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(482.45 KB 1280x720 whatdoido.png)
OC 2 Anonymous 01/13/2021 (Wed) 00:40:41 No. 20933
OC Thread 2 last one hit bump limit
(754.26 KB 800x800 jolly_bunch.png)
(108.07 KB 398x360 1451465135866.png)
>>20933 >more komodo spam
(477.55 KB 720x1280 waiting (3).png)
>more komodo spam
(121.69 KB 1015x718 kenny-gangsters.jpg)
>>20950 Be a real shame if you was to, ah, have a little accident now wouldn't it? You be careful around them stairs.
(984.40 KB 500x277 giphy.gif)
>>21004 yawny cat
(149.76 KB 956x539 danger-chan-announce.jpg)
(315.75 KB 806x606 kenny-reaction-seriously.png)
>>21005 I give you giblets lizards and all you give me is yawn-cat?!
(6.50 KB 400x400 1610665725066.png)
(4.93 KB 400x400 1610665757172.png)
(6.17 KB 400x400 1610665789444.png)
(708.20 KB 600x450 meme.gif)
>>21104 >>21105 >>21106 now that's a meme I've not seen in a long time
>>21080 It's a more-than-fair trade-off.
>>21107 That gives me an idea! I should do one of those, though I have to get it right the first time else people will really mock me. That might be something to work on tomorrow or next day.
>>21122 Make a Yonkers one.
>>21123 I still have his face cropped from the "little mittens" image. That might work.
(260.63 KB 920x400 jd-ascension-crtn-01.jpg)
(353.52 KB 920x400 jd-ascension-crtn-02.jpg)
(342.98 KB 920x400 jd-ascension-crtn-03.jpg)
nice JD
>>21557 The noose one would work well here.
(954.28 KB 920x1200 jd-ascension-crtn.jpg)
(358.63 KB 920x1200 jd-ascension.jpg)
Here's the non-divided ones. Cartooning it loses the detail. The bottom is hell, the middle earth, and the top heaven (hence the name "ascension"). >>21560 ...with a 6-pane long rope.
>>21563 Or with a gondola benis.
>>20933 >>20933 Oc means original content. All i see is old stuff. >gondola >the hyena Etc Just old stuff over and over. Stop chasing the dragon guys. Make real content or cope with the fact that golden age of free art is over.
>>21613 > t. Negative Nancy JD & Kenny aren't even a year old. The oldest file is from June last year. You're just mad because you got yipped on. I have zero exprience making videos so I'm staying in my lane (for now). Just out of curiosity, what do you consider OC?
(76.87 KB 620x690 dog-windmill.jpg)
Dog pin-wheel!!!!
(401.50 KB 250x143 eye-roll.gif)
(884.32 KB 500x280 Liz-lemon-eye-roll.gif)
(330.07 KB 717x1111 steph-shitpost-sunflower-power.jpg)
There are only three kinds of proof: induction, exhaustion, and intimidation.
>>22260 >it's another Stephanie edit
(335.20 KB 935x857 sonny-not-so-sunny.jpg)
>>22290 Oh you will like sunflower! I needed a new character and here he is: Sonny the murder dandelion.
(281.57 KB 830x715 sonny-forest-razor.jpg)
>>22321 Spoopy I hope greta doesn't get an army of these
(334.26 KB 717x1111 steph-shitpost-sunflower-power.jpg)
Better version. The first one was too vanilla. Sonny didn't exist at the time it was made so couldn't be included.
(150.05 KB 445x640 thanks.jpg)
>>22309 >>22321 >>22572 I like the idea of killer sunflowers
>mfw this thread :(
>>22585 That's your best OC yet.
(85.89 KB 500x485 074.jpg)
>>22585 what's it called when you get aroused by someone being annoyed?
>>22615 Menstration?
>>22616 no that one is just getting annoyed constantly this is something else not quite sadism but in that neighborhood
>>22624 'Christianity'?
