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(139.63 KB 1200x690 cnn-last-alt-chan-user.jpg)
Breaking News Anonymous 12/27/2020 (Sun) 03:26:52 No. 19161
It's over.
Respect you in the morning?! Hell, I don't even respect you now.
A CNN image? You didn't do one of those before, did you?
Actually, yes, I'm just waiting to post it because it deals with a different subject matter. You always have to be on point with images waiting in the wings. This way, people will think you're quicker than you really are. That's just a little secret between you and I.
(2.60 MB 1536x1600 Clipboard.png)
I just tried to post on ni-chan and got stopped because of anti-spam filters (URL). Only I didn't post any URL. That place is full of Koreans and weird porn. Actually, I find all East Asian porn weird. Did you ever notice that in Japanese porn the women look like they are getting stabbed with a knife instead of a cock? She's always got this look of pain on her face. Japan women must hate sex. No wonder their population is dropping. Also scams. Sure, I'll send you all my BTC to double.
Should I muck around with proxies to go over to 9bans? I feel like a domestic abuse victim posting there. They are so nasty to their posters. Why people return to there I'll never know. Correction: Yes I do know: desperation. Stockholm Syndrome.
(236.76 KB 1080x1350 10756bc4ddb0d5e32503641d29cf8530.jpg)
why yes, how could you tell?
Everywhere is so dead now.
(60.24 KB 600x809 1290f0f-02.jpg)
>>19168 Some fires you can't extinguish. Not like there's really anyone left to care I post her here.
(202.92 KB 651x1041 1607127857-0.jpg)
>>19167 and its all your fault steph how can you live with this?
(204.04 KB 1024x682 854031962.jpg)
Most people are followers. This is probably a good thing, from an evolutionary stand point. What makes some (others) branch off from the rest? Is this a back-up plan of evolution? Why do some not follow others?
>>19172 because some of us have the balls to do shit our way even if it means losing "friends?"
>>19170 Boy I sure did. >>19172 If it was all followers, who would they be following?
>>19168 >>19169 >>19170 >>19171 Look at you stealth creepers. I knew people were about, just not posting.
>>19174 no one in particular, some ideal human-like character that is perfect in every way but can never really exist, whether we see it in ourselves or in some demagogue
(358.79 KB 2160x2160 1607806829-0.jpg)
>>19175 still a rulecucked shithole that will go back to being dead soon enough
(81.87 KB 1300x1138 1606890257-0.jpg)
>>19177 ill take all the dubs before i leave
(404.91 KB 733x552 chk-captain-planet.png)
>>19177 Name a better place.
>>19177 Onee's really not that bad tbh. Sen's a decent admin. Doesn't allow all we'd like, but that's also every single existing site.
(254.35 KB 775x1183 b041.jpg)
>>19179 my imagination? >>19180 tired of that rationalization.
(140.67 KB 609x832 steph-shitpost-polar-bear.jpg)
>>19180 I switched my loyalty to here during The Bannishing because I've never been banned nor blocked from posting here. This place is stable - been up over a year. All the markings of a good board.
>>19182 fine line between loyalty and groveling.
(74.56 KB 743x557 nigga-please.jpg)
>>19183 Can't grovel to someone you don't need to impress. >>19184 Nigga, please! Allow Tor file posting for starters.
(623.31 KB 720x1280 1607474568-0.webm)
>>19184 nope, cope
(325.37 KB 1170x860 jd-disco.jpg)
Thread theme. lmao.
Go suck on an infinite tube.
(95.32 KB 549x800 2295054.jpg)
>>19189 it smells, like something familiar like manure.
(108.04 KB 454x340 1608640356-0.png)
>>19181 I'm honestly tired of feeling like a cancer bro. It was about particular people and idiotic trannyjannyism for me. I'd fucking love to have the controlled anarchic roman senate complete with the cunnyposting but we're never going to get it unless I do it myself it seems. Since I am unable to for more reasons than I'll ever list, I'm not going to run around demanding it from every site that exists. Just from particular people, cause fuck them. They caused this. >>19182 I've been here for a couple months, never seen Sen doing the tranny janny thing, kidposting thing aside.
(187.47 KB 1300x1209 yawn.jpg)
>>19193 oh hi bessie
(2.13 MB 2385x3222 1607989212-0.jpg)
>>19195 you seem upset
(2.79 KB 135x153 Untitled.png)
This is why I haven't been posting her here. Not going to do it. Done it everywhere else with you nonstop for months now, everything that needed to be said has been beaten to dust.
(189.14 KB 982x697 1607749579-0.jpg)
>>19197 >being bullied by patch into stopping posting stephanie guess ill take the torch then sissy
>>19199 I said here.
>>19201 ill bite your soul
(268.37 KB 1092x806 1607576730-0.jpg)
>>19200 what difference does it make?
>>19204 >Do not post anything illegal in the USA. never have never will. dont care what is subjectively deemed "questionable."
>>19205 I won't do it on Davey's board and I'm not going to fucking do it on Sen's board, out of respect.
(162.29 KB 658x1053 1605678736-0.jpg)
>>19207 yep, groveling hard.
>>19208 >showing base respect to others I respect similarly to Cal, etc, for different reasons, is "groveling" Seriously nigger?
