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(463.80 KB 1332x701 2021-new-year.jpg)
Happy 2021 #kJW9uF 12/31/2020 (Thu) 04:09:13 No. 19762
Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and auld lang syne? Another year down that I've been posting with you guys. Where does the time go? New Year's thread. Hopes? Thoughts? Ideas? Fears? Cheers - 100 years!
Silver is pure. It's been a symbol of justice and purity since the year of the sun.
>>19762 What is that song even about?
>>19763 I've always translated it as "for old time's sake", and the message as a conflict of should we forget about the old and move forward or remember the old, which is fitting for a new year. There's also a quest in Fallout: New Vegas (the Fallout series being one of my favourites) which has the same idea: https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/For_Auld_Lang_Syne It's a Robert Burns poem: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auld_Lang_Syne https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Burns https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comin%27_Thro%27_the_Rye
(7.05 MB 536x480 running out.mp4)
looks like only the "strongest" (or rather those still clinging to what imageboards used to be) made it to the end of the show and what do we have to show for it lol maybe onee can finally take off after lying in wait for so long
>>19811 >maybe onee can finally take off With Callan and Steph pedo circlejerking on it all the time? Not a chance.
>>19812 oh cos let me guess youll ddos it again yawn
>>19812 >i cant explain the mechanics of how my premise leads to my conclusion >i leave out the step where its me being a kneejerking tranny janny insecure bitch
happy new year
>>19834 its still 2020
>>19837 only my time zone matters
>>19838 Which one is that?
>>19839 the right one
>>19840 But the Earth is round. One time zone's right is another's left.
>>19841 the one in between all the ones that dont count
>>19842 I'm still lost. I'm trying to narrow it down by thinking of all the decent places on Earth. But each of those few places has tons of bullshit to the south and north of it, all within the same time zone.
(1.28 MB 962x1276 Clipboard.png)
(1.33 MB 962x577 Clipboard.png)
Why are they partying like this in Wuhan, the epicenter of the wu-flu, when the rest of the world is all fucked up? How is it China gets off lightly but every other major country gets slammed?
>>19844 They're far enough apart. Looks safe to me.
>>19844 because theyre not self-destructive little pussies
>>19844 that society operates like the borg, individual units dying really doesnt matter so long as The Party keeps operating
>>19846 This is China we're talking about. I'll give you that they're not pussies, but they do have a habit of jumping directly into factory machinery and volcanoes.
(11.54 MB 480x360 Rancid_Last_One_To_Die.webm)
>>19811 check'd for tenacity Last one to die.
I might go 'round and say Happy New Year to some of the other chans. Sucks that 998fun is using efnet's rbl now. That blocks about everything except bare, home IPs. Maybe not mintboard. They're pretty hostile to outsiders. Everytime I've posted there I've gotten neutral or negative responses. Usually something referencing "KC".
>>19887 samefag cope. You offer nothing and people can see that.
>>19888 Fuck you.
>>19888 but you, youre precious, every word, every gesture is of grand importance that everyone just pauses in awe at
>>19887 A good idea.
(1.47 MB 2160x1620 pizza-and-beer.jpg)
Soooo... something tells me this New Year's gonna suck. They're playing godamn Bryan Adams on the "classic rock" stream I'm listening to. I don't even feel like going out. For what? I can listen to what I want here, and not have to deal with getting back home. Eat what I want, stay up or quit as soon as I want. Besides, I"m no crowd person. Probably everything is closed due to uwu flu anyway.
>>19894 well if it makes you feel any better im so bored im playing a game of anti-slide bump against pootch on 9chan.
>>19908 but its totally worth it because i can feel him seething so hard in the force
>>19908 I mostly gave up posting there because the .onion is down 99% of the time and mods when nuts about the time 8channel when down. With 9bans, you can't Tor -> clean net address so I have to find another IP. Is that guy still posting his corn-filled shit logs? That guy eats more corn than cows.
>>19894 Nice pizza.
>>19915 this one doesnt have an onion either dingus so clearly thats not a dealbreaker for you
(67.24 KB 683x730 samefag life away.jpg)
>>19894 >samefaggot going to spend another year indoors obviously, already rationalizing your next failures.
>>19918 misery loves company ey faggot?
>>19920 thats the whole reason you refresh refresh refresh
>>19921 imagine complaining that someone is shitting in the stall next to you while you shit.
