r\*^^r??1uJ%dhO$6d&8&qZ%QQD%%dRED0E&D$06GGG%HWK1f@@@@@@@@@@ Lx|+:<xx*i\}uFOQgZ$86$8HMgB&$W80gQQD0DAQ80HZqAMhk@@@@@@@@@@@ ?\r==;r<=?L|uf08RZHdQ$8066RgQD0gQBg0EWHEHg0A%kuE&Q@@@@@@@@@@
>>15570 Ok that looks like shit. Won't try that again. :-DD
(294.88 KB 917x828 jd-joker-dog-joker.jpg)
Did you ever dance with the Devil by the pale moonlight?
(325.37 KB 1170x860 jd-disco.jpg)
We're scientists. We have to do things we hate -- that even sicken us.
>>15648 Funky.
>>15655 check'em or else
(189.21 KB 551x748 chk-pink-panther-buffed-ddb.png)
My file fell off again.
(38.83 KB 537x403 FO3-hud-nice-camel.jpg)
(127.84 KB 750x554 FO3-hud-muslim.jpg)
My files are being stripped off my posts about 50% of the time. Senwick, help! Give the database a kick or something.
>>15671 I'll try to find a fix
(104.81 KB 767x658 thumbs-up-cat.jpg)
(255.13 KB 1280x720 triumvirate.jpg)
My characters won 2020, hands down. None are as prolific as these. There's over 209 images featuring them. We're everywhere. Almost no one is making anything new in the past year. The guy that does Toilet Man did great, though. He's probably #2.
(97.95 KB 616x749 spurdo-toilet-man.jpg)
I'd like to thank the academy and Klim...
(27.27 KB 717x599 tybb.png)
You kids are too young to remember the original toilet man.
>>15795 you mean you?
(539.07 KB 2152x3132 ! Big.png)
(251.08 KB 2152x3132 ! Big Colored.png)
Been reading Yotsuba &! lately and got some cool screenshots. Pic related is a screenshot I ran through waifu2x and colored. Surprisingly harder than it seems
>>15839 Original screenshot
>>15839 Nice, but probably should have cropped out all that whitespace.
(115.69 KB 1030x580 jd-plane-wing.jpg)
JD, no! You can't breathe out there.
>>15870 The whitespace is good as the background imo but yeah I can see where you're coming from.
(154.15 KB 658x1053 steph-shitpost-corn-dog.jpg)
Actually, I hate corn dogs. They're an abomination. How can we make hotdogs even more gutter-tier? Hold my beer...
(238.10 KB 1249x1208 ! Big Colored NoBG.png)
>>15875 Yeah, much better.
>>15874 She's not planning to eat it...
(160.23 KB 698x1117 steph-shitpost-maggots.jpg)
om nom nom
(70.11 KB 468x711 gorilla-in-midst.jpg)
(178.71 KB 850x570 make-it-stop-cat.jpg)
(192.73 KB 821x1239 no-one-has-to-know.jpg)
(198.20 KB 824x669 komodo_dragon_smoke.jpg)
(143.40 KB 746x665 komodo_dragon_smoke.jpg)
Better version of last night's post. At least he has a theme now. The last one was a reaction pic for a thread.
(282.89 KB 1076x858 rodent-arsonist.jpg)
(234.94 KB 1051x706 rodent-family-reunion.jpg)
(190.53 KB 1011x770 rodent-psych-ward.jpg)
(183.99 KB 852x480 oneech-circuit-promo.jpg)
That's a bad-ass font, no?
>>15988 ooh that looks cool
(172.18 KB 542x746 jd-reaction-max-thumbs-up.jpg)
(168.14 KB 510x735 jd-reaction-max-smug.jpg)
(174.37 KB 543x746 jd-reaction-max-gun.jpg)
(171.34 KB 505x718 jd-reaction-max-absinthe.jpg)
(179.63 KB 541x744 jd-reaction-max-finger.jpg)
Anything that is said to you in life can be answered with one of these pics. Think about that for a moment.
