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Anonymous 11/13/2020 (Fri) 15:24:56 No. 17213
8channel is now permanently closed. Thank you and goodbye.
(26.29 KB 1031x551 muhcp.png)
Bunker @ Freech.org
>>17214 >cp in top threads no thx
>>17217 Do you call your family photos with your cousins also CP? Idiot.
>>17218 I don't have family photos with my cousins.
>>17219 Yeah because you're a sad lonely schizo who thinks any family photo of children is pornography.
>>17222 pictures of naked children is child pornography
>>17224 Funny you mention that, because those aren't in any thread on Freech.org at all.
>>17225 riight
>>17226 Prove otherwise, concern trolling nigger.
(28.07 KB 300x250 pepe sailor.png)
It was probably just some trolls that posted CP to get site shut down, like they do with other chans. I haven't been to 8channel in a long time (because they had cloudflare that demanded javascript enabled) but back in the first part of this year (and past year) that's how it was there. Anybody know wtf happened to zchan.cc btw?
>>17228 Zchan had the same owner as 8channel. DDoS/spam attacks forced him to shut down Zchan.
That's what you said the last time.
(355.29 KB 817x427 Clipboard.png)
pikachu nooooooooooo!
>>17224 What about classical statues of naked cherubim?
(3.80 MB Wipe Out.mp3)
I look forward to the next mystery owner site who happens to act just like Patch but totally isn't Patch.
>>17246 I was going to say that, but was trying to keep the somber tone.
Don't let your thoughts get in a rut. The knife which spreads may also cut.
I just experienced an extremely satisfying and copious orgasm.


no cookies?