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(118.04 KB 669x596 refresh.jpg)
Anonymous 01/03/2021 (Sun) 11:26:08 No. 20169
(94.22 KB 935x1300 89349770.jpg)
You forgot the cantellope horns hanging on the back wall. How could you forget the horns?!
(4.35 MB 658x480 Refresh.mp4)
>>20206 he didn't forget them in the movie
>>20207 lmao
>>20207 don't tell Jole it wasn't actually Callan's post, this is far more hilarious
>>20215 >a single great stone often in the form of an obelisk or column boy that usage sure does make sense, I tell you what
>>20218 better than the typical "I have no sane response" soijak I guess
(324.66 KB 669x596 ddosed.jpg)
>>20227 better than the typical "I have no sane response" soijak I guess
(324.66 KB 669x596 ddosed.jpg)
>>20228 Stop repeating yourself
>>20229 >he said, posting the same image yet again
(1.17 MB 1280x1080 zonz.png)
talk about all the things you stick in your ass while you post ddosed.jpg
(324.66 KB 669x596 ddosed.jpg)
>>20207 lold
(1.17 MB 1280x1080 zonz.png)
(193.49 KB 1280x960 grey days.jpg)
(297.90 KB 960x720 the room.png)
(430.93 KB 588x675 steph-shitpost-best-shot.png)
>Callan makes Jole seethe so hard he actually made OC after refusing to for 2 years without getting paid for it we need to find Cal a medal not only did he make it but he's running around like a toddler with their drawing showing it to literally everyone
>>20237 and it actually has decent production value, like some skit youd see on adult swim back in the day
>>20237 >>20238 >samefag solidarity
>>20241 yeah you still dont know what that means.
>>20237 https://onee.ch/b/res/20000.html#20221 After this conversation/thread i had to make it tbh. Feels good to be back.
>>20243 Youre both known samefags and youre supporting each other itt, hence samefag solidarity.
>>20248 His life is memeable but id rather not make up a whole fictional song for him to play in a dive bar
>>20247 >Youre both known samefags >t. me >I call you samefags so that makes it true >>20248 Is this a compliment or an insult, I can't tell in this case.
>>20250 Oh my god cope. lol
better get on bumping them shit threads on 9 patch, youre losing
>>20247 >Youre both known samefags and youre supporting each other itt >sounds of patch and jole sucking each other's cocks intensifies
>>20255 they sure like their projecting, favorite tool in the box
>>20255 Patch is as pathetic as the two of you samefaggots. Idk why you think im his buddy because i made fun of some dumb ass shit.
>>20256 curious why you've been bumping them for like 2 weeks then
>>20256 tell that to your fat german boyfriend
>>20259 Not me btw
>>20261 I can't tell with all this samefag solidarity
(66.20 KB 1300x866 15807696.jpg)
did someone say samefag?
>>20256 Read the thread. https://onee.ch/b/res/20000.html#20221 If you want to know why hes orbiting patch
>>20258 idk, has to be seethe over callan then given that patch is a infinitely larger well of material
(82.29 KB 1300x866 15233234.jpg)
>>20263 i couldve sworn
>>20262 I dont need a team mate to dab on you guys
>>20267 should tell that puppy to stop yapping at your heels then
>>20265 I wouldnt know after i realized hes mentally ill i stopped paying attention.
>>20268 I cant help if he or anyone else get sucked into the gravitational pull of my based threads.
>>20270 >after i realized hes mentally ill i stopped paying attention. but you've been saying this about callan for fucking months me too matter of fact
>he went and bumped the threads fucking dead
>>20274 Ive never said that about him. I just naturally became indifferent. You samefaggots arent mentally ill youve just conditioned yourselves into autistic habits
>>20276 >it's a "I've never even been to 8channel, I don't know what's posted there, that's why I'm reporting this site for CP and not that one" episode you are so full of shit
>>20276 Which is why i even bothered talking to callan and telling him hes wasting his time. Its a new year and i figured id try but after https://onee.ch/b/res/20000.html#20221 Its clear hes a lost cause. Hes got tunnel vision for patch. Idk what your deal is anymore
>>20277 What does 8channel have to do with anything? Ive been there.
