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Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 16:26:32 No. 17492
Hey :) It's me bren. I'm heading off to the grocery store. Anyone want anything?
>>17492 a bag of pretzels would be pretty dope
>>17493 I actually already have some; I don't eat pretzels too much. You can have em!
>>17497 thanks
>>17501 you're welcome anon, how are you?
>>17502 im good! whatabout you?
>>17503 i'm fine as well, thank you. what are you up to?
>>17508 interneting
>>17511 good :)
>>17511 seeya tomorrow anon
A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick o'butter.
>>17548 I have all of that stuff in my house man
>>17552 The line is from a kid's show (maybe Sesame Street) I saw when I was in elementary school. They repeat that line over and over, as the son goes to the shop for his mother. Funny how I remembered it all these years on. Neroplasticity.
(75.43 KB 1500x1190 descarga (10).jpg)
I want reinitas
>>17554 Ah, okay :) >>17570 I love those!
>>17580 >I love those! same tbh
>>17581 I haven't had those in such a long time.


no cookies?