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(39.99 KB 344x517 1598827746935.jpg)
Sen is an asshole Anonymous 11/15/2020 (Sun) 11:37:56 No. 17318
I hate Sen.
>>17318 Kinda rude, but ok.
(123.53 KB 345x334 4089.jpg)
> when your database becomes sentient and starts shitposting
(26.63 KB 680x344 two apus.jpg)
Sen is the chillest site owner I've met since the death of 8chan
>>17328 Thanks! I try my best :))
(364.65 KB 3000x2000 wn071309-1_064.jpg)
>>17318 You shouldn't call someone you hate an "asshole." After all, the anus is one of our most important body parts even though it's often highly undervalued and commonly denigrated and abused.
It's always the ones best suited for the job of a larger site who are happiest on a low key comfy site. May your comfiness always last.
>>17578 Large sites/communities are annoying to run. As the userbase gets larger there is less and less quality. Small and comfy is best.
(157.53 KB 896x639 1437901623476.png)
>>17578 >>17579 Long live the comfy.
>>17592 this


no cookies?