>>20280 >samefagging is responding to yourself as if youre someone else I was adding to what i said obviously. Stop grasping.
>>20281 It's exactly what you said when you were reporting chantopia for CP, and I asked why you weren't reporting 8channel, the "known CP site"
>>20282 >I was adding to what i said obviously. Which is what you call me a samefag for.
>>20283 What are you saying? How does this relate to what were talking about?
>>20286 It's the same flip flop, constant excuse shit for why you pick particular people to do your thing with, "but it's not about me seething over them cause X".
>>20287 Are you saying i reported chantopia because i had a grudge against patch?
>>20288 Nope. I'm saying you didn't report 8channel or even entertain the idea because nobody you were seething over was at 8channel at the time.
>>20290 Made it all about "muh CP" but wouldn't even look at the site with all the "CP".
I was already indifferent to patch by the time chantopia existed because he showed he was mentally ill on maddochan or maybe another board. I had a grudge against reuben. Thats why i was fucking with chantopia.
jole spammed cp on clowncopeia.
>>20293 when i deleted by IP, all his other posts disappeared with it. lul.
>>20290 Oh well yeah
>>20292 >already indifferent to patch how convenient so you're saying you've been indifferent to and not trolling or fucking with patch at all, totally ignoring all his shit, since fucking chantopia?
>>20297 >the lightest scrutiny and his narratives fall the fuck apart jole sucks at weaseling make some more OC its all youre good for
>>20299 >the lightest scrutiny and his narratives fall the fuck apart it's ubiquitous with herdsmen tbh
>>20297 Yeah thats exactly what im saying
Well the joke is played out. Enjoy the oc.
>>20301 how convenient also that all your relatively recent troll threads aren't on herdchan atm. and I clearly remember you deciding to suddenly start browsing and fucking with 8channel after I left chantopia to go there, I wonder who you had the grudge with then?
>>20302 >is gonna keep milking it
(1.17 MB 1280x1080 zonz.png)
>>20303 I posted my oc there cause i thought patch would find it funny tbh. Lets be honest only a few ppl are gonna get the joke.
>>20307 my fucking sides
herdsmen are shitposters, they fucking suck at actual psyops.
>>20310 I refreshed and there was nothing
(1.17 MB 1280x1080 zonz.png)
>>20303 i didnt harass 8channel if i remember, you did because you were salty patch fired you over sperging on chantopia. Poor reuben. If he had listened to me hed have never had to deal with you OR patch. Oh well reuben made his bed.
>>20314 >you did because you were salty patch fired you over sperging on chantopia wut
>>20315 dont question his head canon just roll with it
>>20315 That board you nuked idr the fine detail anymore
>>20318 Idk lets just stay in the present
>>20316 the egocentric shit trolls are the most fun to harass
Tbh i didnt mean to make metadrama i just made an observational joke. /thread
>>20322 weak copout
>pph went through the roof so captcha per post was activated i know its automatic but Sen pls
>>20325 yup, thanks jole
>>20326 wait what do you mean? that's the only post with a trip so clearly it's the only post jole made the entire thread
>>20327 forgot link tbh >>20322
>>20324 Sorry, captcha is disabled
(35.19 KB 680x510 1606669587-0.jpg)
>>20354 yes now i can samefag unimpeded
>>20357 post it again
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20358 >post it again
>>20359 another one
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20361 >another one
the callan meme was funny but now that jole and his new bff gremlin are spamming it its just annoying. sad way to kill a meme. >inb4 desperate reply with the same image again
>>20364 >the last laugh is always on them
>>20367 >haha jokes on you Im posting a different image woah ebin, the fat gremlin is proud of you
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20364 >its not funny anymore
>>20370 im sure youre still giggling like a little faggot
>>20370 >bump the scat thread in my ass patchouli t. jole
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20372 nice to see them become such close freinds
>>20373 cuckoo!