>>22632 nah, that one is masochism, opposite of sadism
(136.72 KB 600x400 jd-gallows-part-01.png)
(30.51 KB 600x400 jd-gallows-part-02.png)
(29.37 KB 600x400 jd-gallows-part-03.png)
(214.33 KB 600x400 jd-gallows-part-04.png)
>mfw this thread still :(
(151.42 KB 784x868 sonny-sky.jpg)
>>22651 FFFFFffzzt!
>>22651 yeah baby, that's the stuff
(419.74 KB 1010x780 sir-sprays-alot.jpg)
This is from a reply in another thread. I'm sticking it here just because.
(178.24 KB 610x808 kys-glownigger.jpg)
I kinda moved past meme-text images, but this one just popped into my head.
(960.28 KB 750x1050 jd-card.png)
(959.03 KB 750x1050 jd-card-flip.png)
Why so serious, /b/? I found the brushes I was thinking of yesterday for using on Sir Sprays-Alot. They're from libmypaint, "Splatter" 02/04.
(312.08 KB 984x562 spurdo-pikachu-vinyard.jpg)
a bid lade for october best :-D :-DD
(161.26 KB 1170x858 steph-shitpost-chase.jpg)
I had to cut out part of the car, else you couldn't see what is going on in the mirror, which is where the action is.
>>23401 >background is green <reflection is brown desert Half assed as usual robert
>>23405 Try Hard II: Try Harder
(161.17 KB 1170x858 steph-shitpost-chase-2.jpg)
>>23405 There's not many images of these subjects chasing something, hence the discrepancy. This one is more accurate, but less amusing. I went for amusing. You can have both images for half price. Also, not Robert.
Please to remember the Fifth of November, Gunpowder Treason and Plot.
>>23414 >i cant just crop things and make the background i want Like i said, half assed.
>>23414 Also theres no car interior. If i made this idve went to my car and took the picture at a proper angle and edited that. Just crop and put the hyena in the back seat and crop out my face and add stephs. Whatever.
>>23421 >>23424 it actually comes off so much worse when one knows you can actually make things when you care to you love to talk about the crab bucket mentality but you've zero interest in anyone else making it anywhere near "your level", it's just this hateful shoving back down of anyone making anything it was much better for you that it came off like trolling from someone who couldn't make shit tbh
>>23421 FFFFFFfffzzztt! >>23424 I cut out the car interior because it obscured the subjects. Artistic liberty. The original is on 600chan if you want to see it.
>>23427 All i did was say you half assed your content and you go into an insecure rant. Wtf man.
>>23429 It's not even my content, you namedropping me was yet some other blind stab in the dark trolling gayops attempt. I'm reminded of and thinking about all the previous instances of your criticisms of everyone, in light of the knowledge you actually have talent. That it really seems like you're desperately clinging to and protecting, clutching it close like it's what makes you the specialest snowflake. How much would losing it hurt the core of who you are, Butters?
(51.66 KB 1300x866 17506348.jpg)
>>23428 >unironically using a patch chan
>>23430 Take your meds
>>23432 And that's a bullseye
>>23432 cope
>>23434 seethe
>>23435 dilate
>>23437 smoke bleach
>>23438 Get talent
>>23439 i win every single argument, if thats not talent i dont know what is
(187.93 KB 750x1334 kenny-tin-can-call-smartphone.jpg)
>>23431 Hell-o?! You're probably there, too.
>>23441 nah, patch will never be graced by my presence again
(155.95 KB 739x649 MANGOG reverse.png)
>>23442 >would but dont want too lol
>>23443 I however have been openly posting there lately, he just can't stop shooting himself in the foot. "Argumentative" was by far the most accurate.
though the 8channel restart has a lot of promise.
>>23446 >ill never do it again <i openly do it all the time still lol
>>23448 youre retarded
>>23447 yeah right.gif
>>23449 You win again
>>23450 onion only is both a hamperance and a blessing to it the real advantage however is if it truly is not patch, which it really does not seem like it has enough of a rep to draw a little even onion only, and was
>>23451 your radar is so bad when you're drunk, and switching between using caps/punctuation and not really fucking throws you
>>23452 well let us know when its up and the truth will reveal itself
>>23453 What?
