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Official Erection Thread Anonymous 11/05/2020 (Thu) 00:55:00 No. 16882
I don't know who won the election but I know who won the erection.
(123.19 KB 749x750 big smug.jpg)
> when cheating commies are walking into all the traps you laid for them
(288.51 KB 368x389 trump did 911.png)
>>16883 >when you're a crypto-jew who plays controlled opposition for the cheating commies
>>16884 If he concedes this will be the only conclusion... that he was always controlled-op.
>>16891 He's gunna win. I don't think they're done with him.
(189.53 KB 495x295 gay.png)
>>16892 The globalist cunts been incessantly bitching about him and trying to get rid of his ass since he took office. They clearly want him out so they can implement Agenda 21 and 2030. Might be too late for them anyway, given that he already installed a few conservative SCJs.
>>16903 If Trump was against Agenda 21, why didn't he pull the US out of the UN like he promised to do?
>>16924 Nobody cares about UN, they can't do shit. All their rulings are advisory in nature. They're literally a paper tiger. Even their blue helmet troops are pushovers that any banana republic can btfo.
>>16937 Then what's the big deal if the US pulls out?
>>16939 Maybe because there's more important stuff to do. The US government itself is infiltrated all over by foreign interests and globalist scumbags, and it's been like that for decades. And it's not something that can just be reversed overnight just because Trump or another president says so, because they're not dicatators. The last guy who actually tried to fix things got made an example out of in Dallas in the 60's. If the government was already fully compromised back then, just imagine how much worse it is now. So there's no time or energy to waste on stupid shit. You pick your battles carefully, or you lose the war.
>>16941 >Maybe because there's more important stuff to do. Then why was none of that important stuff done? > And it's not something that can just be reversed overnight just because Trump or another president says so It's been four years, not one night. >The last guy who actually tried to fix things got made an example out of in Dallas in the 60's. Then what does it tell you that Trump is still alive? If they really wanted him gone it would have been as easy as fabricating some bullshit during the Mueller witch hunt. >You pick your battles carefully, or you lose the war. So what battles has he picked? The battle to establish an embassy in Jewish Jerusalem? The battle to bomb Syria at the request of the Rothschilds? The battle to dump an obscene amount of money on a useless border wall as illegal aliens sneak right under it through tunnels that ICE and INS pretend not to see? The battle to make an ass of himself on Twitter and give fresh fodder to the corporate propaganda machine daily? What has he done besides satisfy globalist interests while validating the Republican caricature they've been painting since they blew JFK's head off?
(920.69 KB 1200x675 Clipboard.png)
>>16942 Go back to CNN, Fredo. That, and all the other propaganda outlets will tank without their 24x7 smearing of Trump. That's the only good thing to come out of this.
(70.49 KB 750x478 twitter2.jpg)
>>16942 4 years is not enough, and very likely 8 years isn't either. What Trump is doing is setting things in motion to *begin* the reversal of the corruption that's been in place since at least the end of WW2 (but likely earlier still, since the Federal Reserve and ADL were both created in 1913). And no, they can't just get rid of him easily, they've been trying the whole time, even to the point of wrecking the nation with this virus bullshit and antifa/BLM terrorism. They hate him (or rather what he stands for) so much that they're even resorting to censoring him on twitter and network broadcasts. That's pretty fucking blatantly anti-american, and wouldn't be done unless he was a direct thread to the status quo. OTOH, it's also a trap they're walking into. Some weeks ago, the DHS top brass gave a formal warning to twitter. What that means in practice is they've been doing the necessary groundwork to collect evidence for a lawsuit. Twitter will most likely soon lose their common carrier status and become liable for everything posted on their platform. Which means they'll also most likely face a barrage of lawsuits from all the people they pissed off (which in practice is anybody whose opinions differ from their globalhomo enforcers).
>>16960 Explain away Trump's policy of sticking his nose up Israel's asshole and tickling Israel's balls with his tongue.
(166.69 KB 220x226 shrug.gif)
>>16971 You mean stuff like recognizing some town or another as the capital of Isreal? That's just empty talk designed to rattle the globalhomo commies, and it's all free. It just requires him to open his mouth or type a sentence on twitter. It doesn't require complicated/careful legislation or any time from his legal team, and doesn't have to go through congress. But more importantly, he doesn't actually do what they want him to, which is to take out Assad and deliver Syria to them on a silver platter. When Israel did their false flag attack, he gave Assad something like a week's notice and then dumped about 70 missiles onto an empty airfield (which the S-300 systems intercepted like 2/3 of). And a bit later he did another bullshit hit on some empty buildings. The MSM was ecstatic about it. I think that's the only time they ever said anything positive about him, even though it was all fake bullshit. I don't think they're that stupid, but rather were just trying to manipulate him into becoming more warmongerish, like all his recent predecessors who just couldn't help themselves to start wars all over the place. Hell, Clinton dragged us into a war because he got a blowjob!
>>16972 Eaxctly. They're not stupid. And all he's been doing is talking. And it's what they want him to do. Posturing is a big part of politics. The Rothschilds want him to lick boot and that's what he's best at. It's a mistake to downplay his support of an embassy in Jerusalem because it firmly defines America's stance on the apartheid in Israel. He also recognized Golan Heights as part of Israel when no other president has been willing to do that in the 50 years that the Israeli army has been sitting on it. And that's what the war was all about. They never wanted all of Syria. They wanted Golan Heights, where the oil is. This is why all media coverage of the "revolt" in Syria fizzled out after that event. Rothschild won the war he was fighting thanks to Trump.
>>16973 Big if jew.
(162.16 KB 750x620 rothshit.jpg)
>>16973 The rothshits don't control him. TRUMP IS SUPER DUPER!@#@#


no cookies?