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(935.58 KB 1536x2048 Clipboard.png)
wtf Images Anonymous 12/01/2020 (Tue) 23:52:37 No. 17977
Post your favorites or the best ones that you find.
(116.02 KB 633x3277 wtf.gif)
(30.91 KB 460x522 aWx5we2_460s.jpg)
(140.94 KB 486x626 shit.png)
(8.20 KB 320x200 DOOM56.png)
(8.13 KB 320x200 DOOM08.png)
>>17985 >>17987 This thread isn't for your autistic Doom obsession, make your own.
(3.00 MB 220x394 lol retard.gif)
>>17989 Okay retard
(48.31 KB 468x382 United States.jpg)
Fuck the US.
(74.14 KB 306x360 Clipboard.png)
(79.10 KB 720x722 1378719643464.jpg)
(2.93 MB 202x360 1447199953164.webm)
wtf vids okay?
(56.81 KB 700x256 bb.jpg)
Buy these bugs, goy!
>>18082 Why does everyone keep trying to frame eating bugs as a Zionist plot? Bugs have been eaten around the world since Man began and are very nutritious and eco-friendly. I've eaten bug chips before, they're fine.
>>18085 Go eat some bugs then leftycuck
>>18086 Why does eating bugs have to be political? It's just a food. Samurai used to eat soy, would you call them cucks?
>>17977 Mericans don't like bugs, and they're inherently wrapped up with the "savagery" of the asians. Plus it has environmental motivations, which are automatically bad for some reason.
>>18089 yeah yeah keep talking liberal. i know youre trying to get me to eat that disgusting shit so you can control my brain.
>>18091 Someone get this man a strepsiptera smoothie
(4.40 MB 4320x3240 oniguri-01.jpg)
(4.09 MB 4320x3240 oniguri-04.jpg)
>>18088 Fermented soy and stuff like Tamari (as in pic rel) is a different thing. Most of the soy used in the US is probably GMO on top of that. The soy thing is a bit of a meme because the people you think of eating it (in the US) are the same types of people who require trigger warnings.
>>18096 >the people you think of eating it (in the US) are the same types of people who require trigger warnings Vegans have also contributed to it with their general insufferability. Hearts close to the right place but brains entirely absent.
>>18096 god that looks fucking delicious
(34.63 KB 750x571 DD-C1Y7XkAAVsGz.jpg)
I know we're derailing, but the food discussion is more interesting. Honestly, I don't think anything should be taboo to consume, so long as it is ecologically sustainable. And yes, I'm including cannibalism in that, which is coincidentally also a good form of population maintenance and extremely efficient.
>>18103 Imagine zoomers and BLM participants with spongiform encephalitis.
>>18105 Yeah, yeah, foodborne illnesses are present in every kind of meat. I'm assuming you also posted the Treeman Syndrome thread on microchan? Dude, you got a fucking encyclopedic knowledge of diseases, it's impressive.
>>18105 They all eat the Impossible Whopper and the Beyond Sausage.
>>18108 >Treeman Syndrome thread on microchan Totally different guy, but spongiform encephalitis is exclusive to cannibalism, and variations of it affect any species where cannibalism is a large and regular part of the diet. Otherwise known as "mad cow disease".
>>18110 >any *most, I'm sure there's some exceptions, but humans aren't one.
(103.12 KB 630x713 wtf.jpg)
(81.80 KB 500x449 1418788607829.jpg)
(4.30 MB 1500x2000 Clipboard.png)
(54.60 KB 960x720 1v458s5d1g4rf85d.jpg)
(56.90 KB 640x925 1.jpg)
Wear your mask.
(478.44 KB 1646x1057 1429183240899.jpg)
>>18606 Mmmmm, no thanks. As a male, I really don't want to be pregnant.
(2.00 MB 214x178 4v58r9e4gt8rf.gif)
(1.99 MB 430x440 1421716161360.gif)
(119.47 KB 852x480 flatty.jpg)
(561.17 KB 1080x1413 chad.jpg)
(472.81 KB 915x609 Clipboard.png)
(41.71 KB 750x765 powerOfMakeup.jpg)
>>18085 >Why does everyone keep trying to frame eating bugs as a Zionist plot? Because it's being foist upon us. Don't you sense that? It's not, um, organic.
(1.11 MB 634x846 Clipboard.png)
>>18994 Yep, that's a WTF alright.
>>18773 Are you being serious or ironic? Bugs have been a foodsource around the world since Man began. Insects are highly nutritious, cheap & readily available. It's stupid not to eat them and of course, they're being advertised, it's an emerging market.
>>19028 Good luck getting rid of the inherent western stigma about it. I can't even bring myself to think about it too hard let alone actually do it.
>>19030 I don't care about crusading for it, I just don't get the disgust factor about it. It's just a crunchy little thing you eat, what's the hangup? I'll eat anything that my stomach can physically digest and I mean ANYTHING & EVERYTHING.
>>19032 >I'll eat anything that my stomach can physically digest and I mean ANYTHING & EVERYTHING. I'm way, way too OCD for this. I can't eat leftovers or shit that's been sitting out too long.
>>19028 Next time people in my apartment building get roaches and they come round here, I'm calling you anon. Bring your appetite. >>19033 "Leftovers" are just food that didn't make it to the trash yet. You can let it sit on the table and then come back for it hours later. That's not leftovers. You can make a batch of something ahead of time and use it on-going, like sauce. That's not leftovers. But once you serve it, and then put it away that's leftovers if you try to eat it again.
>>19045 I don't understand. If a batch of sauce you put away isn't leftovers, then why is it different for a batch of soup or a batch of mac n cheese or whatever else?
>>19045 >roaches Are a special case and have to go through extra cleaning to be edible due to higher bacteria. If they were cleaned & prepped, I'd try em; seems like a pain in the ass, though. >>19048 Cus a sauce is more like a condiment or ingredient, whereas "leftovers" implies a complete, unfinished meal.
>>19048 If you serve it then put it away, it's left-overs. If you make it in bulk, and only serve what's used, that's not left-overs.
>>19072 That's stupid.
(445.80 KB 634x475 Clipboard.png)
(495.93 KB 634x634 Clipboard.png)
(94.69 KB 960x528 1608535704378.jpg)
(404.45 KB 1920x1280 bat flower or cat whiskers.jpg)
(77.66 KB 900x507 goon saloon.jpg)
Goon Saloon
(150.86 KB 308x385 Clipboard.png)


no cookies?