(4.63 MB 480x360 Aw Heaw Yea.mp4)
(118.36 KB 645x573 biden-come-on-man.jpg)
>>23452 >if it truly is not patch He almost certainly set it up, like with Chijo's sites (and Ghostchan). My guess is the infinity-san guy is BO, because that site went down and the BO sounds like him. Who else do you know of that sets up fly-by-night chans?
>>23460 you mean its up? hasnt been shilled anywhere. gib link. ill know within an hour if its patch or not. probably faster.
>>23461 It's just the status "down" page right now. Didn't you visit yesterday or before? It's the same URL as it ever was.
>>23466 had no idea. post the link if you may
>It's the same URL as it ever was. so then its most definitely patch. i dont know how there could be an idea otherwise lol
>>23469 http://eightchgaw4nnxcn66nszcgxzzvpjxnlfdv7djaxx5tcw25xlpyfjaqd.onion/ He already said he gave the files for the .onion to someone. At the least, it's a patch chan by proxy.
>>23471 veramos dijo el ciego
>>23466 >It's the same URL as it ever was. didn't note that tbh >>23460 >>23471 >At the least, it's a patch chan by proxy. My first post there was pretty much stating nobody would ever believe it wasn't a patchan, and the response of "judge for yourself" made sense. What I've been trying to do, and aside from him obviously lurking and posting on it, doesn't feel like him. But I've been wrong about things before, it's certainly not unprecedented at all.
>>23476 just patch having the "kill switch" on it is enough of a deal breaker tbh
there was certainly a hell of a lot more "questionable" material than ever before on it than I believe his misguided pride alone would permit to be up just to larp like it wasn't him.
>>23477 even if the BO is a sweetheart, if the german goblin is in the engine room, that ship gon' sink.
>>23478 it was never about ((questionable)) material for patch. its always been about power, no matter how fleeting.
>>23479 idk, just him having the same .onion address doesn't necessarily mean patch has any kind of access to the server itself and this attack of it honestly screams him, he's even gone silent behind it (though it is typical nappy time as well)
>>23480 yes, and in his view, it coming back as even an onion only site either one of us was pleased about, especially one going way further content allowance wise; I don't see it from him.
>>23482 well youre more a man of faith than i am. lets entertain the idea its not patch. this person will get frustrated almost immediately having to deal with cp, to the point he will stop differentiating legal from illegal and just cuck everything. and if there is no connection to ol bessie, he will be waging constant war on it out of butthurt. an almost sisyphean task, this mystery BO better have some real fucking balls and patience.
>>23483 knowing you didn't see it; let's just say you didn't see what was already comfortably sitting. he was stating the whole reason for keeping it onion only was to remove the registrars from the picture entirely, which honestly had a nice gordian knot kind of ring to it, seeing what he was trying to allow, saying he didn't even need mods (which is a dual edge because it's also exactly what pitch would be saying). Whole thing could honestly just be some other ebin larp but A. I don't know that he's capable of those short term larps in service of the long con anymore, not with bitter nemesises (nemisese? nemisisters?) in the picture, he seethes way too much for that; and B. I honestly can't exist through the filter where I don't give benefit of doubt when it feels right. Even knowing it's never not been wrong.
Its sad you dedicate so much time to studying patch and none to getting better at making oc
>>23485 the muse is a fleeting bitch and I wish that fiery urge to make something I get when I do make things came far more often than it does tbh.
>>23486 Maybe if you didnt burn yourself out being patches orbiter youd have some flame to work with
>>23487 funny you calling anyone else an orbiter, being my biggest fangirl jole
>>23487 Tell me you won't orbit wherever you feel the muse from, honestly.
