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Anonymous 01/14/2021 (Thu) 00:40:30 No. 21022
Hello everyone This is about cats. Has anyone seen videos were cats are "educated" with a little bit of pain. I wanna see videos of cats getting, not tortured or abused but slapped and such. testicles slapped for example? i wanna see how cats react Any links to such forums/sites which may have material like this , i would really appreciate it Not sure why cats or why i wanna see videos like that, but i do. I like animals and people. Cats are ok too but i wanna see them slapped around a bit for some reason.
Sen gon be mad at you...
>>21022 No. Fuck off.
>>21025 Sen mad
>I wanna see how a cat reacts to its testicles getting slapped >Not sure why cats or why i wanna see videos like that, but i do going to take a wild stab here and say this is some kind of sexual thing making it a specific sexual fetish I can't even find in cartoon form through a search after you made me curious, so bravo for that also you're a hurtcore tier kike faggot who should kys
Patch thread, do not reply. This reply is okay though because I'm making it. Deal with it.


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