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(118.62 KB 806x638 jd-capitol-building.jpg)
One-party Nation Anonymous 01/06/2021 (Wed) 22:04:50 No. 20594
The country formally known as America is now a one-party socialist/communist nation. I propose the new name "Socialist Republic Of Wokestania". You will never win a card game with the deck stacked against you, and you'll never win an election when the system is rigged against you. There were states with constitutions that specifically forbid mail-in voting that did exactly that. You have one party that is working under the phrase "By any means necessary" and other that prays and shows up at the voting booth every 2 years. There is no point in voting anymore, and the people are mad. Basically, I agree with this: https://dailystormer.su/georgia-democrats-win-both-senate-elections-securing-absolute-one-party-rule/ I really see no peaceful way out of this. We're Venezuela now. Capitol building entered: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/01/06/watch-protesters-break-into-u-s-capitol-building-amid-electoral-college-vote/ Looks like mostly peaceful protesters to me. Remember, the domestic terror group Antifa and the black hate group BLM were (are) allowed to do even worse for weeks on end so I'm sure this is OK. Lest we forget the CHOP/CHAZ summer of free love/pot-luck spagetti dinner zone that was up for weeks. And the buring of the Wendy's and the looting of the Walmarts and Targets. Let's get the murals ready to lionize these peaceful protesters.
It's been a one party system for a long time, only now are many people starting to realize it. The illusion is wearing off, but time is also running out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1-0XKYAZII
>Looks like mostly peaceful protesters to me. The way the media is packaging it, nearly universally down to Fox, my money is on there having been some "paid agitators" in the original protest crowd to seed the idea and try to herd it all that direction. Even the news earlier was using words like "spontaneous" to describe the origins of it in the protest, before a much tougher "insurrection" kind of narrative entered. They really had no plan, this wasn't some organized coup or anything like it, I don't think they even really thought they'd do anything but hover around outside and yell for a couple hours, but for some odd reason security forces just broke back and allowed essentially an unarmed mob into the capital building while there was an active, contested, important session in progress. This is the beginning of the Big Boot Press(tm). Biden's statement was essentially declaration of a war on freedom to save freedom.
itll fizzle out by the weekend.
>>20598 The way the media is playing this and is sure to continue to, the shit they do behind this is going to last a long fucking time. Really feels like they were let in intentionally, the capitol building is pretty fucking secure.
It would've been at its maximum level of secure already today anyway with the protest's existence having been known and the contested nature of the fucking electoral vote they were doing.
>maximum level of secure already for some non wartime scenario
feds shot and killed a woman, might make the MAGAs chimp out but still unlikely to make the electoral college change the outcome
narrative's reinforcing how well the system works within the system and no real murrican fights the system like this something something the horror fucking photo negative of the BLM coverage
and of course soy media painting it as 100,000 NATSIES ASSAULT CAPITAL IN COUP ATTEMPT
heads are gonna roll but they're not people's head this time, they're the heads of base concepts overton window just got fucking slammed
It's usually leftists that riot and destroy. That's what is surprising about this to me. Republicans are the party of "just you wait 'til next election!". Remember, places were boarded up just before the election with the thought that it was going to be lefties freaking if Trump won. He didn't, and the boards came down in the same condition that they went up in. People on the right are in a bad spot because they have basically two choices as I see it: 1. Stick to their morals and continue to lose. -or- 2. Become what you oppose (riot, resort to violence, use fear & censorship) and stand a chance to win.
>>20607 The "paid agitator" thing has been used to escalate BLM/Antifa "protests" and shit as well, it's not just used against the right; but this reeks of interference and a kayfabe work. They should have never made it into the building, are they seriously telling me the capitol building's security has huge flaws like unsealable windows some rando can smash to get in?
>>20597 >having been some "paid agitators" in the original protest crowd Could be, but note that in any large gathering like this you have people that run the gamut from "lookie-lou's" to radicals. "The Right" is everyone from Libertarians, Conservatives, Republicans, mid-right, far-right, to even classic liberals that don't fit with today's far-left Democrat party. You're going to have differing goals in there.
>>20609 absolutely, paid agitators aren't professor X or anything, it's just crowd psychology with them planting ideas/subtly nudging/occasionally being that "first one" to toss a proverbial brick through a window, set the protesters already raring to go that direction off.
>>20607 there wasnt any rioting or destruction. none of them showed up armed. 1 fed freaked out, shot a woman, now its getting antsy.
seems like it was just one big underestimation of how many people were gonna show up.