>>23489 i inspired him to come out of retirement but now hes back in his shell sad
(66.20 KB 1300x866 15807696.jpg)
(201.77 KB 1060x780 refresh-pest.jpg)
>all this cope instead of just deciding not to orbit patch anymore
>>23493 ive been completely done and over with him since decemberchan."fun" bro, and even there was just the parting words
>>23494 You sound like youre his ex lmao. Also this thread proves youre a liar. Stop stanning over patch.
>>23495 he was my favorite cow.
>>23493 >deciding nigger I decide to fuck with him or not. just like you decide to come try to fuck with all of us.
>>23497 >try You seem pretty fucked with ngl, patch stan
you can really tell when I decide not to fuck with him, too, cause the "rip steph callan and jole, boy I sure miss BTFOing them" threads start to appear.
>>23498 you don't yet recognize (You)s don't actually mean anything in themselves, have you?
>>23500 Take your meds, stan
that guitarist from mangog, his daughter was with us to shoot part of a video that was never and will never be released. it was near some woods. she says "look, a bear!" and starts laughing uproariously when we look. I told her good job, but it was the lowest possible bar because anyone who doesn't look when you said there was a bear is fucking retarded.
>>23502 What are you talking about?
>>23503 just because you get a reaction from acting retarded it doesn't mean it's a "win" you can shit your pants on purpose and get a reaction, but who actually lost?
>>23502 >that was never and will never be released. do it pussy
>>23504 >win What?
>>23505 that wasn't even me, the singer was the video guy. has this really nice and expensive robotic boom arm thing. I have none of those files.
(80.08 KB 1300x866 14105356.jpg)
who needs (you)s when you can just samefag?
(572.91 KB 800x600 GODS BUSY.png)
Talking to yourself about the peak of your life is still better than orbiting patch full time tbh.
>>23510 >to yourself kek I don't even need to do that here >peak not even close tbh
>>23511 maybe your life will peak in your 50s oh wait
and just now belatedly realizing this has completely taken over and derailed a thread it shouldn't have >>23512 I meant that wasn't even close to being the peak
Robert/Steph is obsessed with Patch because at least Patch has accomplished something in his life while Steph is a 50 year old failed musician pedo loser
>>23515 now explain why jole is obsessed with steph
(6.49 MB 457x498 sigh.gif)
>>23511 >i havent peaked yet
>>23516 this
>>23517 yes, please do read down further in the thread >>23513 >I meant that wasn't even close to being the peak actual peak is the grave anyway, and if you don't feel it yet, you will eventually
>>23519 >i havent peaked yet >you peak when youre dead >i win
>>23522 >the baddest hombres of each side of the mississippi
>>23520 >i havent peaked yet boy that sure is part of anything I said, you sure did BTFO me by hammering home your misinterpretation. I'm going to go cook and cry whilst hanging my head in shame.
>>23524 its like 4 in the morning there wtf are you gonna cook
>>23525 it's called "food", as opposed to "jack"
alcoholics HATE it
Callan: >i havent used any imageboards in over a week. you dont know me, you dont know anything about my life. you just have this caricature of me and im fine with it. whatever you need me to be to feel better about yourself, precious Robert: >ive been completely done and over with him since decemberchan."fun" bro, and even there was just the parting words
>>23528 ...should i tell him?
>>23529 I'm debaiting just letting it sit, his surety is hilarious
>>23526 youre gonna microwave a burrito arent you
>>23530 >>23529 >he doesnt get it
Nah it really is too good that he can't tell us apart with one simple trick >>23531 nah I'm going to fry me some jalapeno sausages
(34.37 KB 1280x720 preview.jpg)
>>23534 This is peak tbh
fuck joaquin pheonix, james banks should have been casted for The Joker
So if youre 50 and you havent peaked whats next? Are you gonna pull a tommy libeling?
>So if youre 50 42, but you know this >and you havent peaked oh but I have, it just wasn't where you're pegging it and no, I'm not going to elaborate, that's mine, thank you >whats next? death, hopefully sooner rather than later but no, not suicide, that one's already been decided unless shit gets really bad
>>23539 >42 you know this No actually i dont, i thought that was a joke and you were like 30. >i peaked so hard <i want to die now Straight winner.
