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(484.43 KB 2560x1600 wp2143329.jpg)
Anonymous 11/08/2020 (Sun) 11:58:04 No. 16985
I love these little kitty-tards. Cats are far superior to stupid dogs.
(31.15 KB 313x286 dog.jpg)
I wanna sniff its arse.
>>16986 Kys, tranny.
(316.72 KB 1433x2048 bang.jpg)
>>16987 > everything I don't like is a tranny
>>16985 Dogs are fine too. But I don't like that they eat catz.
>>16988 >everything I don't like is a tranny Literally my worldview in a nutshell. >>16989 >dogs Are cucks. Dogs are the trannies of the animal kingdom.
The cats vs. dogs pissing match is just a jewish invention to divide us like ninjas vs. pirates or Republicans vs. Democrats. Both animals serve a function in the home. Cats control small vermin such as mice and roaches. Dogs protect your garden from larger pests like deer and gophers. They also protect your home from burglars and make useful hunting companions.
(4.78 MB 4032x3024 20201105_094022.jpg)
Cats are great!
>>17017 Yes! Finally a sane post!
>>17022 But perhaps it is the cats who are the insane ones in a world of sanity. Also, checked.
>>17024 who are you to judge sanity? You, who are posting on an imageboard at 7pm on a sunday night. You, who have NOTHING compared to a cat. You disgust me.
>>17025 Did you even read my comic before posting this ignorant filth?
>>17027 i read your disgusting comic. Your point is still moot.
>>17030 fuck you too asswipe


no cookies?