>>20614 but they're pushing the narrative like this was all the result of some long foretold warning about presidential behavior and narrative being ignored, this protest has been known about for a while, and given the day it was set for and proximity to the captial, they should've been on high alert already and known what was coming well in advance to lock it down to the state it wouldn't have mattered how big of an unarmed crowd it was. they put the army on alert over Joker ffs and there've been a lot of large events like this with BLM before and since, it's very hard for me to believe they're this sloppy about security. it's like keystone cops tier
>and known what was coming and I mean that from the perspective of them "not being in on it", just the general strength of the communications they normally have. LE was already watching the protest supposedly
>>20613 There were a bunch of guns on a bus seized and people arrested. I can't find the article again now.
(120.14 KB 960x540 ho.jpg)
there's a clip they keep looping of some of them breaking a window to gain entry, they're looping it a lot, they smashed the fucking window with this giant 2x4/4x4 and a riot shield the damn piece of wood looked to be like 6ft+ long, was somebody seriously walking around like fucking Jim Duggan?
>>20619 Someone had a big-ass cross with a chain on it. Maybe they took it apart? Some of those guys are cringe, like that viking guy. Overall, A for effort.
>>20622 (re)fresh pest, ignore
A nation is a body of people with a common thread. What do Americans even have in common anymore? Blood & soil? Nope, that's racist. Borders, language, and culture? Nope. Neighbors don't even speak the same language anymore, let alone have the same culture. Belief in God? Nope. Which god, anyway? The Constitution? Nope - there's many that bend or outright ignore it when they want to. We have a completely disjointed country with low social capital. It's almost like we shouldn't have wham bam jammed every race, religion, creed, ethnicity, ideology and culture together and thought everything would be OK. A civil war is unavoidable at this point; maybe a hot one, but certainly a cold one is coming.
>>20634 A nation is a pissing ground for the wealthiest of the wealthy, operated and maintained by schmoes.
>>20634 chaos is how humanity progresses. yes, we share this planet, all our shit has to clash and be sorted out - even if it ultimately destroys everything. but theres something special about the US constitution, men of all ancestries and backgrounds have sold their souls to it. the leader of the Proud Boys is a mulatto. its really not a complicated idea, separation of church and state, freedom of speech, and representation proportional to taxation. no matter what you believe at home, thats a universal civic principle we can all rally around.
>>20638 nigger
(61.53 KB 431x582 1609263221-0.jpg)
>>20638 >freedom of speech Tell that to Twatter. They locked Trump's account so I heard.
>>20640 Not an argument? Read that post aloud in public and then tell me everyone in the US rallies around "freedom of speech" you dimwit.
>>20634 this, and it will be a cold one for sure. perpetual aiming of one side at the other instead of the top while putting on a nice play in media so people can get most of their angst about it vented out vicariously, comfy at home with some pittance gibs.
>>20638 >the leader of the Proud Boys is a mulatto. and that mob was pretty mixed overall the US constitution is a nice ideal and all but it's just that in practice, an ideal paper tiger
(31.04 KB 813x295 Untitled.png)
>>20641 oh yeah baby, look at the wordings, this whole thing is an easy as fuck tie up PR wise my tinfoil hat says incoming direct line between Trump's twitter shit and "public safety" integrally tied into what it means to be a real murrican enabling eventual china style social credit scores and censorship shit if you go against the "official narrative" you're a threat to public safety but I'm mentally ill and none of my posts ever should be taken seriously, 5 years from now when you're reading this looking for thoughtcrime
>>20651 Nothing Trump said is agaist the rules, and he was all "be peaceful, we're about law and order, go home". Facebook, Twitter and the like are straight up leftist propaganda. Did you catch the Instagram one with the naked fat black woman holding the severed heads of White people? They said it was OK, despite it clearly being against their TOS. This is why I'm so big on Tor, i2p and anonymous posting: tomorrow someone could find out you said a no-no word or had a Bad Thought today and you'll be unpersoned. Trump should go to Parlor or whatever it is. I hear they're better.
(572.38 KB 636x468 Clipboard.png)
Notice how quick the mass-media were to call them "rioters". Yet with Antifa and BLM, it was "mostly peaceful protesters" or "supporters". 4 dead? Did they forget the 2 that died at CHOP/CHAZ summer of love zone alone and many more killed and injured? Millions if not billions in damage and all they said was "that's what insurance is for". Over 100 days of riots in Portland make this look like nothing. Oh my someone broke a window. They should keep their fake shock. "Darkest day" my ass.