>>23540 as carlin put it, eventually youre "out of shit" and death isnt such a frightening concept anymore
>>23540 Yes yes, utterly, eternally BTFO and all that, from now on any and all of my posts can and should be forever ignored out of hand, Jole rules all eternally, etc.
>>23542 if youre looking forward to dying thats different though. whats wrong steph? maybe its the scenery. get the fuck out of maryland.
>>23542 You dont need to be a whiny bitch about wanting to die tbh
I prescribe solid 48 hours of samefagging to treat this depression
everyone ITT is a giant loser who will never accomplish anything in his life
>>23546 Especially robert lol
>>23543 >>23544 I don't see any reason to not look forward to the inescapable, the inevitable. I don't perceive it as being whiny, it's just realistic. For some it's a more immediate reality than others, who can afford to look at it more distantly and detachedly.
(93.93 KB 866x1300 14105357.jpg)
>>23545 samefagging always gets my spirits up
(163.64 KB 866x1300 11842585.jpg)
>>23549 i agree, youre so awesome
>>23548 Youre more grey and hollow than callan
What if you live to 80 years old? Thats literally a whole other lifetime. You serious about just throwing in the towel and waiting to die?
>>23551 projection youre a shallow faggot, with some accidental talent at making computer memes. its literally all youre good for and you dont even cash in on it. youre right back to the circular whining.
Also when you die can i have all your mangog merch?
>>23554 >accidental talent in <music production <animation <memes What can i say i have good genes
Also robert i just wanted to point out that in this very thread you said i had talent, now you say its accidental. Its obvious youre mad because youre starting to contradict your insults.
>>23557 you had a lot of free time. and once had a sense of humor too. i remember your little "golden age" on 8chan. now youre this, a flailing whiny little bitch with nothing to deliver.
>>23558 we really are the same entity to this guy now steph. we just gotta roll with it i guess.
>>23559 Jeese man youre really pissy rn
>>23561 yeah my pulse is pounding and im like 10 seconds away from calling my ex-special forces buddies to go and swiss cheese your ass.
>>23562 Put on some mangog and kick back and jam out that agression
(89.95 KB 746x901 luuuuuuuuuuke.jpg)
>>23553 Inevitable, inescapable, impending, and from a certain point of view, the best possible fate for all involved tbh. >>23555 I have a hat and a tshirt and a couple cds I'm not even on, all yours.
>>23564 I can see why the black chick left you. You have no future.
>>23560 it happens his gaslighting was already ineffective as was so it's not like it can really get less effective but it somehow has
I hope you arent lying to yourself and imagining yourself as some meditating hermit who just "gets it". If you unironically feel that way i cant even.
>>23566 You used gaslighting wrong
>>23568 no, it's exactly what you do repeat the same shit over and over in an attempt to make one question their perception of reality
>>23565 women stick with losers all the time. its not so much ambition that they need in a man, its full attention. they hate it when you have hobbies or secrets, and of course for many not wanting kids is a deal breaker. idk what happened with roberts love life but i cant imagine its entirely unique.
>>23569 By calling you by your name?
>>23570 Oh so she left you because of your all consuming obsession with internet autism Ok
kek he's rolling around in circles trying to get at me right now, this desperation really is peak tier autism
>>23573 Damnit you stopped my fun
>>23572 who do you think youre talking to? whatever it doesnt matter anymore. my last "serious" relationship broke apart because her dad (step dad actually, so lots to assume there..) was an insufferable prick who just wasnt gonna let me be in her life. that was the first fight i lost, he broke my nose. she was 19 at the time btw so its not what it sounds like.
(237.16 KB 2048x1365 hyt5eu6yrfg.jpg)
>>23575 >who do you think i am Robert
>>23577 we be borg and shiet
>>23570 the canon has gone from "she left me for a BBC" to "it was actually a tranny" to "she left you cause X" when X is whatever reinterpreted/refiltered thing him or patch squoze out of some post or other, and the explanation of it I gave once that I dropped it because it was the right decision gets ignored.