(165.05 KB 509x735 jd-reaction-max-yeah-ok.jpg)
(221.35 KB 728x710 jd-reaction-max-denied.jpg)
(178.41 KB 514x728 jd-reaction-max-holy-cross.jpg)
(183.17 KB 573x739 jd-reaction-max-ak47.jpg)
(326.89 KB 1012x759 jd-dumpster.jpg)
JD, no! Get out of the dumpster! No one will respect you if they see you like that.
>>16084 This a strange fascination you have.
(165.74 KB 1000x707 komodo_dragon_warpzone.jpg)
(183.78 KB 1128x711 komodo_dragon_warpzone_oneech.jpg)
>>16086 I prefer the term dedication to excellence but whatever totes your goat.
(359.08 KB 800x600 komodo_dragon_warpzone_transp.png)
(121.80 KB 800x600 komodo_dragon_warpzone_catch.png)
(121.32 KB 789x720 komodo_dragon_megaman.jpg)
(218.01 KB 550x683 cat-right-on.gif)
(139.12 KB 868x635 jd-right-on.jpg)
(205.50 KB 1220x847 yonkers-the-little-mittens.jpg)
In comparison with the ancients, we stand like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants.
(151.13 KB 654x808 chihuahua-say-that-again.jpg)
(399.76 KB 1748x874 jd-wheel-of-fortune.jpg)
I win ceramic delmation.
>>16460 Do screenshots count as OC?
>>16463 Also, Sen, allow bmps. Lots of old games save screenies as bmps.
>>16465 done.
(1001.01 KB 1280x800 SCR21 (2020_01_31 19_41_05 UTC).BMP)
(1001.01 KB 1280x800 SCR27 (2020_01_31 19_41_05 UTC).BMP)
(1001.01 KB 1280x800 SCR8 (2020_01_31 19_41_05 UTC).BMP)
(1001.01 KB 1280x800 SCR16 (2020_01_31 19_41_05 UTC).BMP)
(1001.01 KB 1280x800 SCR36 (2020_01_31 19_41_05 UTC).BMP)
>>16473 Got imagemagick, bash, and sed? Try this: for image in *.bmp *.BMP; do [ -f "${image}" ] && echo convert -strip "${image}" "$(echo ${image} | sed 's,.bmp$,.png,i')"; done
>>16475 Change echo convert to convert when you're sure it'll work.
(209.54 KB 1102x849 white-man-seen-on-tv-01.jpg)
(150.32 KB 890x714 white-man-seen-on-tv-02.jpg)
(225.92 KB 1063x710 white-man-seen-on-tv-03.jpg)
Hard to believe, I know.
I appear to have broken the hair.
>>16565 there's tons of broken/weird geometry in this game. Sliding on this slope causes the character to glitch out and keep on infinitely sliding in place. It's weird
(404.91 KB 733x552 chk-captain-planet.png)
(98.26 KB 972x663 white-man-seen-on-tv-04.jpg)
(71.43 KB 731x755 anna-2.jpg)
(353.93 KB 1275x792 jd-facebook-ban.jpg)
Good job, JD! I'm so proud of you.
A man who fishes for marlin in ponds will put his money in Etruscan bonds.
>>16666 Nice get.
(131.79 KB 646x646 bite-the-flower.jpg)
(118.36 KB 645x573 biden-come-on-man.jpg)
C'mon man. You know me.
(40.95 KB 341x307 hotism.jpg)
>>16688 Fun fact: Power Flower is the name of a music track from the Sega Genesis game Sub-Terrania.
(175.53 KB 800x600 komodo_dragon_free_soft.jpg)
I've no context for this one outside of a tech discussion. That being said, I need a name for my giblets lizard. Just calling him "komodo dragon" isn't distinctive enough. I was thinking about "Kenny".
>>16706 Call him Sharkie. Because you're jumping the shark.
(195.10 KB 960x520 1.jpg)
>>16710 Never look at the empty seats. -Charlie Daniels
(217.90 KB 813x629 kenny-mr-bill.jpg)
(201.31 KB 1000x615 kenny-ice-cream-cone.jpg)
Biden, sharing some of his cone.