>>20641 It means you can speak without getting arrested, nothing more. It doesn't force pozzed "platforms" to do anything, although there is that section 230 thing where they lose their common carrier status if they do censor, instead of acting as just a carrier. But anyway this freedom of speech doesn't exist in european countries. If you question the holocaust in France or Germany for example, you're very likely to end up in jail.
>>20653 >Nothing Trump said is agaist the rules, and he was all "be peaceful, we're about law and order, go home". You spoke to the double standard, so you get that. The way they're painting all this shit, pretty clear and obvious (for modern mental gymnast standards) direct line for them to make here between Trump's online posts and the shit at the capital. And from there, from any "similar" online posts to public safety and national security (aka anything they say does).
(43.03 KB 641x507 Untitled.png)
Kek and the line is already being drawn >"Stand back and stand by: how Trumpism led to the Capitol siege" >aka "Hate speech isn't legally Free speech anymore and it's about to be official"
>>20654 they are really playing it all to the fucking hilt
(253.86 KB 1112x1537 posse.jpg)
disperse, frens lol, XD
A caller brought up a great point on Glen Beck today: is righteousness always passive? Seems most of the right wing is condeming it. AA brought up another great point on Daily Stormer: when this same thing happed in Hong Kong, it was labeled "fighting for democracy". https://dailystormer.su/remember-when-hong-kong-protesters-stormed-the-government-building/
>>20677 righteousness is only self-determined. some people pick a thing and are willing to die for it. still, that fed shouldnt have fired. its a small woman crawling throw a window not a direct mortal threat. there was enough guys on the other side to manhandle her and arrest her. someone just had an itchy trigger finger.
(165.04 KB 1080x1149 wtf.png)
>>20673 Even old braindead goofball Biden is using the magic words now. I'm convinced something's up.
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>boring political shit >1 PPH >where are the little girls >click >refresh
>>20696 >We could see it coming and could have done something if only it wasn't for that darn problematic first amendment
(265.74 KB 866x991 fbi-seeking-info.jpg)
Oh wow. Should we report them?
(50.35 KB 970x728 1.jpg)
Trump banned forever for refusing to be a cuck! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9128103/Twitter-PERMANENTLY-bans-President-Trump.html Should be on https://parler.com/ anyway plus being banned is funny & cool but still...
(261.31 KB 1619x1080 here's Johnny.jpg)
Here's Johnny !!!
(825.98 KB 749x500 Clipboard.png)
>>20717 Look at that diversity hire in the foreground. She's ? like "eye-an gon git in no broken glass bouta go home n take out some chik-n sheeeeiiiit". The country formerly known as "America" is so fucked. When SHTF I'm going down to Mexico to be a jimador.
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>this is all very interesting right guys? >click >refresh
(163.88 KB 624x1190 tweet.jpg)
>>20711 Apparently he had another account though.
(34.76 KB 700x289 kek.png)
(1.38 MB 1920x2560 1610167989513.jpg)
(183.52 KB 1080x742 incognito.jpg)
>>20729 That account got banned too, but then he became wise to their ways.
>>20732 pure genius they are going to clamp down hard as fuck out of seethe *stock dies*
(97.20 KB 879x385 Untitled2.png)
HERE IT COMES >The lessons of history are clear: those who precipitated and carried out the attempted insurrection — including President Trump — must face swift and severe consequences for their actions. Further, those willing to ally with Trump, thinking they could contain him, need to see the errors of their way. Enabling the spread of lies and conspiracy theories, as well as the rise of unfit individuals poses an existential risk to a democracy. On Wednesday, Americans avoided the worst potential consequences. As the German example warns us, however, knocking down an insurrection does not yet mean winning the fight for democracy. This fight will go on until our politicians learn the crucial lessons from the past. <Enabling the spread of lies and conspiracy theories, as well as the rise of unfit individuals poses an existential risk to a democracy.
>we need more censorship to secure democracy! do they really think its not so transparent?
>we have to out-nazi the nazis
(391.57 KB 720x1280 waiting.png)
>still no little girls >getting kinda pissed off now >click >refresh
>>20738 They still don't get it. Their actions are what causes the problems. Years ago I didn't really care about politics but after years of Obama/Eric Holder taking the black side right down the line, Michael Brown & Trayon Martin plus leftist radical policies I became radicalized (in thought) to where I am today. They think if they can get rid of Trump it will be over. They are wrong. All they've done is push people out of the center politically and create Weimar-era conditions. More and more people are going to the extremes.