>>20371 >>20372 >>20374 Beavis and butthead
>>20373 >>20373 >>20373 spam it harder baby, I'm cooming!
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20378 you're my bitch now, post it again
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20380 >>20380 >>20380 wow so fast, good boy
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20386 >refresh >.
>>20387 >>20386 >>20384 >>20383 >>20382 Please stop spamming.
>>20388 >spamming >posting in one thread
>>20390 That's still considered spam. Please stop.
>>20390 post it again retard
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20392 >sarcastic comment >refresh
>>20391 dont give them the reactions they want, remember?
I asked nicely...
>>20394 Shitposting is one thing but spamming is different.
>>20391 Cant even have random fun in a single thread on the RANDOM board? I can see why this place is dead tbh. Mods ruined the internet.
>>20397 There are few rules. Spamming is not allowed.
>>20398 Ban me then rulecuck
>>20398 now theyre either going to ddos or cp spam, or both.
>>20400 So be it.
(388.31 KB 1280x720 Screenshot_2021-01-03-18-08-28.png)
It was fun but was derailed by the mod. *Sigh*
>>20402 Fun is fun but don't let it break the rules. It's not too much to ask.
(23.74 KB 603x510 1473204884.jpg)
>>20401 >a BO that acts like a man
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20403 >follow my rules >this is my house
>>20405 they dont seem to change on petty whims.
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20406 >patch could take a lesson
i should work for the government or something with this innate power to break peoples minds.
>>20408 CIA hit me up, i will crack those terries
>sen says stop >their ears go down and their tails between their legs good boys.
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
(74.54 KB 866x1300 15233701.jpg)
>>20411 time for your meds
>>20410 tbh it just saps the fun out of it and changes the mood when a mod comes around and starts telling you how youre allowed to have fun on a random board. A board dedicated to shitposting precisely like this thread. Doesnt matter. I tried fighting the mod battle. You cant win. They are drunk with power and will not budge even if youre one of their only users.
hes refreshing an imageboard can you fucking believe that? i bet he shits in a toilet too
(4.35 MB 658x480 Refresh.mp4)
>>20414 >all day every day so normal
>>20413 sounds like a cope to me pussy
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
youre fucking dyslexic and type like a slow retard jole
>>20419 It being slow and painful and in the end pointless because all he gets in response is nonsense is literally the joke. Its what i tried to explain to him with words in another thread. Now im showing him via media instead of telling him but he isnt self aware enough to catch it. The slow typing is intentional hyperbole
Now every time i post his face it just gets funnier because it keeps going over his head.
Although now that i had to explain it its not funny anymore. Damnit.
(67.66 KB 600x367 m9qlw0Hob41qeoh1vo2_1280.jpg)
>>20420 youre talking to me. and cool post hoc rationalization there
it was just 2deep4me yawn
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20423 >cool post hoc rationalization Ok its funny again
>>20424 You didnt watch it to the end did you?
>>20426 where im supposed to be stunned and paused by that shoop of me crying wow, avant garde as fuck boy
>>20427 >crying You arent crying at all. Thats just the glare of the screen on your eyes. You didnt even watch it to the end lol
>>20428 think really hard jole.
>>20427 Your face is stone the entire time. Not happy or sad. Just grey mute. Even as you post your sarcastic wit you show no visible emotion. You sit, with the hum of the computer in the background and you refresh the page only to be greeted with a reply that is nonsense, mocking you. The camera closes in, on your stone face, neither happy nor sad. Right back where you started before you posted, your time wasted.
Callan you have no sense of humor at all.
(69.61 KB 538x542 1606604559-0.jpg)
ive been bested by the most humorous man on the planet yet again, shucks!
