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(28.65 MB 1270x720 video_3.mp4)
Anonymous 01/13/2021 (Wed) 10:01:39 No. 20965
>Dancing is such a frivolous activity. Why do people do it? LMAO LMAO I Still can't believe a basement dwelling neckbeard cuckold f5ing imageboard 24/7 actually said that!
Dancing is pretty retarded tbh.
Females don't have to prance around to attract mates. All they have to do is exist (even the fat/ugly ones can get black guys). Males just have to pull out a wad of cash. Even if you say its purpose is to attract mates (which I can kind of go along with), it's still frivolous.
>>20996 >Males just have to pull out a wad of cash unless you get the snooty ones where you have to show the wad of cash and then pretend like it's not a factor for her in any way when if you didn't have the wad of cash she wouldn't be there
>>21002 Fuck off, beaner.
>>21027 simpishness detected
(968.07 KB 720x900 result2.mp4)
This is now a loli dance thread
this is more of a seizure than a dance but whatever
(1.00 MB 500x356 dance.gif)
>>21041 >>20965 What's this nice music?
(615.59 KB 600x750 stupid bunny foneposter.gif)
>>21164 Nice tunes! BTW I'm totally not samefag bumping thread!
boy get a load of this questionable content. wouldnt want to be inconsistent now, delete em.


no cookies?