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(239.38 KB 1366x864 david lane 02.jpg)
Anonymous 12/18/2020 (Fri) 01:06:30 No. 119
awakening pills 2
WTF? Tyranny is not when a killer murders you. Tyranny is when the Gestapo murder you. Tyranny is not when a store kicks you out. Tyranny is when the government says that you cannot go to the store. Tyranny is not when Google records your web searches. Tyranny is when the NSA wiretaps your phone. Tyranny is not when you get paid $1 per hour. Tyranny is when the government says that you must be paid $1 an hour. Tyranny is not when cars are expensive. Tyranny is when government regulations make cars expensive.
Americans are completely unaware that the Soviet Union failed.
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(65.20 KB 640x480 73271y8yeqyws.jpg)
Exactly. Americans are so batshit insane now that they scream anyone who loves freedom is a Commie. Americans are so retarded that they insist workers who voluntarily accept a wage are exploited.
Americans scream the elites want to open the economy to kill off the 99% with a virus, but maybe the globalists support the lockdown because the ruling powers want to destroy the economy and make Americans dependent on welfare.
(274.05 KB 1516x810 83428yedyidds.jpg)
(290.99 KB 884x768 84729hifhieha.png)
(87.32 KB 1180x555 85349uridhish.jpg)
(420.04 KB 750x1073 543798riuewi.jpeg)
(69.76 KB 574x768 958729hhfsd1.jpg)
the last pic is a hoax, it clearly depicts a white woman, and never on this earth a mix of all races would look like that
(715.85 KB 522x2378 974382eiuwyia.jpg)
(135.22 KB 830x500 0987234iefre1.png)
(288.00 KB 628x417 0987234iefre2.png)
(210.65 KB 1366x576 0987234iefre3.jpg)
(718.87 KB 827x768 3628748dshfa.png)
>>140 >don't be a race mixing slut >tattoos Obviously based and trad and such, my fellow kekerinos.
Americans think that the NRA sues the government because the NRA supports gun control.
Americans scream being placed under arrest is wonderful because Communists will also be put under house arrest. Americans think that only illegal aliens will be recorded by license plate scanners. Americans insist only Muslims are groped by the TSA. Americans say only negroes get welfare. Americans swear a wall will only be used to keep Mexicans out and won't be used to keep Americans IN.


no cookies?