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(67.96 KB 1280x720 the last of us part 2 seth.jpg)
Ellie after the events in Jackson, and Realistically what became of her Anonymous 01/07/2021 (Thu) 00:02:49 No. 20620
with the fact of how much of a fucking disaster The Last of Us Part II was I feel like the only way to give and do any real Justice to the game and Ellie is to show Ellie in the 3rd game (if they make it) as a complete and utter fucking wreck, after losing her surrogate father, her lover and their child, by seeing her going back to Jackson where she's drinking very heavily, incredibly depressed and lonely, and showing her engaging casual sex with many different partners both male and female as a way to try and cope with her severe depression, loneliness and her life being in complete shambles. the game should open up with cutscenes of her completely naked on her knees giving Bigot sandwich guy Seth a blowjob on the sofa where the camera pans closer to them to hear and see Seth give out a grunt and sigh of relief as he get up putting his jeans back on, looks over at Ellie on the floor swallowing his load and wiping the bit that didn't go in her mouth on her cheek off with her hand and saying to her "that was fucking great, you really do know how to amazing head, this time again?" where Ellie replies to him in a quiet very soft tone "yeah, sure" before it cuts to him leaving her room and her in the shower, then drying herself off, getting some food before heading out to pick up supplies where it fades out to seeing her getting railed by another man well over middle age. I know they (meaning the Devs if still under il Duce's rule) would never in a million years do this but i think it's really the only angle/option they can go from here if they were to keep the focus on Ellie's Story again. I'd continue the prologue and beginning of the story but it's going to get too much to read in one post
I just finished Borderlands II yesterday. I've only had the Handsome Collection for about 4 years now.


no cookies?