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Anonymous 11/14/2020 (Sat) 16:38:09 No. 17279
I always seem to catch some kind of head cold whenever something I've been looking forward to approaches. Like a day off and time to myself for the first time in months. Why do colds even exist? Why does a virus come along and make you feel all scratchy throat and itchy eye for like 3 days and then get bitch slapped by your immune system only to come again next year. It's like it only exists for misery. It causes you misery only to invite misery unto itself along with its ultimate destruction and that's how it reproduces. What does it mean? Is all life like this but I can't see it because it's on a much slower and larger scale than with the virus? Is all plant and animal life just a head cold that the Earth is gradually fighting? Is the universe just a virus destined to clear out so empty space can feel healthy again? It makes no sense for a virus to kill its host because that would mean the death of the virus. Bacterial infections are different because the bacteria can continue to thrive and reproduce on a corpse. But for the virus to thrive and multiply, it must cause a brief period of misery that brings about its own destruction. Think about it. What is the rhyme and reason behind this peculiar form of life? Is it even a form of life? If not, what is it? Why don't people think much about this? It's a big part of our lives. The entire pharmaceutical retail industry runs on bullshit cold and flu remedies. We have a cold and flu season that we dread and suffer through every year. But nobody thinks about how peculiar and fascinating the cold and flu virii really are. Also, when did we start saying "viruses" instead of "virii"? It's from the Latin, so why is the objectively wrong multiple tense correct now. When did that happen? And don't even get me started on Covid: that overblown media boogeyman that has turned the world into a pack of paranoid germaphobes. Oops. I got myself started. Don't people realize that panicking and feeling anxious over the possibility that their head cold is really a mythical plague will just make the cold last longer? Has everyone lost their minds? Or do most people have no mind to begin with? Will we ever return to a time when people buy a bottle of ibuprofen and suffer through cold season with tact and sanity? Or is the hysteria going to intensify every winter until the powers that be control every aspect of how we interact? Maybe I should have eaten more fruits this fall instead of relying on vitamin supplements to boost my immune system. What do you think?
(104.35 KB 750x1058 Clipboard.png)
To live is to struggle; all things must first converge and then diverge. Existance is cyclical. For something to live, something else must die. Everything created will someday be destroyed, and everything once destroyed will one day again be created. Pic rel. >What is the rhyme and reason behind this peculiar form of life? You can say that about all life forms (I'm leaving out religious explainations). >Is it even a form of life? Some definitions include it as living, some not. I had this discussion with another anon awhile back. >When did that happen? Around the time people started saying "he coming" instead of "he is coming". Fewer people speak correct now. We're devolving back into grunts and gestures. >Or is the hysteria going to intensify every winter until the powers that be control every aspect of how we interact? Yup. Now that the far-left seems to have won out in most of the Western world it will only get worse. If you want examples, just look at the regulations for Thanksgiving in CA, or what the govs are doing in Michigan and New York. The far-left is always authoritarian by nature. Those anarco-communist Antifa you see running around are just pawns being tolerated until they serve their purpose, which is to rip down the old system. They are expendible. Also, you probably have the old 'rona.
>>17292 More or less over the cold now. Wasn't the rona, but I was pretty confident about that anyway. I really thing I had the rona back in March thru April because I had an intense, persistent cold with some really strange symptoms.
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