>>20432 Youre not only a pedophile youre also boring
>>20433 >controversial positions >relentless argumentative skill >obsessed about by faggots like you >boring
>>20432 Jokes not funny when you have to break it down like that Its funny given the context Its not suffering or anything that youre laughing at. Its a choice not a condition. A self imposed state of being. Callan, youre butthead in real life and robert is beavis. In that context its hilarious, not sad.
both of you are sad
But yeah all this brain draining conversation, missed jokes, coupled with that random mod called sen reminded me why i took a break and i think its about time to do it again.
i can see why you and patch are kindred spirits. you can spin anything in your favor, twist or delude anything to suit your narrative - or just ignore it. at the end of it all, youre flawless.
>>20437 slink back into irrelevance then bitch
>>20438 Our narrative won. You lose little grey man.
>>20441 >we hivemind now what is it i lose, exactly?
>>20442 >what did i lose Face
>>20443 whered it go?
(359.76 KB 1337x1030 50935__53142.1540057602.jpg)
(69.80 KB 1300x866 14110271.jpg)
allow me to refresh
>>20443 >sucks off a site ddosing, cp spamming, literal shit posting retard gremlin >thinks he still has face only in your head, buddy
(1.17 MB 1280x1080 zonz.png)
>spamming the same image over and over again for every reply is fun for Jole
this is some cancerously autistic shit tbh
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
(98.37 KB 552x493 1609761130-0.png)
>paid goonery begone shill
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>youre so obsessed with me you made a meme <was paid to >.... *refresh*
>patch is so obsessed he paid jole >after paying to DDOS multiple sites so how does the trolling thing work; bulk payment for X # of "*refresh*" posts, $ per post, what?
>>20465 >he paid jole Are you serious?
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20465 >patch is obsessed too Now THATS a cope.
>>20466 see >>20463 I asked for the invoice and patch actually fucking posted it
>>20467 nigger he paid you to make fun of his enemy make some more cock slurping noises in response
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20469 >dude you got paid to draw >pathetic
>>20470 oh no no no, the focus has totally shifted from you to him you're just a paid goon, nobody really cares about you at this point
>>20468 I can't believe that's true. It would be hilarious and make patch look like a total idiot.
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20472 >now my focus has shifted to patch
>>20473 I mean he posted the actual invoice, and jole's straight up admitting it (a bit angrily in that 9chan thread, I don't think he expected patch to admit it) I'm fucking shocked myself, I expected outright denial
Looks like once again old jole made a fool out of everyone and got paid.
>>20476 is that what you tell yourself while you're sucking dick for $20's behind Wendy's?
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20476 A real shame you had to crash the meme by spamming it so hard, it was funny.
at least cracking down on the spamming shouldn't be a moral issue for Sen at this point, since it's essentially paid shilling.
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20481 >this should be banned >its paid shilling after all
so explain how this is now any different from some bit.ly link spam.
(297.90 KB 960x720 the room.png)
>>20484 >no seriously this is spam >explain how it isnt
>>20485 boy that sure was some counterargument you gave there, I am swayed by this.
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20486 >wow you sure proved this isnt spam and shouldn't be banned
Please do tell us more about this business transaction, Jole. What did Patch request? "Give me a meme that will utterly BTFO Callan for all time?" "Please help me troll Callan, I can't manage it alone?"
>>20488 I cant, we wrote a contract. Just know part 2 of the plan is over so im sure hell spill the beans soon enough
>>20489 So I imagine you'll be fucking off of it now, and we can safely assume any further "waiting.png" spam is Patch?
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>we wrote a contract please post the NDA
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>he took herdchan offline
>>20494 that must have been what he had planned for the end of part 2 all along ebin
>>20495 I'm blown away
his 600chan has more traffic anyway
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
(6.56 KB 672x133 Clipboard.png)
Financial choices had to be made and paying Jole was a priority. I hope you understand. Thank you for visiting and posting on Herdchan every day, it's been a great adventure. -P
>>20499 nothing of value etc
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>That does it. I'm going back to Oneechan for quality discussions. See you losers
rent free
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20503 >rent free
>>20504 is this just the new skyjack quote response?
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20505 >Is this just the new skyjack quote response?
>>20506 guess it is
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>>20507 >guess it is


no cookies?