>>20742 The way they're pushing all of this really is incredibly blatant, they're being too obvious
>>20737 It's dictatorship in disguise.
>>20742 I still think Trump is controlled opposition and this is a show to incite the NPCs into violence towards the "silent majority" as they've been calling us.
(719.48 KB 964x570 Clipboard.png)
Amazon deplatforms Parler for not hating right-wingers enough! I'm not sure what is even going on anymore. We are getting to a place you can only use the Internet if Cloudflare, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon say you're allowed. Best to store locally anything you need. You might not be able to download some things any longer. If you don't have i2p and Tor, best get them now. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9130649/Conservative-social-media-platform-Parler-banned-Apple.html
(66.97 KB 633x669 jewish poverty.png)
>>20757 I'm looking at the packages in ubuntu bionic since I've got a spare ARM board running that. I already installed Tor, but there's also: two implementations of i2p (Java and C++) GNUnet various chat clients, and notably bitlbee DNS resolvers like dnsmasq, unbound, etc. - I need to setup one of these to work with OpenNIC
>>20757 >Stock up on cp like its the end of the world
>>20763 you seem to think about child porn a lot
(162.17 KB 162x240 alfonsodance.gif)
>>20771 This guy has a pornographic 2D image on his VK page.
>>20772 scintillating
(53.25 KB 852x480 1.jpg)
>>20757 USA has been hit by a Reichstag Fire setup. Here's an article about it: 'Nazis Used Reichstag Fire to Justify Silencing Opposition, Just Like the Left’s Social Media Purge' https://thenewamerican.com/nazis-used-reichstag-fire-to-justify-silencing-opposition-just-like-the-lefts-social-media-purge/
>>20772 Sure, I'm narcissic to the point that I masturbate to my own VK page. How's that, Zukerberg?
>>20779 The Left will surely use it to their advantage. Hoodies, face coverings, and smashing windows is Antifa stuff. I would not be surprised if there was an agent provocateur or two in the midst as well.
(66.13 KB 720x521 peaches.png)
Trump got two scoops of peach mint ice cream! Everyone else only got one! Unfair!
>>21003 >peach mint It doesn't seem like those two flavors would go together. But they do!
(805.47 KB 1920x1080 first black president.jpg)
>>21003 he's not the first to be impeached solely for pure seething asshurt though, that honor goes to Billy boy
>>21003 Nancy Pelosi has presided over 1/2 of the impeachments in US history. Think about that for a minute. Absolutely seething. Republicans are impotent. I'd like to see a viable 3rd party come out of all this. I bet most Trump voters would go along with that.
>>21008 3 parties would never work, as the third would end up being the offshoot of only one "side" and permanently splitting its vote, allowing the other side to dominate indefinitely
>>21009 The libertarian candidate got 1.1% of votes. Think about that. 1.1%. Hardly anyone knows who she is, and it was a high-energy election, yet this obscure candidate got that many votes for her. Keep in mind, there were libertarians in the senate, if there aren't any right now.
>>21009 Look at UK and Germany, Israel. Multiple parties. No matter who wins in US politics, half the country is mad. Michael Savage was talking about this a month or two ago.
>>21011 >Look at UK and Germany, Israel. Multiple parties. don't know if you could have picked worse examples to use for this concept working lmao
>>21011 More like 1/8th of the country would be mad if the left didn't cheat constantly and hard.
>>21012 At least it woundn't be an Us -vs- Them dichotomy.
>>21014 Centrists desperately need there to be 3+ options so they can have even more things to aimlessly tilt between while glorifying being an indecisive pussy with no strong opinions on anything. That's why Eurocucks love having them so much. The U.S having multiple full fledged parties would have just meant China would have had to spread their bribes wider, and maybe it might have costed more to destroy the country.
there will never be a government most people are satisfied with.
>>21013 many such cases all throughout both parties and the whole system it's fucked mang
>>21017 >universally legalize sex with children Suddenly everything Just Works™.
(199.01 KB 640x492 ClipboardImage.png)
>>21015 >while glorifying being an indecisive pussy with no strong opinions on anything picrel is not really centrism centrism is more having and playing on all the consoles while morons fight over whether they're on team sony or team xbox
>>21019 only muslims get to do that. we would be racist to punish them for it like we do everyone else. its their culture. all cultures are beautiful, all cultures are equal. except the white ones.
