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Anonymous 12/29/2020 (Tue) 16:57:19 No. 19699
A board is only as good as the people who use it.
this is true and when joles around the board goes to total shit man that must mean something wonder what that something is
>>19700 Im never around and the board is always shit
>>19712 >Im never around So who's posting this message, your secretary?
>>19713 Are you a fuckin retard?
(86.62 KB 740x744 jole-never-posts.jpg)
>>19722 its like the same few people use all the altchans wtf
>>19733 It's a small userbase spread over a bunch of sites
>>19734 this everyone else done got run'd off
>>19734 Makes sense why all of them are shit tbh
>>19736 yup nothing but joles far as the eye can see
Most of the regular quality posters get turned off when they see this small group of namefags circlejerking and treating the board like it's their discord. They may not go away completely, but they'll stop posting until the fags are gone. I know I'm like that.
>>19733 You're just noticing that now? Sometimes you see the same thread on multiple sites.
>>19738 how fucking bratty.
>>19738 Not true. There are never quality posts and when samefags arent around they still are just pretending to be anon. It shows.
(18.88 KB 389x161 Clipboard.png)
>>19761 Yeah, no. This rhetoric was non-existent before you showed up. You're as transparent as you are retarded.
and by "quality" of course you mean whatever appeases your own ego.
>>19818 >rhetoric Ive only posted in this thread. The whole catalogue is still trash. Cope.
(44.82 KB 510x445 piss.jpg)
You fucks did it to yourselves by spamming board and bumping all threads with content into /dev/null. So now you get shit content because nobody has incentive to make any effort.
2 years and the joleing still going strong been saying the same shit for 2 solid years
>>19825 >incentive what a joke take some initiative
>>19824 Maybe try reading a post before responding to it.
>>19836 Tbh i dont know what you mean i responded perfectly clearly. I guess you dont even get what you wrote.
>>19849 nah youre just retard
Imageboards were trash and the "rhetoric" of board owners being ass was around way before i was.
>>19849 I said you are as transparent as you are retarded. So why try and convince me you haven't posted here outside this thread? You are as transparent as you are retarded.
>>19850 How often are you here to have replied so quickly, wtf.
>>19851 you sure did
>>19853 you could ask yourself the same
>>19852 Cope. Refresh the overboard for the rest of the day.
>>19853 See above post. He's retarded. >>19856 It's only something to hide if you're pretending you never come here, retard.
>>19855 >you could ask yourself the same I already know the answer to why i responded to your response so quick. Because you replied so fast i was still here working on another post. See though you know this. This is just you trying to start a back and forth. Not gonna do this anymore. It killed imageboards. Samefaggots killed imageboards.
(23.01 KB 320x320 1607650939219.jpg)
>>19857 im not retarded..
>>19858 cope
>>19860 Refresh
>>19861 yeah
im too fast for you motherfuckers, dilate
>>19859 At least I got a new reaction image out of this exchange.
(3.77 MB 640x360 rashido.mp4)
>2021 >arguing with jole
>>19866 i came here for a good argument
>>19867 >i came here for a good argument first mistake
>>19866 >still 2020
(1.03 MB 202x360 bird mocks mortality.webm)
>>19867 Then argue with someone who isn't retarded.
(67.24 KB 683x730 samefag life away.jpg)
>>19870 already beat them all i guess
>>19871 >porch
>>19872 The final battle is when the two of you argue.
>>19874 >patch >callan >robert >zain >nathan >pantsu
>>19876 only the 2nd and 3rd are worth a shit
(93.93 KB 866x1300 14105357.jpg)
>>19877 i agree
>>19877 >>19878 BFF's I dodged a major bullet. Dont meet internet people irl. No matter what.
>>19879 die alone pussy
(164.36 KB 740x315 Clipboard.png)
Read all jole's posts in the Oscar The Grouch voice and he immediately becomes 30% more entertaining.
>>19881 i already have him pegged as a whiny, autistic adam sandler impersonation
>>19879 Why share all your personal info including address if you don't want to know people at that level?
>>19883 hes just a coward, entertains an idea then doesnt have the balls to follow it up. hence breaking cheetos (and his own) heart at the last minute
Its fitting the two of you found one another.
>>19886 how insensitive to our african-american users, fucking kike
>>19892 that may be so, but your post was also offensive to our many jewish users. may poor credit scores fall upon you
(49.93 KB 717x629 jewish nigga.jpg)
you got some fuckin nerve
>>19886 hhahaahahahahhaahahhhaahahahahah funny racial slur so funny hahahahahahah
>>19886 Hey Sen that post shows up blank under the Mushroom theme. Here I am wondering what you all are talking about.
(67.24 KB 683x730 samefag life away.jpg)
>samefaggots still bumping this dead thread
>>19898 you keep using that word, i do not think it means what you think it means
(78.24 KB 1300x866 18099815-.jpg)
>>19899 THIS is samefagging.
>>19897 That's most likely because the css for the red text is animated on the mushroom theme and you're using a browser that doesn't support it
(59.79 KB 1300x866 14110230.jpg)
>>19900 hannah samefag <3
>>19900 Samefagging? THIS IS SPARTA!
>more samefagging
>>19902 Is this the gril that has been samefagging every hated troll on imageboards, from tybb to jole to Analockman?
>>19904 its free speech
>>19905 yep, bewildering people since as soon as she could type
>>19901 Well what do you know? Palemoon won't render the rainbow animation, but Firefox will.
(1.49 MB 1620x1080 salute.jpg)
>>19907 Keep typing, gril. Type, type away.
>>19910 I'm using palemoon and I can see the rainbow. I also posted the NIGGER.
>>19912 I can see it under CRT, Dark, and now testing Cyberpunk, which also works, but not Mushroom (on Palemoon). Firefox works for all. Weird.
(336.87 KB 1577x1034 palemoon rainbows.png)
(69.61 KB 538x542 1606604559-0.jpg)
>he hasnt deleted it yet
>>19970 >>19970 Why would i fren? I want all anons to have a chance to speak.
>>19867 troll shit tier beginner trolls on 4chan it's really not that far off from the joleing experience
(130.97 KB 1600x1167 145352247.jpg)
>>19977 4chan doesnt exist in my universe
>>19978 teeth must stay sharp but as you will it's funny sometimes how (((certain))) people out here think they're special, cause they've been bubbled off for so long and their bar's gotten lower and lower big fish in small pond vs small fish in ocean & all that
>>19979 Your perspective is 100% valid friend.
(8.05 MB 640x360 ive told you once.mp4)
>>19979 oh i get some hearty debates on youtube comment sections. and of course, i always win. pretty sure i could get btfo'd at quantum bogodynamics but thats neither my interest or claimed expertise.


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