>>19209 its a 2 way street or its non-existent. if you respect them then they should respect you enough to let you post as you please without any unnecessary self-censorship or apprehension.
and pootch will always be lurking and mooing anyway.
>>19210 >they should respect you enough to let you post as you please Nigger it's not them, it's the other cancerous fucks who are drawn to the giant neon flashing sign of Stephposting to come bring their cancerous arguing with me shit here, or ramp it up (like Jole, who came regardless anyway) when it wasn't already. That shit makes me feel like pure fucking cancer.
>>19206 You're such a fucking liar Callan, you've posted hardcore child porn on numerous Patch boards. Mostly whenever you got BTFO'd hard in an argument.
the Steph & Cal meta whining circlejerk destroys every imageboard it lands on
>>19212 i dont know how youve twisted yourself into a pretzel like this. its not your fault those salty faggots follow you. they just do, and right now, this kind of response is what they want lol >im cancer because i have a couple ticks on my ass not very sound logic, some weird self-imposed "guilt"
>>19213 prove it. meanwhile i caught the herd doing it red handed, and patch hasnt even denied doing it. but of course, deflect and project.
>>19215 If it was actually twisted for me, no site would be "neutral ground".
>>19217 there are no "neutral grounds" only no-mans-lands
(126.68 KB 1080x1351 237deffef06258e6ff5fb1d12c9f6f0a.jpg)
>callan posts hardcore child porn when he loses an argument shit theory since ive literally never lost an argument
(80.63 KB 500x660 cat loli (2).jpg)
>>19219 Except every one you ever had with me tbh.
>>19366 dubs
>>19216 >i caught the herd doing it red handed can confirm
(137.47 KB 221x454 1605679640173.png)
>So thanks to them, we can't have an actually free, good, decent imageboard and we are stuck with rulecucked shitholes. Because if you give them an inch they will take a foot. Pedo schizos are holding back/destroying the altchan scene and it's thanks to them we now have a completely dead scene with only rulecucked shitchans left.
(9.38 MB 280x280 lold.gif)
>>19371 >they ban/delete you for linking to another imageboard or merely discussing controversial topics, or for posting soyjaks, or for manually spamming the board
(50.35 KB 388x517 from the jaws of defeat.jpg)
>>19372 delusions and scapegoats, thats all that exists in his mind now. a dream that will never come true and the two men who ruined it all flashing before his eyes, while he of course bears no fault or accountability at all. altchans as a whole may have lost, but boy do i call that a win at psychological warfare.
>>19374 You did stuff too Callun, it wasn't all me and Steph. 2 men and a spic midget. We did it, Reddit.
(263.77 KB 2057x1440 1606871597-0.jpg)
>>19376 you never quite got that deep personal hatred me and steph got lol, to be honest i still dont know how i became such a boogeyman. maybe because me and steph were consistently the ones calling out his bullshit and foiling his childish plots, seeing right through it all and letting all the other users know exactly what was going on. thorns in the side of what (he believes) would otherwise be god-like infallibility. fucking scooby doo villain logic.
>>19383 >completely oblivious to the fact he was just called a spic midget
>>19385 anybody can call me anything they like, gringo manlets cant even hurt my feelings
(75.00 KB 1280x720 the fire rises.jpg)
(113.13 KB 748x483 pure sneethe.png)
one of the saltiest tranny janny bans I've gotten there
>>19417 where?
>>19418 look at that post count. must be 4gag
>>19417 Looks like 4bans. I don't want to post anyplace I can't ban-evade if needed. That site is proof positive that people actually like censorship. It's one of the most restrictive forums this side of Reddit, yet it's fast as hell. People like censorship. Don't let them tell you different!
Why is it called "minch meat" if it ain't got no meat in it?
(713.33 KB 720x540 Clipboard.png)
So on that show, "Worst Cooks In America", the loser is actually the winner, right? It's a contest of losers so getting sent home first means you're the worst, and therefor the winner.
(149.52 KB 846x1021 1.jpg)
Being banned is funny and cool.
>>19646 why tho
>>19647 Be loved, be hated, just don't be ignored. That's the worst. It's a similar concept as in 'term of endearment'. Besides, those guys have been posting together for years.
>>19647 Because "board culture" or something.
I had chance to learn piano once. I'm kinda thinking I should've taken it.
>>19659 Knowing how to play an instrument isn't really useful in life tbh.
>>19662 It's not about utility, it's about life enrichment. There's plenty of activities people perform daily that aren't useful (on the surface). One could argure that enrichment of life furthers the purpose of life (to live) and therefore is paramount to human existance.
>>19663 That's true, but there are activities that both enrich your life and are useful.
(290.02 KB 616x500 Clipboard.png)
Why is it called "mince meat" if there ain't no meat in it?
If God is willing to prevent evil, but is not able to, Then He is not omnipotent. If He is able, but not willing, Then He is malevolent. If He is both able and willing, Then whence cometh evil? If He is neither able nor willing, Then why call Him God?
>>20541 >If He is able, but not willing, Then He is malevolent. Why does that make him malevolent? >Then whence cometh evil? This implies evil is a palpable thing. Perhaps evil is complete absence of good, like darkness is the absence of light and cold is the absence of heat. Perhaps it is flawed to feel there needs to be a duality of two forces. Perhaps there is simply God or nothing.


no cookies?