>>19922 why are you shitting?
>>19922 That's rude. I was shitting here first. The next stall over is empty. What's wrong with him?
>>19925 just be happy that he isn't taking those nasty shit logs and throwing them over into your stall onto your head.
>>19926 >tfw the guy in the next stall taps his foot into yours >what does he mean by this
(108.04 KB 454x340 1608640356-0.png)
muh turbulence
what did onee ever do to patch? oh wait hes just a spiteful bitch throwing a tantrum and ddosing because people are having fun on other sites.
(67.24 KB 683x730 samefag life away.jpg)
>>19930 >fun Shut up samefaggot. You and patch are caught in an autistic tailspin. You need each other. Playing grab ass across the internet.
>>19931 sounds like you dont know what it is either. oh well, not anyone elses problem youre a miserable little faggot with nothing but negative bullshit to say.
>>19931 >t. frequent ass grabber
>>19932 >fun is why i refresh, refresh, refresh
>>19934 got any new lines there buddy? youre verging on insufferably boring.
(524.53 KB 863x1390 Fuck Steph in the Filename.jpg)
Happy new year.
Happy DDoS. Suffer.
>>19938 aw, look at the blubbering manchild being a little edgelord. hell cry himself to sleep eventually.
>>19917 You're missing the point, ignoramus. Pic rel is what happens when you try to use Tor to access it. onee: Tor -> clear (works) 9chan: Tor -> clear (blocked) 9chan: Tor -> .onion (down 99% of time) Plus I had to kick Cloudflare in the balls 3 times just to see that page. Yes, I can post there using other means but I'm going to post where it's easiest tbh.
well Sen either he gets bored of it or stops paying for it, or you come up with some anti-ddos measure
>west coast now the only place still in 2020
looks like it stopped for now but this guy holds grudges like a motherfucker
>>19944 I think he went to bed. He sleeps all odd hours though.
I was wondering whether he'd leave it going when he passed out or not guess not
not too far from when he passed out on halloween iirc
>>19946 you have to continually pay bitcoin per "round" of ddos hes not a l337 haxor nor has a botnet of his own
>>19948 guess if he's paying for it he wants to "enjoy" it
>>19947 lmao we got him lock. It's like 9-10am in Germany right now.
(150.05 KB 445x640 thanks.jpg)
Should probably thank him for making my self-imposed exile utterly pointless, seeing as he's gonna ddos it regardless now.
(72.54 KB 373x587 onee-milquetoast.jpg)
Speaking of Klim I haven't seen Klim in a bit bad sign if Klim left
>>19953 Yeah we lost alot of people the past few months especially. Mola Ram, Jace, Klim, Chijo, Nero, and more.
>>19956 well Chijo I can do without tbh, but the rest are definitely losses
>>19957 nobody honestly misses mola ram
>>19957 >>19958 Ah you guys are being a bit harse. They were anons and contributed likewise. I'd be willing to bet there's only 6-8 anons on all the alt-chans right now. Add another 6 if you include mintboard.
>>19960 yes yes all good men.
>>19958 Mola Roo was alright well worded most of the time, and was smarter than some, for a character larp thing >>19960 Chijo wasn't an anon, Chijo was just a totally self-centered attention sponge. I never banned him or pushed for him to get kicked out, and I'll talk to/troll him when he's around, but I won't miss Chijo.
>>19961 That's a pretty powerful image. So rare these days.
I do have to give Chijo being a traffic magnet. His threads are almost always the most active thread on whatever board I've seen him on.
>>19967 i want all the clowns. even pootch, he should try just becoming a regular user. no more power, just a man and his word. but nah, too much of a deranged brat.
>>19969 >i want all the clowns. even pootch, he should try just becoming a regular user. no more power, just a man and his word That's really the best possible version of what Chantopia should have been, only it's completely ridiculous in hindsight to expect those same people to be modding/running it straight & "professionally".
>>19972 Sen doesnt seem to be an unreasonable manchild BO. I was expecting immediate deletion and ban for some of my posts lol Hes not even sweating it or freaking out about the ddos
(1.41 MB 1080x983 test (2).png)
>>19973 Hence my respect tbh.
>>19960 Namefags aren't anons.
(88.62 KB 669x596 sadpedospic.jpg)
"Sad pedo spic loser" 2020 Colorized.


no cookies?