>>23578 On the off chance you aren't, why did you step into an obvious conversation and think you wouldnt be seen as the person being talked too? Robert you cant even troll with wit. You really are dead inside
>>23580 >On the off chance nigger you continually mistake one for the other, patch does too, and we've both just been letting it go most of the time because it really is hilarious.
>>23579 >the cannon What cannon? I didnt even know you were 40 till today. I just say shit and you react to it, compile evidence against it and just generally go nuts
>>23582 >back to the "I'm being retarded on purpose and you react so I win" shit ok, what is it you've won Jole?
>>23583 >win Theres that autism again
Losers in the crab bucket
Why do you pet a cat? Because you like to do it. Jesus christ.
>>23584 ok, please explain in detail this machiavellian purpose of yours that's escaping me, cause from here it just looks like you're a fucking moron who says random shit so you can point and go "tee hee I got a REACKSHUN"
>>23587 I dont know you, i enjoy how you take everything said seriously and spend countless hours of effort compiling evidence to counter the slander that maybe a total of 5 people even read. What im saying is i just do it because its funny to me. I didnt even know that black chick was your gf
All this over me criticising some half assed oc lol
>>23589 cope jole
Kind of feeling like i shouldn't have said that
>>23592 im sure theres a lot of could have/would have/should haves in your life bro.
>i enjoy how you take everything said seriously I know. Couple of you have this weakness.
>>23594 >distancing himself >projection lol
>>23595 you used "projection" wrong
>>23596 You lived your life wrong lol
>>23597 that's nice sweaty spend a couple more hours telling me all about me
>>23598 But robert i dont even know you. I just go by what you say.
but nobody ever hears him, or the sound he appears to make and he never seems to notice, but the fool on the hill sees the sun going down *kazoo solo*
So guys what did you think of my oc?
(253.80 KB 800x724 1610759459-0.png)
>>23601 the funniest part was you animating me typing a post that i didnt make.
>>23603 What are you talking about? Im talking about my most recent oc itt
(189.34 KB 1000x556 ending-mediocrity.jpg)
(8.09 MB 3965x3304 Shore_crabs_in_a_bucket.jpg)
It's cozy in here
>>23604 >zip zop zoodley bop I's a shuckin' an's a'jivin'
>>23606 >were in this shit together. dont any of you dare try to escape, even if you easily could i will pull you back down motherfucker.
>>23608 As if anyone would want to escape. Everyone here is addicted to the same lame game of grabass and autistic obsessions
>>23607 I feel unappreciated when you dont notice my original robert tantrum content, robocart Robert. Also if callan actually said to me he didnt make that post id shit myself
>Crab mentality, also known as crabs in a bucket (also barrel, basket, or pot) mentality, is a way of thinking best described by the phrase "if I can't have it, neither can you". The metaphor is derived from a pattern of behavior noted in crabs when they are trapped in a bucket. While any one crab could easily escape, its efforts will be undermined by others, ensuring the group's collective demise.The analogy in human behavior is claimed to be that members of a group will attempt to reduce the self-confidence of any member who achieves success beyond the others, out of envy, resentment, spite, conspiracy, or competitive feelings, to halt their progress. It describes the circlejerk pretty well
>>23611 >this saying thats been thrown around for over a year fits pretty well >see heres the definition lol
(52.44 KB 225x254 refresh-1.png)
I unironically enjoy threads like these. Ngl tbh.
>>23612 t. crab in the bucket envious of others
>>23614 >you hate me cause you aint me
>>23615 you ain't leaving this bucket, son
(120.87 KB 540x960 q8qkfx3i8r001.jpg)
you can be a crab, or you can be a lobster.
the sex wasnt as passionate tonight jole, im disappointed
(74.71 KB 250x264 1612011564003.jpg)


no cookies?