(192.81 KB 859x690 9chan-mythical-admin.jpg)
There really is a 9fans admin. I caught it and here's proof.
>>16758 Fuckin' A, the witch draws back the curtain.
(660.76 KB 957x795 reallynigger.png)
(170.28 KB 740x1006 8channel-sabotage.jpg)
And here I thought I'd run out of ideas. Opportunity will present itself if you wait long enough.
Don't try kicking against the wind.
(264.52 KB 713x1000 kenny-tin-can-call.jpg)
You better pick up. Hell-o!
(469.92 KB 1295x948 jd-tin-can-call-alamy.jpg)
(187.93 KB 750x1334 kenny-tin-can-call-smartphone.jpg)
867 5309
(108.57 KB 934x595 biden-come-on-man-2.jpg)
Corn Pop was a bad dude.
(34.28 KB 534x392 always-edit-images.jpg)
(193.94 KB 750x827 komodo_dragon_so_nice.jpg)
(15.63 KB 499x179 all that remains.jpg)
(135.17 KB 1010x451 fallacy-of-hope.jpg)
When marriage is outlawed, only outlaws will have inlaws.
(163.45 KB 450x608 eeyore-party-hat.png)
happy birthday to me if anyone cares I know they don't (*sigh*)
>>16976 Happy Birthday, same birth month as me bro.
>>16976 Happy birthday anon!
(413.68 KB 1128x1222 jd-super-spreader.jpg)
>>16978 >>16979 ty anons
>>16981 sleep tight, pupper
>>16982 You're not doing it right! Now you have lung-aids.
(113.98 KB 892x677 FO3-hud-feral-kamal.jpg)
Get the Gauss Rifle.
(399.23 KB 1377x775 the-grungles.jpg)
(175.56 KB 350x428 lazy-town-omg-this.png)
Reaction pic for all your low-effort agreement needs.
(109.91 KB 800x450 barney-who-cares.jpg)
(50.95 KB 623x623 jd-mirror.jpg)
(188.91 KB 1138x758 chinaman-please-no-eat-cat.jpg)
A reaction pic, a lmao, and a statement. This felyne is your friend - he fights for cat-free dinners! Chinaman, please!
(1.45 MB 1920x1080 2018-10-11_1924_1.png)
(2.22 MB 1920x1080 2018-10-25_2252_1.png)
(441.84 KB 1023x767 africa vetus.jpg)
(733.95 KB 1440x900 AOK016.png)
Just salvaged more pics from my dying USB drive. Enjoy some random screenshots.
(146.58 KB 1085x780 kool-aid-man-cool-it.jpg)
There's alot of opportunity to use this one, though maybe not here.
(1.47 MB 540x360 video0 (47).mp4)
(63.90 KB 672x540 archie-stifle-yourself.jpg)
As of Tuesday, C will be flushed in favor of COBOL. Please update all programs.
(179.53 KB 730x730 cat-owners-dry-food.jpg)
(142.55 KB 810x810 dr-evil-patch-posts.jpg)
Fortune: Patch will start a new chan within a week.
kys retard
(143.92 KB 1017x766 reuben-whats-up-doc.jpg)
(252.68 KB 677x1083 steph-shitpost-the-whole-world.jpg)
You've always got the option of having just committed suicide!
(29.54 KB 480x640 happy-the-dickhead.jpg)
Why hello there!
(140.96 KB 1026x717 sinking-ship.jpg)
This is an older one, but I unbranded it for use on any /b/. Can you believe 9fans deleted this?
(9.22 KB 221x263 1591897327-0.jpg)
>>17677 Lol, yes I can, that's why I left.
>>17678 Probably was in your thread too as I was saying goodbye. Hopefully you're not leaving the chan-o-verse.
>>17683 Thanks for the farewell, m8. No, I'm still anonymous 4 life, I'm just going back to maining comfy boards like this one. Staying on 9chan would just be validating the admins' shitty behavior, so it's better in my opinion to have integrity for the culture and support the places where it's best represented. Like I said, if the site ever changes into better hands, I'll be back.
you're an old piece of shit and your photo editing """skills""" suck
(108.07 KB 398x360 1451465135866.png)
>>17687 He knows he sucks. He's desperate to create a "meme" that will catch on. A few months ago he made a thread claiming that hyena should be the new pepe. Ever since, he's been spamming these quick photoshop jobs. He's chosen quantity over quality. It's beginning to get annoying.