(74.79 KB 1065x1071 toast.jpg)
I voted for Ralph Nader (green party) in 2000. They didn't do very good either, 2.74%. I didn't really care about Nader or his party though, I just wanted to say fuck you to the mainstream shitheads. And I would have voted for Ron Paul if he ran against Obama, but he withdrew. So I didn't vote at all, because all the other candidates sucked dick. And then I moved overseas, so I didn't vote anymore.
>>21020 So basically utterly disloyal faggots when that logic is applied to ideology instead of something as retarded as brands of consoles. Consoles are all shit by the way, so a centrist that plays them all has his time wasted in ~three ways at once.
(258.84 KB 973x709 Biden, Grannyslayer.jpg)
>>21021 This is exactly why I said universally, to preempt this shit tired line. Save it for Britain, it's more about how much money or connections to The Party you have here than religion or race. Joe Biden fucks more kids than anyone and he's white. Plus eh kills grannies and doesn't afraid of anything. #MyPresident
>>21029 >utterly disloyal faggots when that logic is applied to ideology see, this is the bullshit part; the part where you have to take one side or the other and suddenly 100% of that "side's" logic and arguments are supposedly yours to defend and it becomes some niggerish crab bucket bullshit where the ideas and problems themselves don't fucking matter anymore individually, you have to automatically oppose whatever that "enemy side" wants as some whole. this shit is all being massively amplified and egged on as gas gets thrown on the fires everywhere to intensify this mentality as much as possible.
>>21034 some things really are binary though, free speech is one of them. its an absolute value, you either believe in it - without exception or double standard - or you dont. it seems only 1 out of 10 people do, and even then theres always a "but."
>>21035 yes, and some things can have further sub issues to haggle over, but overall centrism isn't neutrality, you still have stances on particular things. they just fall all over the map from issue to issue.
(572.75 KB 850x478 Clipboard.png)
>>21036 >have stances on particular things. they just fall all over the map from issue to issue. Back in my day we used to call them wishy-washy.
(527.01 KB 1168x1533 loli hazel.jpg)
>>21034 Great strawman, never said any of that. Pick an ideology and stick with it, it can be your own slant on an existing one or something else. You can change your mind, but total flip flopping is absolutely damning proof you're a Tim Pool tier cuck and your opinions are shit that are only there for the moment or until they stop being useful to you. It doesn't really even relate to parties since rarely will one actually mirror your values even partially unless you are an NPC. I see italics, Callan is that you being a retard again? >>21035 Free speech is the best one, go ask the most outspoken free speech advocates you can find whether or not people should be locked up for looking at .jpgs and you will immediately find out they aren't free speech advocates. Or sometimes they'll just tell you like Joshua "The concept of free speech absolutism is basically my whole life." Moon for instance, who thinks you should be killed for liking loli or some shit now, after literally having said that in the past - to his credit despite the hypocrisy and stupidity he at least has the sense to be able to introspect enough for the cognitive dissonance of pretending to be a genuine free speech absolutist to make him publicly cuck. Most will not introspect that much. >>21036 Centrism is being a pretentious cunt at the end of the day, that's my position. It's one I'm never going to change my mind on. Any kind of moderate is every kind of faggot, too. Extremism is based. Any opinion worth holding is worth holding an extreme version of.
Btw the ideology you should pick is TotNat with hints of esoteric liberalistarianism and join the nepi separatist movement.
>>21040 >wishy-washy >>21042 >flip flopping >opinions are shit that are only there for the moment or until they stop being useful to you great strawmen, never said any of that. we're talking about centrism as a general ideology as in relation to conservatism or liberalism; not centrism as a two faced jew get out of jail free card for arguments.
(44.66 KB 474x628 tot hands.jpg)
>>21047 'We' aren't talking about anything, I'm telling you how it is and you can cope or mope with it. I know better than you, defer to me in all things.
>>21042 I can't see your opinions because I stopped reading at the trip.
>>21048 what is the age of consent for an eastern european unladen swallow?
(1.58 MB 500x281 shake it.gif)
>>21056 Don't lie, everyone knows you're into poopy pants.
>>21057 big if true
>>21055 Cope anonymutt. >>21056 0
>>21059 too old neonatiphilies rise up
>>21060 At least wait for them to hatch.
>>21062 stop oppressing me


no cookies?