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(7.72 KB 400x306 lainbee.png)
Anonymous 11/18/2020 (Wed) 22:35:55 No. 17453
and you don't don't seem to understand... LAIN IS A BEE!!!
>>17453 i don't believe that's true anon
(6.54 KB 400x400 lainbee exploitable.png)
>>17455 Are you blind, friend?
>>17457 bee time
You only get one sting. Why would you waste it on a squirrel?
>>17464 those squirrels man. They suck.
(158.93 KB 600x900 bee_movie_promo_1.jpeg)
>>17466 You notice how they'll run towards your car? Not away from it. They see the car. They're aware of the danger. And they run at it. I imagine that's why they evolved that big tail. Because, somewhere along the line, nature decided it's your job to avoid squishing the squirrel and not the squirrel's job to avoid being squished. >well, we could teach the squirrel to put it's nest on the same side of the road as the acorns >nah just stick a flag on its butt and call it a day I wonder if they've always been running towards drivers, then. Like, they always talk about the bandit problem Europe had in the middle ages. Apparently there was a real bandit problem. When you go out on the road you have to watch out for the bandits. What about the squirrels? You're riding your horse home from work. It's late afternoon. The sun is in your eyes. You're weary from working all day. Suddenly, the puffy tail darts out of the woods. >squirrel! You swerve into a tree. Your horse breaks it's leg. What do you do now when there isn't even AAA yet? Thank you!


no cookies?