(336.43 KB 608x344 Clipboard.png)
(126.02 KB 588x550 jd-and-not-a-care.jpg)
(340.15 KB 643x482 Clipboard.png)
>>17687 Says the guy that can't even format text properly... Someone else had me as fat today as well. Now I got to be old too? Damn. >>17705 My images are pretty widely reposted and that thread said JD should replace pepe. Pepe is over 5 years old and didn't even originate on the alt-chans. >quantity Some of the images are quick. Some are 30+ layer images taking 12+ hours. Speaking of quality, you might want to clean up all those stray pixels on your image. That's a terrible crop. >It's beginning to get annoying. Sorry. I aim for full annoyance for I'll have to step up my game.
(136.83 KB 588x550 jd-and-not-a-care.jpg)
>>17722 Boo-ha! Caught you all sleeping. Again. Better version.
(984.40 KB 500x277 giphy.gif)
(288.45 KB 950x725 rodent-wheres-waldo.jpg)
(136.46 KB 701x546 rodent-dear-leader.jpg)
(200.22 KB 654x589 bugs-bunny-this-means-war.png)
>>17777 I didn't even crop that pic, you spaz. It's an old meme from back when you were in diapers. Nice quads, I guess.
>>17778 Well now it's cleaner with a more general purpose message for use as a reaction image.
>>17781 You're a psycho. This is psycho talk.
(405.78 KB 960x1440 patch-groundhog-day.jpg)
Enchanted image: Due to the subject matter, this image always counts as first-time posted OC, no matter how many times it's posted.
(30.12 KB 640x480 thumb.png)
I had an idea: Greta Thumberg
It's a cat-astrophe!
You can't teach a new mouse old clicks.
(121.08 KB 1042x702 jd-MGM.jpg)
Try again
(116.50 KB 720x960 rodent-time-cover.jpg)
I just realized I'm the only person on planet earth using an imageboard right now.
Your supervisor is thinking about you.
>>18183 lay off the weed anon, im here using one too
It had to be done. I'm sorry. I'm sorry!
Many a true word spoken in jest.
(268.37 KB 1092x806 steph-shitpost-butcher-steph.jpg)
Warning: this fortune may change your life.
>>18290 ominous
(493.13 KB 670x484 chamelion-partial-trans.png)
(453.67 KB 670x479 chamelion-onee.png)
Color-to-alpha and partial transparency test. I'll have to play around with this idea tomorrow when I have more time.
(307.15 KB 670x484 chamelion-partial-trans-crop.png)
(369.68 KB 675x559 chamelion-onee-2.png)
Maybe lower the opacity to make him blend in more, but then it's harder to tell what it is. There's a fine line between confusing the viewer and letting him know what he's looking at.
(48.92 KB 500x334 rodent-arsonist-2.jpg)
(134.78 KB 850x850 possum-buffed-revolver-14.jpg)
Another quick rodent and a new troop. You can never have enough troops when you are trying to rule the chan-o-verse.
(158.31 KB 798x800 vintage-lmaos.jpg)
You guys get out of there! If you break it, I can't afford to replace an antique.
>>18477 maybe there's just no boards worth it board like herdchan, it's like smacking a toddler
>>18482 Nah, I think they're just pansies who can't do it anymore.
(542.08 KB 931x633 possum-buffed-15.jpg)
Troops are amassing. Something's up.
(154.15 KB 1140x826 possum-victory-28chan.jpg)
>>18541 Thnx for your password, just deleted all your possum posts. Sucker!
(255.54 KB 904x1110 possum-punished-cmdr-possum.jpg)
>>18547 Every possum fights for the glory of the possum-posse and knows the risk before he charges into battle. We kill and are killed, only to rise again for battle in an endless cycle of birth and death.
