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Gaming guilty pleasures Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 01:31:00 No. 20706
Do you like any games that got panned by critics or weren't very popular? It doesn't matter as long as you like the game and had fun. I've played through these many times. Splatterhouse, Lost Planet II, and Dante's Inferno. Lost Planet II had terrible AI and no facial animations but the game play was addictive.
(2.57 MB 1525x2160 f798dgb89fd.jpg)
The later parts of the game were almost empty and barely developed, which was disappointing, but those first couple stage were pretty unique. Had a lot of fun with this.
(1.01 MB 1280x1024 Clipboard.png)
Bubble Bobble!
>>20728 I never bothered to play this when it was new but honestly it's pretty fun, only the first two stages though. Rest is gay as fuck, no thank you. 90% of the game is trying to make an ungodly abomination that crashes the game when it moves.
sea dogs, so damn buggy and clunky even by the standards of the time it came out, but damn does it have the best sailing simulation ever put into a game
>>20900 >it's pretty fun, only the first two stages though definitely, should have spent the time they wasted on those other stages developing the first stages further
>>20916 I think having stages in the first place was the game's downfall. It ended up being a series of mini games that didn't simulation evolution all that well. If eveolution of your create was more dynamic and fluid, and if the other creatures evolved as well in real time, then the game would be more like a race for domination of the planet.
>>20921 Sorry for the grammatical mess, I am currently dying from a heart attack.
>>20921 there was a SNES game that was pretty neat that had a similar concept, EVO but just like spore only the first few parts are fleshed out
These two. Kirby Air Ride is a multiplayer game and would have been better off if the gamecube's online function was more often used. Shadow the Hedgehog had a different kind of control than other Sonic gamecube games because he shot a gun, and the controls were slippery in an effort to make his movement while shooting more realistic, but many people didn't like it. They couldn't have done the shooting better for a Sonic game either and people don't understand that. Some of the missions are frustrating, but the game can be completed without them. It managed to be decent despite Sonic games changing their format and turning stale after this.
(1.55 MB 3225x2156 Kirby Air Ride.jpg)
(4.00 MB 3264x2155 Shadow_gamecube_us.jpg)
>>20927 >you kids like sonic? well what if he was painted black and had a gun!?
(90.42 KB 900x600 o208h0ncpT1v7rm3fo1_1280.jpg)
>>20929 Add some firey explosions and you got a deal. Also, Sega making games for Nintendo, wew. They used to have such a bitter rivalry.
>>20921 I'm not sure if it'll pan out any more complete but check out Thrive. https://revolutionarygamesstudio.com/ It's an open source successor to the game.
(2.64 KB 181x89 Untitled.png)
>>20921 they basically just tried to cram a massive concept it'd have taken a decade to properly flesh out into a AAA release schedule of like 15 months, literally impossible. just having it be those first two stages, life from cellular to relative community stone age tech would have been fine, they'd have had so much more time to polish that instead of bothering with the others. that last bit with the massive universe with thousands of planets to do nothing on, no end, and literally only one ship was bleak as fuck. >>20975 thanks, looks good always one that needed a mod type community to adopt and dev it >pic rel >it's a "if I can't coom to it I'm not interested" episode
>>20988 Cell division is hawt, at least 61 people get it.
>>20990 >thinking man's fetish >in a reality where less and less can
(263.21 KB 289x345 EQ.png)
How about games you never played but everyone else did?
>>21095 not much of an mmorpg fan but one i missed out on was star wars galaxies, which sounded like the best thing ever until sony got a hold of it and butchered it. every now and then im tempted to play one of the private servers emulating it. https://swglegends.com/
(2.02 MB 1108x1108 Clipboard.png)
>>21095 Uncharted. Actually, I got the free download on PSN when it was being given out awhile back but I'm busy with other titles right now.
>>21095 I played eq2 and ff11 for a couple months each, only mmos like that I've played
>>21096 was always interested in this one too
>>21095 I liked EQ. I can do this one though, I've basically not played the vast majority of popular releases for years and years now. Name something memed all over that everyone was obsessed with and I almost certainly didn't play it at all. >>21096 SOE/Sony always had SWG, they just fucked it up over time because John Smedley is a retarded boomer fuck with terrible ideas. CU was not great but okay but the NGE raped the game hard. At least SWGEMU exists for preserving it in a non-fucked state. All MMOs should be so lucky as to have decent emulator support after they die off.
>>21096 >look into this more >all the server emulators require you to have an actual physical copy of the game, won't work with torrent versions >game discontinued in '11, look it up >cheapest you can buy any used copy of this years-discontinued game for is $30 on ebay >cheapest new copy is still $90+ christ
if I can get it for around $30 it might still be worth it, pre-yidsney eu mmo sounds too good to pass up
>>20975 also nabbed this and it is really fucking good thus far
>>21130 It is pretty shit to not accept torrented copies of a dead game. I've got one I'm not using though, so if I ever feel like going back I guess I'm based and win again.
>>21130 >wont work with torrent versions nah just pirate the original ISOs it will work.
>>21135 good to know, thanks
(5.47 KB 675x129 Untitled.png)
kek seeing the problem now guessing they're sweating the mouse shutting the whole thing down
>>21347 Lucas was such a dumb cunt to sell it to Disney, yeah he made fat stacks but fuck - he already had fat stacks, at some point not having someone shit all over your work should be prio. It's good you can torrent after all though, enjoy tbh it is a good game.
>>21349 theres nothing dumb about making 4 billion dollars overnight.
He was already rich af, no fucking point.
>>21349 finally ready to play after updating for like 6 hours >>21405 supposedly he gave almost all of it away iirc the number was near its total lifetime gross as a brand it wasn't about the money it was about him being unable to let go and give it to filoni like he intended probably started hating himself the moment they told him to fuck off, they could handle it
>>21441 what server did you join? legends? maybe ill get around to it tomorrow and we can meet up in it
>>21443 yeah, it's legends not sure what all is happening yet tomorrow but joining up is definitely cool, guessing like other mmos they're going to force you to in order to advance eventually anyway
>>21449 were gonna be grinding blasting jawas or some shit before we can even step into the high level areas
playing a rodian jedi named syekel ashckynaz with a huge nose >>21452 think you're isolated in the noob tutorial town for a bit anyway
>>21441 I know he said he regretted it at one point. I don't know I just wish he hadn't because the quality tanked hard af.
>>21458 >“I sold them to the white slavers that takes these things, and...,” Lucas said before laughing and deciding it better not to finish. it really did tank such a damn shame they didn't take it seriously marvel they at least took half seriously, at least enough to leave it alone to do what it was already doing
>>21461 the mandalorian was a "rescue" but now with the success of that they got a desperate boner and are gonna pump out a million other spinoff shows >cassian andor fuckin really? i like diego luna and a chicano making it in hollywood and all but nobody honestly gives a fuck about that character
>>21469 >force them to use luke by splitting off baby yoda with him >now if they want to show him they have to use luke >actually used hamill too >gave him a vader in rogue one type scene to give him back some badassness feige and filoni know what they're doing, feige has more than enough pull in yidsney already to get his way if he really wants it hopefully he keeps using it
kek filoni's already spent well over a decade forcing george into narrative corners he wouldn't have approved outright and fixing his plot holes from the prequels in the animated series
>>21473 realizing belatedly this should have spoilers, sry too much time on /tv/ lately
>>21512 It's okay, never going to watch it anyway.
>>21514 same thing I said tbh


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