Ditat Deus.
>>18555 the posse is dead long live the posse
(140.67 KB 609x832 steph-shitpost-polar-bear.jpg)
'Tis the season for polar stephanies.
>>14823 >make oc to help pedos and trannies in their daily internet escapism Nah fuck this community
>>18755 posilutely sneething dubs check'd
(209.54 KB 719x824 oscar-no-oc.jpg)
(40.67 KB 508x729 jd-who-can-it-be.png)
Altchans are a lot more dead when Possums nigger isn't doing his rounds.
(1.27 MB 941x813 jd-shit-poster-shitpit.png)
JD, you're all fucked up. You need help! Get out of the manure pit! >>18874 Lemme strap my goggles on...
(16.83 KB 300x100 8chnl-onions-zebra-banner.jpg)
(19.37 KB 300x100 8chnl-onions-zebra-banner-2.jpg)
>>19051 Old pikachu was such a zebra rancher. Once he cranked it up so high that the captcha looked like an actual zebra's stripes and no one could figure out what was written within. That's where the whole zebra thing came from: Lynxchan's captchas look like real zebra stripes at max level.
>>19076 *crickets chirping*
>>19077 kek'in dubs of dunce Get off my cloud.
(162.37 KB 460x370 wtf-guy-rodent.png)
(158.06 KB 460x370 wtf-guy-kenny.png)
>>15987 >>17776 >>18183 >>18468 >>19111 weirdos sharing images of me on a dead chan that i dont even visit i would sue you for civil harassment but i have to save up money for my own potential criminal charges, ur on notice
>>19118 You've become somewhat of a star. I only expect you to come on stronger in 2021.
>>19121 expect a lawsuit and restraining order in 2021
>>19118 >that i dont even visit
>>19560 apparently i do now whats up my dude
>>19563 Give us some new material.
(149.00 KB 956x539 possum-cnn-announce-herdchan.jpg)
Get back jack
(84.41 KB 965x527 rocky-banned-again.jpg)
(399.59 KB 839x689 diff-strokes-watchu-talk.png)
There's so few places I can post. I'm ronin now.
>>19670 we's all ronin massa
(98.45 KB 1000x1000 1463791487030.png)
>>19730 Just pooed my pants, is that normal?
(2.25 MB 3948x2820 montage.jpg)
With almost 30 boards overran in 2020, you've gone from an old meme and stock images to having your own armed troops with foot soldier goons, an alliance with the trash pandas, and matching under your own flag. Good job guys.
(158.71 KB 1136x751 loli-of-approval.jpg)
This is another way to crop an image with fine detail: https://teckangaroo.com/gimp-how-to-remove-background/ However, you still have to go back in with the eraser pixel by pixel anyway and it probably ends up taking even longer with no better results. Granted, my subject was more complex than the example. I could probably remove the water mark with resynthasizer, at least on the shirt but it's very continued existance is a testament that I have done exactly the thing they did not want me to do: take and use their image. Anyway, have a reaction image.
>>20046 muh impotent rage
(129.30 KB 960x512 possum-fluffed-mount.jpg)
She'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes when she comes. She'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes when she comes.
>>20044 trying to crop around hair is maddening
>>20550 I thought the greyscale technique would be better so I kept following along, only to waste something like 2-3 hours.
(82.49 KB 899x541 biden-hidin-with-biden.jpg)
Look, man. You know me.
>>20580 I get hampered enough by doing shit in some random autistic self-figured way, then needing to redo it from scratch having come up with a much better way to do it, because crippling OCD perfectionism about detail fucking nobody else would notice or care about.
(156.38 KB 1600x1102 patch-delete.jpg)
(192.64 KB 714x1103 steph-shitpost-axe.jpg)
(220.14 KB 740x877 jole-out-mag-cover.jpg)
You made the cover, jole! I knew you had it in you.
(163.05 KB 712x1100 steph-shitpost-axe-hades.jpg)
I originally wanted this image to have a hell/hades background but couldn't find one that night. This is more like the version I wanted.
About the only thing on a farm that has an easy time is the dog.